The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - The Arm Chair Library (Lupton)

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Publishers: F. M. Lupton (New York (N.Y.): 106 and 108 Reade St.) -- United States
F. M. Lupton (New York (N.Y.): 23, 25, 27 City Hall Place) -- United States
Category: Format : Reprint Library
Issues: 160 (Highest number seen advertised)
Dates: Jan. 7, 1893 to 1905
Schedule: 1-57, Weekly; 58-72, Monthly; 73-160, Quarterly/and in groups
Price: 10¢ each, 4 for 25¢; 10 for 50¢. These prices offered through No. 96. No. 98 and later editions of the early numbers advertised them for sale at 10¢ each; 3 for 20¢; 6 for 30¢; and 10 for 40¢. Later, Lupton catalogues offered all their publications at half price. This made the price for The Arm Chair Library, 5 cents.
Size: 8 x 6"
Pages: 64
Motto: Each Number Contains a Complete Novel by a Popular Author
Illustrations: Beginning around No. 100, a blue-tinted line drawing was featured on the cover. Earlier numbers were also issued this way when reprinted.
Publisher's Blurb:

"Each number of THE ARM CHAIR LIBRARY contains a complete first-class novel by a well-known and popular author. They are not published in pamphlet form, but in the form of a neat and handsome book. Each number consisting of a volume of 64 large double-column pages, nicely printed and bound in attractive paper covers. Some of the best books ever written are included in THE ARM CHAIR LIBRARY and they may be had in this edition for only ten cents each, while many of the books in any other edition published, cost not less than 25 cents.

The following numbers are now ready:"

Notes / Commentary:

Beginning with No. 98, date, schedule of appearance, second-class notice, and subscription price were omitted. The individual price and numbering continued to the end however. It is believed that the library ended with No. 160 some time in 1905.

LeBlanc believed that publisher moved from 106 and 108 Reade St. to 23, 25, 27 City Hall Place in January, 1894. However, subsequent research has revealed additional publisher addresses in between those locations. See this page for details.

The original LeBlanc listing was missing #118. This title has been added based on advertising in the back of #144 (which seems to be confirmed by an entry in WorldCat).

Primary Data Source: LeBlanc
Data Entry Status: Done, With Gaps


1. The Scarlet Letter
2. The Mystery of Colde Fell; or, "Not Proven"
3. Under the Red Flag
4. King Solomon's Mines
5. Around the World in Eighty Days
6. The Arm Chair Library, no. 6 (The Corsican Brothers and 3 more items)
7. Lady Grace
8. Averil
9. The Black Dwarf
10. A Noble Life
11. The Belle of Lynn; or, The Miller's Daughter
12. The Black Tulip
13. The Duchess
14. Nurse Revel's Mistake
15. Merle's Crusade
16. A Study in Scarlet
17. Rock Ruin; or, The Daughter of the Island
18. Lord Lisle's Daughter
19. The Armorer of Tyre
20. Mr. Gilfil's Love Story
21. A Scarlet Sin
22. The Sea King
23. The Siege of Granada
24. Mr. Meeson's Will
25. The Arm Chair Library, no. 25 (Jenny Harlowe and 1 more item)
26. Beaton's Bargain
27. The Squire's Darling
28. The Russian Gipsy
29. The Wandering Heir
30. Flower and Weed
31. No Thoroughfare
32. The Book of Snobs, Great Hogarty Diamond, etc.
33. The Surgeon's Daughter
34. Hilda; or, The False Vow
35. Grandfather's Chair
36. A Trip to the Moon
37. The Pioneer's Daughter
38. A Little Rebel
39. Master Rockafeller's Voyage
40. The Romance of a Young Girl; or, The Heiress of Hilldrop
41. Miss McDonald
42. Hickory Hall
43. Meeting Her Fate
44. In Durance Vile
45. Danesbury House
46. The Twin Lieutenants
47. Repented at Leisure
48. The Red Hill Tragedy
49. Aunt Diana
50. Treasure Island
51. A Rogue's Life. From His Birth to His Marriage.
52. One Against Many; or, Lady Diana's Pride
53. Grace Darnel
54. Allan Quatermain
55. King Arthur
56. Lady Latimer's Escape
57. Allan's Wife
58. The Sign of the Four
59. Pretty Miss Smith
60. Christie Johnstone
61. A Dark Night's Work
62. The Tragedy of Lime Hall
63. Sybil Brothers
64. The Risen Dead
65. Sweet is True Love
66. At Bay
67. At War With Herself
68. Mystery No. 13
69. The Haunted Hotel
70. Cranford
71. A Fatal Temptation
72. The Gold Bug, and Other Tales
73. The Man in Black
74. The Ghost of Riverdale Hall
75. Beyond the City
76. Lady Ethel's Whim
77. The House of the Wolf
78. The Mystery of Cloomber
79. The Haunted Homestead
80. She's All the World to Me
81. The Arm Chair Library, no. 81 (The Artist's Love and 3 more items)
82. Beside the Bonnie Brier Bush
83. The Heir of Brandt
84. The Homestead on the Hillside
85. Heiress of Hendee Hall
86. The Shadow of a Sin
87. The Light that Failed
88. Lord Lynne's Choice
89. The Broken Engagement
90. The Haunted Chamber
91. The Toll-Gate Mystery
92. Her Second Love
93. The Rector of St. Mark's
94. The Bravo's Secret; or, The Spy of the Ten : a Venetian story of the fourteenth century
95. Dora Deane
96. Maggie Miller
97. The Slave King
98. The Banker's Heir
99. Rosamond; or, The Youthful Error
100. The House on the Island
101. Adrien Leroy
102. His Lawful Wife; or, Myra, the Child of Adoption
103. The Arm Chair Library, no. 103 (Eunice Earle; or, The Fatal Compact and 1 more item)
104. Sybilla's Marriage
105. The Fisherman of Naples
106. The "Isis" Mystery
107. Her Faithless Guardian
108. The Brass Bound Box
109. The Topaz Ring
110. The Linscott Millions
111. Who Was Guilty
112. Doris of the Forge
113. Sybil Chase; or, The Valley Ranche. A Tale of California Life
114. Grace Garrick; or, True Love and False
115. The Foundling of Milan
116. Lady Valworth's diamonds
117. The Gunmaker of Moscow
118. The Galley Slave
119. Mildred Trevanion
120. Lady Muriel's Secret
121. This Shadow of Edencourt
122. Stella Newton
123. The Durand Legacy
124. Morley Beeches; or, Girlish Charms and Golden Dowers
125. Blind Barbara's Secret; or, The History of a Heart
126. A Bitter Atonement
127. The Lost Treasure
128. The Serf Loves
129. Circumstantial Evidence
130. Carmina, the Beautiful
131. The Doings of Raffles Haw
132. The Cuban Heiress; or, The Spectre of the Pines
133. Lady Maud's Plot
134. Adria, the Adopted; or, The Mystery of Ellesford Grange, An American Romance
135. Sir Carlyle's Sacrifice
136. Jennie Graham
137. Redeemed by Love; or, Love's Conflict; or, Love Works Wonders
138. The Conspirator of Cordova
139. The Secret of Storm Castle
140. Norine's revenge
141. Husks
142. A Broken Reed
143. Like unto a Star
144. Helen's Babies
145. Ten Nights in a Bar-Room
146. Devon Towers
147. For Better, For Worse
148. Phyllis's Probation
149. Louise's Last Term
150. A Window in Thrums
151. Ahmo's Plot; or, The Governor's Indian Child
152. The Convict's Son
153. Nobody to Blame
154. Bonnie Doon
155. Flower of Fate
156. The Unlucky House
157. Francis Gilmore; or, The Mystery of the Sea
158. Other People's Children
159. The Arm Chair Library, no. 159 (The Broken Betrothal; or, Love Versus Hate and 2 more items)
160. Cecil's Deceit

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