The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - Play Book Series

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Publisher: J. S. Ogilvie Publishing Company (New York (N.Y.): 57 Rose Street) -- United States
Category: Format : Paperback ("Thickbook")
Primary Data Source: LeBlanc
Data Entry Status: In Progress, Complete Listing Available

Approximate Dates of Issue: 1903-1923
Approximate Number of Issues: 169.


1. After Midnight
2. Corse Payton's joke book. Containing all the latest jokes, sayings, and happenings of this "merry mirth maker" during his stage career
3. Child Slaves of New York. A Novel. Founded upon the Melodrama of the Same Name
4. A Desperate Chance. From a Play
5. Driven From Home. From Hal Reid's Play
6. The Factory Girl
7. The Fatal Wedding
8. For Her Children's Sake. From a Play
9. Francesca Da Rimini
10. Joe Welch, the Peddler.
11. The Little Church Around the Corner. From a Play
12. A Midnight Marriage
13. Nathan Hale, the Martyr Spy
14. Nell Gwyn
15. No Wedding Bells for Her
16. Only a Shop Girl. From a Play
17. Queen of the White Slaves. A Thrilling Story, Adapted from Arthur J. Lamb's Famous Play of the Same Name
18. Rachel Goldstein; or, The Struggles of a Poor Girl in New York
19. Robert Emmett
20. Sky Farm: A Romantic Story
21. The Show Girl
22. The Story of Francois Villon
23. Two Little Sailor Boys.
24. The Two Orphans
25. Uncle Tom's Cabin
26. The Volunteer Organist
27. Wedded and Parted: A Story of Love and Life
28. Wedded, But No Wife. From a Play
29. When Women Love.
30. When We Were Twenty- One.
31. Way Down East.
32. A Ragged Hero
33. Why Women Sin
34. A Working Girl's Wrongs: A Romantic Story Written from the Play of the Same Name
35. A Child of the Slums
36. Human Hearts.
37. The Curse of Drink
38. For His Brother's Crime.
39. The Waif's Paradise
40. The Street Singer
41. The Sorceress
42. From Rags to Riches
43. Across the Pacific
44. The Child Wife
45. Down by the Sea
46. A Prisoner of War
47. Lights of Home
48. The Vacant Chair
49. A Wife's Secret
50. Dangers of a Working Girl
51. Because She Loved.
52. More to Be Pitied Than Scorned; or, The Church and Stage
53. Shadows of a Great City
54. Fast Life in New York
55. Deserted at the Altar
56. The Holy City
57. Her Mad Marriage
58. Alone in the World.
59. A Royal Slave
60. Another Man's Wife
61. The Confessions of a Wife; or, How Her Sin Found Her Out
62. My Tom- Boy Girl.
63. Way Back in '61
64. The Millionaire Detective
65. Young Buffalo, King of the Wild West
66. King of the Opium Ring
67. How Hearts Are Broken.
68. Custer's Last Fight
69. The Boy Behind the Gun
70. The Slave of the Mill
71. The House of Mystery
72. The Labyrinth
73. Wronged.
74. New York by Night.
75. When the World Sleeps
76. The Warning Bell
77. Mr. Blaney From Ireland.
78. Story of "Scotty", King of the Desert Mine.
79. As Ye Sow. A Romance of Cape Cod.
80. The Duel
81. Lured From Home
82. Old Isaacs From the Bowery.
83. Under Two Flags
84. The Little Gray Lady
85. Chinatown Charlie, the Opium Fiend.
86. A Daughter From the South
87. The Gambler of the West
88. Under the North Star
89. A Child of the Regiment
90. Bertha, the Sewing Machine Girl
91. The Girl Raffles
92. A Millionaire's Revenge.
93. The Burglar and the Lady
94. Ruled Off the Turf
95. Secrets of the Police
96. From Tramp to Millionaire
97. Nellie, the Beautiful Cloak Model
98. Kidnapped For Revenge.
99. The Shoemaker
100. Parted on Her Bridal Tour
101. The Queen of the Cowboys
102. A Marked Woman.
103. The Dancer and the King
104. From Sing-Sing to Liberty
105. The Hired Girl's Millions
106. His Terrible Secret.
107. Lottie, the Poor Saleslady.
108. A Race Across the Continent
109. The Great Express Robbery
110. Deadwood Dick's Last Shot
111. Fallen By the Wayside
112. Since Nellie Went Away
113. Edna, the Pretty Typewriter
114. Convict 999
115. Broadway After Dark
116. Fighting Bill of Silver Creek
117. Josie, the Little Madcap
118. Billy, the Kid
119. The Boy Detective
120. Dion O'Dare
121. It's Never Too Late to Mend; or, The Wanderer's Return.
122. Through Death Valley
123. The Shadow Behind the Throne
124. Tony, the Bootblack
125. On Trial for His Life.
126. Jack Sheppard, the Bandit King
127. The Prince of the Spendthrifts
128. Opium Smugglers of Frisco
129. The Creole Slave's Revenge
130. The Millionaire and the Policeman's Wife
131. Lucky Jim
132. Young Buffalo, The Sheriff of Angel Gulch
133. The Governor and the Boss
134. Tennessee Tess; or, The Queen of the Moonshiners
135. The Girl and the Detective
136. The Devil
137. Montana
138. The Girl from Texas
139. A Gentleman From Mississippi
140. The Convict's Sweetheart
141. The King of Bigamists
142. The River Pirates
143. Sal, the Circus Girl
144. The Workingman's Wife
145. The Yankee Doodle Detective
146. Queen of the Secret Seven
147. The Little Terror
148. Young Buffalo in New York
149. Wanted by the Police
150. The Sporting Deacon
151. The Queen of the Outlaw's Camp
152. The Chinatown Trunk Mystery
153. A Minister's Sweetheart
154. The White Captive
155. Caught in Mid- Ocean
156. The Fortunes of Betty
158. Camille; or, The Fate of Coquette
159. Sappho
160. Ten Nights in a Bar-Room
161. Resurrection
162. The Sign of the Four
163. Sherlock Holmes (A Study in Scarlet)
164. A Little Girl in a Big City
165. The Unmarried Mother
166. A Wife's Revelation; or, The Revelations of a Wife
167. The Unloved Wife
168. Woman's Greatest Sin
169. The Unwanted Child

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