The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - Old Sleuth Weekly

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Publisher: Arthur Westbrook Publishing Co. (Cleveland (Ohio)) -- United States
Category: Format : Nickel Weekly (Color Cover)
Notes / Commentary: Note: From No. 52 to at least No. 152 the publisher bound three issues of the weekly in an additional paper cover featuring a portrait of Old Sleuth. The volumes were serially numbered. Bound volume No. 1 contained Old Sleuth Weekly Nos. 52, 53 and 54 and so on to at least No. 34 which contained Nos. 150, 151 and 152.
Primary Data Source: LeBlanc
Data Entry Status: In Progress, Complete Listing Available

Approximate Dates of Issue: 1908-1912
Approximate Number of Issues: 203.


6. The Sheik's Captive
8. The Mystery of the Spaniards' vendetta
10. Old Sleuth's Greatest Case; or, Caught By the King of All Detectives
11. The Bay Ridge Mystery; or, Old Sleuth's Winning Hand
13. Trapping the Counterfeiters; or, The Lightning Detective on the Trail
14. Trailed by the Wall Street Detective; or, Badger's Midnight Quest
15. The Irish detective's greatest case; or, The strategy of O'Neil McDarragh
16. The greatest mystery of the age; or, Saved by the gypsy detective
18. The Giant Detective among the Cowboys. The Weird Narrative of a Lost Man
19. The West Shore Mystery
20. The chief of the counterfeiters; or, The boy detective's greatest haul
21. The Mystery of the Floating Head; or, Caught by the King of Detectives
22. The Beautiful Criminal; or, The New York Detective's Strangest Case
24. The Italian Adventuress. A Tale of Marvelous Plots
28. Black Raven, the Terror of the Georgia Moonshiners; or, The Mountaineers' Last Stand
34. Night-Hawk, the Mounted Detective; or, Trailing the Mountain Outlaws
35. Kidnapped in New York; or, In the Power of the Black Circle
37. Old Sleuth Weekly, no. 37 (Old Sleuth's Triumph; or, The Great Bronx Mystery)
38. Old Sleuth Weekly, no. 38 (A Trail of Blood. Being a Sequel to Old Sleuth's Triumph)
39. The Band of the Red Oath; or, Run to Cover by a Government Spy
40. Tempted by a Woman; or, The French Detective's Narrow Escape
41. The Million Dollar Conspiracy; or, Old Sleuth to the Rescue
42. Accused from the Coffin; or, The Frustration of a Dastardly Plot
43. Coolness against Cunning; or, Trailed by Faithful Mike
44. Foiled by Love; or, The Molly Maguire's Last Stand
45. Old Sleuth Weekly, no. 45 (Under a Million Disguises; or, Manfred the Metamorphosist)
46. Old Sleuth Weekly, no. 46 (Tracked by the Man of Mystery; or, Manfred's Great Triumph. Sequel to Under a Million Disguises)
47. The Human Bloodhound; or, The Bowery Detective on the Trail
48. Manfred's Strangest Case; or, Foiled by the Weird Detective
49. Monte-Cristo Ben, the Ever-Ready Detective. A Narrative of Remarkable Complications.
50. Old Terrible, the Iron-Arm Detective; or, The Mystery of the Beautiful Heiress
51. The stain of guilt; or, "Old Puritan" to the rescue
52. A Conspiracy of Crime; or, Foiling the Kidnappers
53. Old Sleuth Weekly, no. 53 (Old Ironsides in France; or, Trailed by the Giant Detective)
54. Old Sleuth Weekly, no. 54 (The Beautiful Mystery of Paris. Being a Sequel to Old Ironsides in France)
56. The Half Breed's Secret. A Narrative of Phenomenal Adventure
57. The Italian's Revenge. A Thrilling Narrative of Adventure
58. A Threefold Mystery. A Straightout Detective Narrative.
59. Old Sleuth Weekly, no. 59 (The Midnight League; or, The Giant Detective in Ireland)
60. Old Sleuth Weekly, no. 60 (The Secret of the Dungeon. Being the Sequel to The Midnight League)
61. Gypsy Frank, the Long Trail Detective; or, Solving a Great Mystery
62. An Eastern Vendetta
63. A Terrible Mystery. A Narrative of Peculiar Detective Tricks and Devices
64. The Strangest Mystery in the World; or, Harry Brand's Winning Play
65. The King of the Shadowers; or, Ranleagh, the Irish Detective
66. The Old Miser's Secret. A Strange Detective Case
67. The Gypsy Detective; or, The Italian Bandit
68. The Mysterious Detective; or, Solving a Great Case
69. The American Monte Cristo. A Strange and Marvelous Narrative
70. On Their Track
71. The Omnipresent Avenger
72. Tragedy and Strategy
73. The Gypsy Detective's Greatest Case; or, Phil Tremaine to the Rescue
74. The shadows of New York; or, The American Monte Cristo's winning hand
75. The Old Magician's Weird Legacy; or, A Tale of Marvelous Happenings in India
76. A Mysterious Disappearance. A Singularly Strange Narrative
78. The Haunting Shadow
79. The Treasure of the Rockies. A Tale of Strange Adventures
81. Long Shadow, the Detective
82. The magic disguise detective. An old-time detective romance
83. A Young Detective's Great Shadow. A Narrative of Extraordinary Detective Devices
84. Stealthy Brock, the Detective
85. Old Sleuth Library, no. 85 (Old Sleuth to the Rescue. A Startling Narrative of Hidden Treasure)
86. Old Sleuth Library, no. 86 (Old Sleuth, the Avenger. Being a Sequel to Old Sleuth to the Rescue)
87. A Million in Jewels
88. The Phantom Wreck
89. Fooling the conspirators; or, Daring Tom Cary to the rescue
90. The Banker's Crime; or, The Weird Adventures of Phenomenal Joe
91. Old Sleuth Weekly, no. 91 (Gasparoni, the Italian Detective. A Strange, Weird Tale of City Life)
92. Old Sleuth Weekly, no. 92 (The Vengeance of Fate. Being a Sequel to Gasparoni, the Italian Detective)
93. The Secret Special Detective; or, Old Transform on the Trail
94. The Shadow of a Crime; or, The Iron Duke's Strange Case
95. Old Sleuth Weekly, v. II, no. 95 (The Secret of the Kidnapped Heir. A Strange Detective Narrative and 1 more item)
96. Old Sleuth Weekly, v. II, no. 96 (Foiled by a Female Detective. Being a Sequel to The Secret of the Kidnapped Heir)
97. Old Ironsides in New York; or, The Daughter of the G.A.R.
98. The Irish Detective; or, Fergus Connor's Greatest Case
99. The Shadow Detective; or, The Mysteries of a Night
100. The Man Trapper. A Story of Extraordinary Detective Devices
101. Old Ironsides at His Best. A Marvelous Detective Narrative
105. The Hotel Tragedy; or, Manfred's Great Detective Adventures. A Strange and Wierd Detective Narrative
106. The Mystery of Room 207; or, The Veiled Woman's Secret
107. Gardemore the Detective; or, The King of the "Shadowers". A Narrative of Daring and Quick Work
108. The Fatal Chair
109. The Mask of Mystery; or, The Graveyard Murder
110. The Twisted Trail
111. Booth Bell; or, The Prince of Detectives among the Indians
112. The Beautiful Captive
113. Booth Bell's Twisted Trail
118. Old Sleuth in New York; or, Trailing a great criminal
121. Old Electricity in New York; or, Wayne Winthrop's trail of a "dead secret"
123. Seth Bond, detective; or, The mystery of an old mansion
124. Galloway, the detective; or, Running the crooks to earth
125. Old sleuth's quest; or, A fair daughter's fate
126. Presto Quick; or, The weird magician detective
127. Old Ironsides' Long Trail; or, The Giant Detective Out West
128. Forging the Links
135. The House of Fear; or, The Young Duke's Strange Quest
136. Foiled by Fate. Being the Conclusion of In the House of Fear
139. A Dead man's hand; or, Caught by his own victim
150. The Blue Stiletto; or, Trailing the Red Queen
151. The circle of death; or, Trapping the murder syndicate
152. The ogress of death swamp; or, Betrayed by a skeleton
164. The Mystery of the Upper Room; or, Detective Crawley's Trail of Blood
165. In the Nick of Time; or, A Fair Maiden's Peril
166. Old Sleuth's Chance Clue; or, The Strange Langworthy Affair
169. Old Sleuth's shore inn case; or, The Mark of the crescent scar
170. Under the Mystic Spell; or, Bob Wilkes' Greatest Case
184. The Red death syndicate; or, The Fire-bug conspiracy
186. Sentenced to Death; or, Booth Bell, the Avenger
192. Old Sleuth Weekly, no. 192 (The Vanishing Opals; or, Old Sleuth and the Strangways' Tangle and 3 more items)
198. Old Sleuth Weekly, no. 198 (Runaway Ned's Cruise; or, The Young Privateersman. A Story of the Great Commodore's First Year at Sea and 3 more items)
202. Old Sleuth Weekly, no. 202 (Wide-Awake Len, the Quaker City Ferret; or, Caging the Cormorants and 3 more items)
v. 26. Old Sleuth Volume 26 (Presto Quick; or, The weird magician detective and 2 more items)
v. 34. Old Sleuth Volume 34 (The Blue Stiletto; or, Trailing the Red Queen and 2 more items)

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