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Publishers: F. J. Schulte & Co. (Chicago (Ill.): 198 Dearborn St.) -- United States
F. J. Schulte & Co. (Chicago (Ill.): 298 Dearborn St.) -- United States
Category: Format : Reprint Library
Notes / Commentary: The original LeBlanc listing contained only two titles: "Caesar's Column" and "An Indiana Man." Most of the titles missing from the original LeBlanc listing (2, 4, 6-26) were referenced in an advertisement from The Newsman v. 10 (April 1893) p 20. This listing places "A Member of the Third House" in position 16, but an image of the book's actual cover lists it as number 15. It appears that some other numbers in this listing were also incorrect or else were later replaced with different titles, as evidenced by a bookseller listing for "The Condition of the American Farmer" showing an 1896 publication at number 8 which differs from the earlier advertisement. No. 9 (In Office) was based on a copy found by Cary Sternick; the replacement title in that position comes from the Newsman listing mentioned above. Some "extra issues" appear to have been released with letters instead of numbers, which may account for some of the numbering confusion; see for example Pizarro and John Sherman (Extra A), identified from an Amazon listing, and The Next Step Forward (Extra C, from June 1892), which was identified based on a digitized copy in the Internet Archive.

Approximate Dates of Issue: 1890-1895
Approximate Number of Issues: 7
This listing is a work in progress.


Next Step Forward; or, Better Times for Us All
Pizarro and John Sherman
1. Caesar's column: a story of the twentieth century
2. A Kentucky Colonel
3. An Indiana man
4. A Tramp in society
6. Doctor Huguet
7. Selected Stories
8. Emmett Bonlore
8 (replacement title). The Condition of the American Farmer
9. In office : a story of Washington life and society
9 (replacement title). The Battle of the standards
10. An Honest lawyer
11. Better days; or, A millionaire of to-morrow
12. Sex and life the physiology and hygiene of the sexual organization
13. Ten men of Money Island; or, The primer of finance
14. Donnelliana: An Appendix to "Caesar's Column"
15. Len Gansett
15. A Member of the Third House
17. A Man and a Woman
18. The Price of the ring
19. An Heir to millions
20. A Common man
20 (replacement title). The American peasant: a timely allegory
21. Armaïs and others
22. The Monk and the Hangman's Daughter
23. An American nobleman: a story of the Canaan wilderness
24. American push
25. Prairie folks
26. The Colossus

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