The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - Premium Library (Home Book Company)

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Publishers: Home Book Co. (New York (N.Y.): 142-144 Worth St.) -- United States
Home Book Co. (New York (N.Y.): 45 Vesey Street) -- United States
Category: Format : Reprint Library
Issues: 79 (Highest number seen)
Dates: April 8, 1893 to January, 1895
Schedule: Weekly
Price: 25ยข
Size: 6 x 4"
Pages: 400
Physical Description:

No. 4 (examined by LeBlanc): Paper back. Plain grey cover with red printing. Series title centered at top. Book title in two lines. Author centered at center of page. Imprint at bottom. Spine contains author, title, price, series title, post office imprint and date.

No. 14 (found on eBay by Cary Sternick): Cover printed in dark blue ink. Book title centered in ornate box at top of front cover. Most of cover taken up with illustration of a young woman. Publisher and place of publication centered in ornate box at bottom of front cover. No other text on front cover. Spine contains, from top to bottom: number, author, book title, series title, frequency and subscription price, second-class postal notice, date.

Notes / Commentary: The LeBlanc listing included only no. 4 (the only issue that LeBlanc was able to examine). No. 18 was added based on images provided by The Lucile Project. Nos. 1-3, 5-17 and 19-66 come from the December, 1895 Wisconsin Journal of Education. No. 79 was added based on a digitized copy in the Internet Archive.
Primary Data Source: LeBlanc
Data Entry Status: In Progress, Partial Listing Available


1. Reveries of a Bachelor
2. Lays of Ancient Rome
3. A Tillyloss scandal
4. The House of Seven Gables
5. Cranford
6. The Coming Race
7. Dream Life
8. Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus
9. A Book of Golden Deeds
10. Mosses from an Old Manse
11. The Scarlet Letter
12. The Essays of Elia
13. The Vicar of Wakefield
14. Twice-Told Tales
15. Paul and Virginia
16. The Story of an African Farm
17. Lays of the Scottish Cavaliers
18. Lucile
19. Dreams
20. Black Beauty
21. One of the Profession
22. Sartor Resartus
23. The Idylls of the King
24. The Pleasures of Life
25. The Lady of the Lake
26. Mornings in Florence
27. Rab and His Friends
28. Whittier's Early Poems
29. The Greatest Thing in the World
30. Lalla Rookh
31. Longfellow's Earlier Poems
32. In Memoriam
33. The Princess
34. Rasselas
35. Selections from Robert Browning
36. Past and Present
37. Meditations of Marcus Aurelius Antoninus
38. Heroes and Hero Worship
39. Premium Library, no. 39 (Tales from Shakespeare)
40. Premium Library, no. 40 (Tales from Shakespeare)
41. Sesame and Lillies
42. Queen of the Air
43. Premium Cook Book
44. Premium Library, no. 44 (Silas Marner: The Weaver of Raveloe)
45. Premium Library, no. 45 (Silas Marner: The Weaver of Raveloe)
46. Premium Library, no. 46 (Romola)
47. Premium Library, no. 47 (Romola)
48. Lowell's Earlier Poems
49. Emerson's Essays, first series
50. Emerson's Essays, second series
51. Ethics of the Dust
52. Poems of Edgar Allan Poe
53. Premium Library, no. 53 (Lorna Doone)
54. Premium Library, no. 54 (Lorna Doone)
55. The Light of Asia
56. The Last Essays of Elia
57. Premium Library, no. 57 (Vanity Fair)
58. Premium Library, no. 58 (Vanity Fair)
59. Childe Harold's Pilgrimage
60. Premium Library, no. 60 (The Wide, Wide World)
61. Premium Library, no. 61 (The Wide, Wide World)
62. Crown of Wild Olives
63. Premium Library, no. 63 (John Halifax, Gentleman)
64. Premium Library, no. 64 (John Halifax, Gentleman)
65. Premium Library, no. 65 (Uncle Tom's Cabin)
66. Premium Library, no. 66 (Uncle Tom's Cabin)
79. His Egyptian Wife: An Anglo-Egyptian Romance

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