The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - The Popular Series

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Publisher: Robert Bonner's Sons (New York (N.Y.): Cor. William and Spruce Streets) -- United States
Category: Format : Reprint Library
Issues: 137 (Highest number seen)
Dates: Feb. 7, 1891 to Dec. 1, 1898
Schedule: 1-12 Semi-monthly; 13-?? Monthly; Changes again to semi-monthly somewhere after 20; 50 is known to be on the semi-monthly release schedule; late issues are quarterly
Price: 25ยข
Size: 7 1/4 x 5"
Pages: 200 to 250
Illustrations: None
Publisher's Blurb: "A new 25-cent library of copyright novels. For sale by all booksellers and newsdealers. Containing the best stories of the following American authors: Sylvanus Cobb, Jr., Leon Lewis, Major Alfred R. Calhoun, William O. Stoddard, Capt. Frederick Whittaker, Eliza A. Dupuy and many others."
Physical Description: Tinted cover with black lettering. No., date and price at top, Series title with schedule. Rule. Story title and author centered. Publisher's imprint at bottom.
Notes / Commentary: The original LeBlanc listing contains Nos. 1-130 and 132. No. 137 was added based on a digitized copy found in the Internet Archive.
Primary Data Source: LeBlanc
Data Entry Status: Done, With Gaps


1. The Outcast of Milan
2. Rollo of Normandy
3. Mart Satterlee Among the Indians
4. Kit Carson's Last Trail
5. The Scourge of Damascus
6. The Great Kenton Feud
7. Luke Hammond, The Miser
8. The Conspirator of Cordova
9. The Fortunes of Conrad
10. The Diamond Seeker of Brazil
11. The Robber Countess
12. Bel Rubio
13. The Royal Outlaw
14. The Bandit of Syracuse
15. Roderick of Kildare
16. The Serf Lovers of Siberia
17. Karl, the Lion
18. The Young Castaways
19. The Caliph of Bagdad
20. The Spectre's Secret
21. The Knight's Motto
22. Alaric; or, The Tyrant's Vault
23. The Popular Series, no. 23 (The Stolen Vail and 1 more item)
24. The Executioner of Venice
25. Josephine's Heart. From the German
26. The Black Tiger
27. Theseus, Hero of Attica
28. The Gunmaker of Moscow
29. Florabel's Lover
30. Ione
31. Parted at the Altar
32. Cris Rock
33. Maud Morton
34. Parted by Fate
35. Under a Cloud
36. A Mad Betrothal
37. John Winthrop's Defeat
38. Lady Kildare
39. A Leap in the Dark
40. The Bailiff's Scheme
41. The Stone Cutter of Lisbon
42. The Old Life's Shadows
43. Reunited: A Story of the Civil War
44. A Love Match
45. Mrs. Harold Stagg
46. Breta's Double and A Memory, From the German
47. The Beads of Tasmer
48. The Lost Lady Lone
49. The Baroness Blank
50. Sundered Hearts
51. Paoli, the Hero of Japan
52. A Cruel Suspicion
53. Morris Julian's Wife
54. Gertrude, the Amazon
55. Romo; or, The Improvistore
56. Edda's Birthright
57. The King's Mark
58. Under Oath--An Adirondack Story
59. Zinn; or, Dreaming and Awakening
60. The Carletons
61. Lida Campbell
62. The Breach of Customs. From the German
63. Little Theresa (Mlls. Desroches)
64. The Miser's Daughter
65. Wife and Woman. From the German
66. Reuben Foreman, the Blacksmith
67. Nearest and Dearest
68. Love is Lord of All. From the German
69. Beryl's Husband
70. The Chautauquans
71. Romance of Troubille
72. Little Heather-Blossom
73. The Little Countess
74. Dear Elsie. From the German
75. The Hungarian Girl. From the German
76. Ottilie Aster's Silence
77. The Forsaken Inn
78. Cousin Pons
79. The Two Husbands
80. Was She Wife or Widow?
81. The Froler Case
82. The Tell Tale Watch. From the German
83. Miss Mischief. From the German
84. Betty; or, The Old Grudge
85. Hearts and Coronets
86. The Honor of a Heart
87. All or Nothing
88. Tresillian Court
89. Guy Tresillian's Fate
90. Transgressing the Law
91. A Sleep Walker
92. The Mate of the "Easter Bell" and other stories
93. The Child of the Parish
94. The Mask of Beauty
95. The Daughter of Hartenstein
96. A Musician's Story
97. Yet She Loved Him
98. Invisible Hands
99. The Spanish Treasure
100. Two Gentlemen of Hawaii
101. Countess Obernau
102. The King of Honey Island
103. Wooing a Widow
104. Her Little Highness
105. The Haunted Husband
106. The Popular Series, no. 106 (A Treasure Found, a Bride Won. A Novel and 1 more item)
107. A Princess of the Stage
108. The Return of the O'Mahony
109. Countess Dyner; or, Polish Blood
110. The Meredith Marriage
111. A Priestess of Comedy
112. Little Kit
113. Holdenhurst Hall
114. The House by the River
115. Beatrix Rahan
116. In the China Sea
117. The Mystery of the Hotel Brichet
118. The Opposite House
119. The Gun Bearer
120. A Lover From Across the Sea
121. Mynheer Joe
122. Love
123. On a False Charge
124. Blanche of Burgundy
125. For Another's Wrong
126. Mrs. Barr's Short Stories
127. At a Great Cost
128. Neva's three lovers
129. The Shadow of the Guillotine
130. The Alchemist
132. Mysterious Mr. Howard
137. A Skeleton in the Closet

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