The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - Ornum & Company's Indian Novels

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Publishers: Norman L. Munro & Company -- United States
Ornum & Co. (New York (N.Y.): Beekman St.) -- United States
Category: Format : Small Booklet
Issues: 87 (Highest number seen advertised)
Dates: early 1870's
Schedule: Not known
Price: 10ยข
Size: 6 1/4 x 4"
Pages: 100
Illustrations: Colored pictorial cover (Hand stenciled)
Notes / Commentary: LeBlanc's listing is missing titles for Nos. 74 and 76, and its titles for Nos. 75 and 77 are nearly identical, likely in error. It also includes two different title/author combinations for No. 2, both of which are listed separately here, though it seems likely that one may be an advertised title and the other the actual published version.
Primary Data Source: LeBlanc
Data Entry Status: Done, With Gaps


1. Wild Joe, The Scourge of the Navahos. A Romance of the Wilderness
2. Forked Lightning. A Story of Hunters and Indians
2. Forked Lightning; or, Gonza, The Brigand. A Wild Tale of the Yosemite Valley
3. Big Knife
4. Dick Whiffles
5. Crack Skull Bob; or, White Rattlesnake, The Demon of the Lake
6. Buffalo Bill's Last Scalp. A Thrilling Story of Real Life Among the Redskins
7. Knock 'em Down Nick. A Story of Life in the Woods of the West
8. Devil's Eye
9. Wild Bill's Best Shot
10. Boy Warrior; or, The Daring Young Ranger. The Story of a Wonderful Life
11. Sly Dick, The Terror of the Plains
12. The Boy Scalper
13. White Rattlesnake; or, The Red Bandits of the Yellowstone. The
14. The Giant Bravo
15. Slashing Dick
16. Wrestlin' Joe
17. The Mad Hunter
18. The Wild Huntress
19. Red Demon. A Romance of the West
20. Alligator Jack
21. Blazeaway Bill; or, The Up-and-Readies
22. The Boy Mazeppa; or, A Startling Romance of the Border
23. Red Serpent
24. The Prairie Trappers; or, Death to the Bandits
25. Crazy Joe
26. The Mysterious Marksman; or, The Black League
27. Wolf Heart. A Wild Story of the Frontier
28. Slippery Zeke. An Exciting Romance of the Florida Coast
29. Red Trail; or, The Three Shadows of Vengeance
30. The Flying Hunter; or, Deerfoot's Revenge. A Story of the Frontier
31. Fox Foot; or, Adventures of Diving Dick among the Redskins
32. Daniel Boone
33. Wolf Scalper Jack; or, The Black Scout of the Muskingum
34. Springing Panther; or, Pirate Pete, The Demon of the Lakes
35. Red Rob, The Scalper
36. Scar Faced Charlie
37. Texas Tom
38. Iron Fisted Nat
39. Hooka Jim, The Modoc. A Tale of the Late Modoc War.
40. Lasso Rube, The Prairie Ranger; or The White Whirlwind of the Southwest
41. Slam Bang Bob; or The Mystery of Eagle Pass
42. Buffalo Bill's Victory. A Story of Tangled Trails
43. The Hunter's Vengeance
44. Sharp Shot, The Wolf Slayer
45. The Bold Hunter
46. Hawk Eye Hank; or, The Trappers of the Nor'West
47. The Hunter's Doom
48. Old Thunder and Lightning
49. Snake Foot; or, The Young Trapper of the Gulch
50. Coon Cap; or, The Demon of the Everglades
51. White Cloud
52. Dave Barton
53. Jack Saunders Out West; or, Life on the Plains
54. Red Cross
55. Death Yello, The Trapper. A Romance of the South-West
56. Pandy Ellis
57. Twin Boy Hunters
58. Cunning Bear; or, The Indian Avenger
59. Scalp for Scalp; or, The Navajo's Revenge
60. Silver Hair
61. Wild Spirit
62. Bouncing Dick
63. Black Hoof
64. Red Knife
65. New York Dave
66. Buckskin Dick
67. The Young Scout; or, Perils of the Plains
68. Big Foot Tom
69. Thundering Jack
70. Bob, The Trailer; or, The Boy Injun-Fighter
71. Lightning Eye
72. Marked Trail; or, The Canon of Death. A Tale of Life in the Nor'-West
73. The Flying Hatchet
75. The Black Destroyer; or, The Scout of the Hudson
77. The Black Destroyer; or, The Scouts of the Hudson
78. The Female Avenger
79. Gold Dust Dick
80. Red Jack
81. Scorch Eye
82. Teddy, The Indian Fighter
83. Iron-Hearted Joe
84. Sea Bold The Scout
85. Big Injin
86. The Mohawk Scout
87. Spotted Snake

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