The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - Oriental Library

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Publisher: Rand McNally (Chicago (Ill.)) -- United States
Primary Data Source: LeBlanc
Data Entry Status: In Progress, Partial Listing Available

Approximate Dates of Issue: 1899-1904
Approximate Number of Issues: 82.


1. Little Lady of Lagunitas
2. Prince Schamyl's Wooing
4. Delilah of Harlem
5. Storm Signals
6. For Life and Love
7. The Princess of Alaska
8. The Flying Halcyon
9. A Daughter of Judas
10. In the Old Chateau
11. Miss Devereux of the Mariquita
12. Checked Through
13. Told in the Hills
14. An Arkansas Planter
15. Gemma
16. There is No Devil
18. Squaw Elouise
19. A Flower of France
20. Devil's Dice
21. A Pagan of the Alleghanies
22. A Sinner
23. The Waters of Caney Fork
24. Lost Countess Falka
25. Dan Gunn, the Man from Mauston
26. A Married Man
27. A Yankee from the West
28. Merze
31. In Hampton Roads
33. In Love's Domain
35. Nell Gwynne of Old Drury
36. Judge Elbridge
37. Launching of a Man
39. Flame in the Socket
40. Guilty, But Innocent
42. For Her Life
43. A Modern Corsair
44. In the Shadow of the Pyramids
45. Phoebe Tilson
46. Margaret Wynne
47. The Lady Charlotte
48. Cheiro's Guide to the Hand
49. Bolanyo
50. Woman That's God
52. Fascination of the King
55. Hernani, the Jew
57. In the Alamo
58. That Girl Montana
59. Woman and the Shadow
60. Whoso Findeth a Wife
61. Fiddle and Fawn
62. The Colonel's Daughter
63. Master of his Fate
65. Miss Moccasins
66. Confessions of Marguerite
67. The Great K. & A. Train Robbery
68. A Gentleman Juror
69. Love for an Hour is Love Forever
71. The Beautiful White Devil
72. My Indian Queen
73. The Bow of Orange Ribbon
74. His Sombre Rivals
76. The Bondwoman
77. The King of the Mountain
78. Cursed by a Fortune
79. Frontenay, the Swordsman
80. Baldoon
81. The Vanished Emperor
82. The Bishop's Secret

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