The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - Peterson's Series of Choice Fiction

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Alternate Titles: Peterson's 25 Cent Series
Peterson's New 25c Series
Petersons' 25 Cent Series
Petersons' New 25c Series
Petersons' Series of Choice Fiction
Publisher: T. B. Peterson & Brothers (Philadelphia (Pa.): 306 Chestnut St.) -- United States
Category: Format : Reprint Library
Issues: 52?
Dates: 1875-1888
Schedule: Not issued on a scheduled basis. Evidently issued as a group and kept in print for a few years.
Price: 25ยข
Size: 6 3/4 x 5 1/4"
Pages: 250 to 400
Illustrations: None
Notes / Commentary:

Series advertised as "Petersons' 25 Cent Series" and later as "Peterson's New 25c Series." Of five issues examined by LeBlanc, only one carried the series title as indicated above. The series was not numbered as is the case with all T. B. Peterson publications examined. Evidently T. B. Peterson did not take advantage of the postal regulations of 1879. They advertised they would send any item to a purchaser on receipt of the price postpaid.

LeBlanc lists Cliquot as being part of a combined volume with Run Down. However, a stand-alone copy of Cliquot digitized by Villanova University includes advertisements for "Petersons' 25 Cent Series, though the book itself has no series title or number printed on it. It seems possible that both combined and stand-alone editions of this title exist.

Primary Data Source: LeBlanc
Data Entry Status: Done, Believed Complete


1. The Missing Bride
2. Miriam, the Avenger; or Bride of an Hour
3. Tried for Her Life
4. Cruel as the Grave
5. The Changed Brides
6. The Bride's Fate
7. The Bridal Eve
8. Retribution
9. The Discarded Daughter
10. The Family doom
11. The Maiden widow
12. Two Kisses; or, To Wed or Not to Wed
13. Nana. His Great Realistic Novel of Life in Paris
14. Nana's Daughter : Sequel to Nana
15. La Terre. Zola's Last and Greatest Book
16. L'Assommoir; or, Nana's Mother
17. A Girl's Love. (Le Reve, The Dream)
18. A Mad Love; or, The Abbe and His Court
19. The Mysteries of the Court of Louis Napoleon
20. Helene, A Tale of Love and Passion
21. Albine; or, The Abbe's Temptation
22. The Girl in Scarlet
23. Nana's Brother; or, Germinal
24. Camille; or, The Fate of a Coquette
25. Fashion and Famine
26. The Old Homestead
27. The Old Countess
28. Lord Hope's Choice
29. Linda; or, The Young Pilot of the Belle Creole
30. Robert Graham. Sequel to Linda
31. Rena; or, The Snow-Bird
32. Marcus Warland
33. Kathleen. A Charming Novel
34. Theo. A sprightly Love Story
35. Miss Chespigny
36. A Quiet Life
37. Pretty Polly Pemberton
38. Lindsay's Luck
39. Out of the Depths
40. Indiana. A Fascinating Novel
41. My Son's Wife
42. My Hero (The Man I Love)
43. A Heart twice Won; or, Second Love
44. The Confessions of an Abbe
45. Dosia and Marrying off a Daughter
46. Prairie Flower and Leni-Leoti
47. Run Down and Cliquot (Run Down and 1 more item)
47 (replacement title). Cliquot : a racing story of ideal beauty
48. Wives and Widows; or, Broken Life
49. Bertha's Baby. Equal to Helen's Babies
50. Viola; or, The Adventures in the Far South-west
51. India; or, The Pearl of Pearl River
52. The Household of Bouverie

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