The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - Peerless Series

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Publisher: J. S. Ogilvie Publishing Company (New York (N.Y.): 57 Rose Street) -- United States
Category: Format : Reprint Library
Issues: 156 (Highest number seen)
Dates: 1889-1904
Schedule: Monthly, but published more often (early issues); Quarterly (later issues)
Price: 25¢ (most issues; some were priced between 15¢ and $1.00)
Size: 7 1/2 x 5 1/8"
Pages: 200 to 300
Illustrations: Plain covers (earlier issues); Colored pictorial covers (later issues)
Contents: Current novels and "how to" manuals. Later issues carried novelized versions of plays similar to the Play Book Series.
Physical Description: Series title and date on title page. One edition had series title, portrait of young lady and publisher's imprint embossed in gold on orange colored paper on cover.
Notes / Commentary: The original LeBlanc listing ended at No. 140 and was missing Nos. 81, 83-109, 111-115, 117-130, 132-136, 138-139. No. 81 was added from a listing in The American Newsman, December, 1894, page 26. No. 83 was added from a full-text copy in the Internet Archive (located with the help of a catalog listing provided by Cary Sternick). Nos. 86-87 and 92-93 were added from a listing in The American Newsman, v. 12, final issue, page 52. Nos. 84-85, 88-91, 95-98, 100, 103-105, 107, 109, 119, 122-123, 130, 132-133, 135, 138-139, 147 and 156 were added from a WorldCat listing. Information on No. 144 was added based on a copy sold by Augustine Funnell Books.
Primary Data Source: LeBlanc
Data Entry Status: Done, With Gaps


1. Patience Pettigrew's Perplexities
2. Adventures of a Skeleton
3. Peerless Gems of Melody. 80 Pieces for Piano and Organ
4. Peerless Gems of Dance Music
5. Peerless Gems of Song. Containing 62 Favorite Songs
6. Her Mad Love
7. Krutzer Sonata Bears Fruit
8. The Wedding Ring
9. Woman and Her Power
10. The Battle for Bread
11. Izma; or, Sunshine and Shadow
12. Friendship's Test
13. Diary of a Village Gossip
14. The Diary of a Minister's Wife: Part 1
15. Diary of a Minister's Wife: Part 2
16. A Bad Boy's Diary
17. Blunders of a Bashful Man
18. Twenty-Five Good Sermons By Twenty-Five Prominent Clergymen
19. Ogilvie's House Plans; or, How to Build a House
20. Not Guilty
21. The Album Writer's Friend
22. Three Thousand Things Worth Knowing
23. Gathering Gems
24. Grand Wonder Collection of Information
25. Palliser's American Architecture
26. A Red-Hot Trip to the Sunny South
27. A False Couple
28. Adventures of a Bashful Bachelor
29. Gaspar Desmond's Passion
30. Mr. Clifton at Barrington
31. Defending a Home
32. A Pretty Governess, and Other Stories
33. Bread Winners Abroad
34. Young's Dictionary of Everyday Wants
35. Palliser's Miscellaneous Architectural Designs
36. From Ocean to Ocean
37. Detective Johnson of New Orleans
38. Harry Blount, the Detective
39. Four Hundred Recitations and Readings
40. Favorite Cook Book. Six Coloured Plates
41. The New Era in Russia
42. The Fireside Dictionary
43. Why I Am What I Am
44. Thirty Days with President Harrison
45. Nadia; or, The American Virgin
46. Everyday cook book
47. Willmoth, the Wanderer
48. A Woman in the Case
49. Carpenters' and Builders' Complete Companion
50. Warp and Woof
51. A Cloverdale Skeleton
52. Another Man's Bride
53. The Double Duel
54. The Captive Bride
55. How to get married, although a woman; or, The art of pleasing men
56. Old Dr. Brown's Book of Secrets
57. His One Desire
58. Dixon on Ingersoll. Ten Sermons
59. Private Detective No. 39
60. Palliser's Common Sense School Architecture
61. The Rector's Secret
62. Messages From Mars
63. A Confederate Spy
64. A Blonde Creole: A Story of New Orleans
65. Life and Death of Jay Gould
66. Advice to Women
67. The Social Evil
68. Palliser's Model Dwellings
69. Blakelee's Industrial Cyclopedia
70. Articles, Speeches and Poems of Carlyle W. Harris
71. The Midnight Elopement
72. Major Jones' Courtship
73. Major Jones' Travels
74. Major Jones' Georgia Scenes
75. Ships That Pass in the Night
76. A Yellow Aster
77. Dodo
78. Ideala
79. Esther Waters
80. The House of the Wolf
81. Beyond the City
82. The Sign of the Four
83. God in Business
84. How to make money although a woman
85. Coin's financial fool, or, The artful dodger exposed : a complete reply to "Coin's financial school"
86. My sister Henriette
87. The Deerslayer
88. The Pathfinder
89. The Pioneer
90. The Prairie
91. The Last of the Mohicans
92. The Mystery of North Fortune
93. The House of Cargill
95. What is money? or, Popular remedies for popular ills
96. How to live well on twenty-five cents a day : containing a daily menu for six weeks and other valuable hints and helps for housekeepers
97. Two hundred old-type songs : containing the words and music of the choicest gems of the old and familiar songs we used to sing when we were young
98. Life and speeches of William McKinley
100. Life and speeches of William J. Bryan
103. Dame Fortune smiled. The doctor's story
104. How to become beautiful : A book for everyone. Showing how to acquire and retain bodily symmetry, health, vigor and beauty.
105. The dowager's secret, or, The history of a bachelor
107. The Third Woman
109. Lights and shadows of our war with Spain : a series of historical sketches, incidents, anecdotes and personal experiences in the Hispano-American war
110. Story of Cyrano de Bergerac
116. Way Down East. A Romance of New England Life
119. The Romance of L'Aiglon
122. Modern Palmistry; or, Guide to the Hand
123. The story of Madam du Barry, the mistress of a king
130. The king of Unadilla. Stories of court secrets concerning His Majesty
131. The Volunteer Organist
132. One for Many: Confessions of a Young Girl
133. A Working Girl's Wrongs: A Romantic Story Written from the Play of the Same Name
135. Sky Farm: A Romantic Story
137. A Midnight Marriage
138. Rachel Goldstein; or, The Struggles of a Poor Girl in New York
139. Wedded and Parted: A Story of Love and Life
140. In the Toils; or, Martyrs of the Latter Days
144. The General Slocum Disaster: The Great Calamity by Which Nearly 1200 Lives Were Lost
147. The Busy Life; or, The Conquest of Energy
156. Short speeches, carefully compiled from the records of Congress, with other official data, and a brief biographical sketch

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