The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - Old Sleuth's Own (Parlor Car)

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Publisher: Parlor Car Publishing Co. (New York (N.Y.): 13 Astor Place) -- United States
Category: Format : Paperback ("Thickbook")
Issues: 131
Dates: Apr. 15, 1894 to January 1899
Schedule: Semi-monthly, changed to weekly and back to semi-monthly.
Price: 10ยข
Size: 7 1/4 x 5 3/4"
Pages: 128
Illustrations: Most had a line drawing on the cover using blue ink. Others had no illustrations at all.
Major Author(s): Old Sleuth (Harlan Page Halsey)
Physical Description: Series title across the top, rule, number to the left, date centered, price to the right, rule. Story title, author, and illustration centered on cover. Publisher's imprint at bottom.
Notes / Commentary: The series was later republished by J. S. Ogilvie (also as Old Sleuth's Own) with slightly different numbering.
Primary Data Source: LeBlanc
Data Entry Status: Done, Believed Complete


1. Vavel, the Wonderful Treasure Seeker: A Tale of Daring Adventure
2. Romance of a Salvation Army Girl: A Story of New York Life
3. Funny Bob; or, In and Out of Everything in New York
4. Great Billy; or, From a Farm to a Palace
5. A Little Confederate; or, A Southern Boy in New York
6. Nimble Ike, the Trick Ventriloquist
7. Wonder Jack, the Detective; or, The Witch of Manhattan
8. Magic Dick, a Boy Detective; or, Out of the Streets of New York
9. True Blue, the Detective; or, The Romance of a "Great Special"
10. Yankee Rye, the Ex-Pugilist Detective: A Tale of Wit and Muscle
11. Cool Tom; or, the Sailor Boy Detective: A Weird Sea-Shore Mystery
12. Aggravating Joe: The Prince of Fun and Mischief
13. A Clever Boy Detective; or, Nimble Ike Solving a Mystery
14. A League of Three; or, A Boy Detective's Stratagem
15. Woodchuck Jerry; or, The Terror of the Town
16. Straight Out Detective; or, New York Under a Flashlight
17. Three Little Tramps; or, Footing It to the West
18. The Little Colonel; or, Fun Around Sea Serpent Lake: A Tale of Curious Tricks and Surprises
19. Jack, the Juggler; or, The Boy Hypnotist: A Narrative of Marvelous Juggling
20. The Runaway; or, How He Got Into West Point
21. The Three Boy Detectives; or, The Story of Three Daring Country Lads
22. Young Ginger; or, Fun In and Around New York: A Tale of a Street Arab
23. Snap and Jenny, the Song and Dance Artists; or, From the Streets to the Footlights
24. Bicycle Jim; or, A Smart Boy Detective, Greatest of All Boy Detectives
25. A Little Cowboy; or, In Search of His Dad: The Jolliest of Jolly Tales
26. Archie, the Tumbler; or, How He Became a Jockey: A Tale of a Boy Wanderer
27. Flyaway Ned; or, The Old Detective's Pupil: A Narrative of Singular Detective Adventures
28. Dudie Dunne; or, The Exquisite Detective: An Odd but Stirring Detective Narrative
28. Preston Jayne in Search of His Dad; or, Further Adventures of the Little Cowboy in New York
30. A Little Giant; or, The Feats and Frolics of an Athlete
31. A Young Aladdin; or, The Old Miser's Ward. A Narrative of a True Hero
32. The Duke of Omaha; or, Further Adventures of the Little Giant
33. Kefton, the Detective; or, The Wonder of the Age
34. Billy, the Tramp; or, The Mystery of a Little Emigrant
35. A Cute Boy Detective; or, Magic Dick's Phenomenal Trail
36. The Prince of Ventriloquists; or, Nimble Ike's Greatest Tricks
37. Cad Metti, the Female Detective Ventriloquist; or, Dudie Dunne and His Lady Pal
38. A Wonderful Detective; or, Magic Dick's Greatest Shadow
39. Resolute Jack; or, Ups and Downs in New York
40. Little Dead Sure; or, The Secret Special's Aid
41. Twin Ventriloquists; or, Nimble Ike and Jack, the Juggler. The
42. Amzi, the Detective; or, Morning, Noon and Night in New York
43. Tracked on a Wheel; or, Bicycle Jim's Great Case: A Thrilling Narrative
44. Crusoe Harry; or, The Treasure of the Lost Ship
45. A Terrible Youth; of Magic Dick's Adventures in Paris
46. Golden Legacy; or, Wonder Jack's Luck
47. King of Fun; or, Aggravating Joe's Latest Pranks
48. Arlie Bright; or, How He Became a Naval Cadet: An Interesting Narrative
49. Pawnee Tom; or, Adrift in New York
50. Nimble Ike's Mystery; or, The Secret of the Box
51. A Little Miner; or, A Poor Boy's Great Find
52. A Boy Fugitive; or, Fooling His Pursuers
53. Mechanic's Son; or, From Penury to Wealth. The
54. Tricks and Triumphs; or, Jack, the Juggler's Ordeal
55. The Young Engineer; or, Making Her Spin
56. Detective Hanley; or, The Testimony of a Face
57. Nimble Ike's Romance; or, The Mysteries of a Cavern
58. Gipsy Reno, the Detective: A Marvelous Tale of Adventures
59. Detective Gay; or, The King of Disguises
60. Female Ventriloquist; or, A Pretty Girl's Magic Feats
61. His Great Shadow; or, Jack, The Juggler's Last Trail
62. Lorie; or, The Phantom Ventriloquist
63. The Two Conspirators; or, A Great Surprise
64. Detective Kennedy; or, Always Ready
65. Malcolm, The Wonder
66. Jack Breakaway; or, Always on Top
67. Weaver Webb; or, The Young Champion
68. Plucky Bob; or, The Wildest Boy in the Land
69. Jolly Jess; or, The Lad Who Won a Princess: A Story Replete with Adventures
70. Ten Day Mystery; or, Malcolm, the Wonder's Shadow in New York
71. A Great Boy; or, The Find of a Million
72. Creco, The Swordsman; or, The Man of Mystery
73. Kingsley, the Detective; or, The Single Clue
74. Detective's Enigma; or, Malcolm Weir's Puzzling Shadow
75. Plucky Girl; or, A Farmer's Daughter in New York
76. Days and Nights of Peril; or, Nimble Ike in Harness Again
77. Carrol Moore; or, How He Became a Detective
78. Grant McKenzie; or, A Boy's Battles and Struggles
79. Breezy Frank; or, A Great Disguise
80. Zantilli; or, Greco's Wonderful Pursuit
81. Straight to the Mark"; or, A Detective's Mark
82. Young Dash; or, The Detective's Apprentice
83. Life in New York; or, Thrilling Detective Tales
84. On the Wing; or, Detective Bird's Great Capture
85. Under a Veil; or, His Greatest Mystery
86. Straight Clue; or, Malcolm Weir's Great Feat
87. Detective Payne; or, A Great Shadower's Wonderful Adventures
88. A Famous Boy; or, The Story of a Homeless Hero
89. Great Capture; or, New Tactics in Detective Strategy
90. Desmond Dare; or, Taking Desperate Chances
91. The Wizard Tramp; or, After the Race
92. A Desperate Chance; or, The Wizard Tramp's Revelation
93. A Remarkable Shadow; or, Detective Payne's Tragic Quest
94. Dead Straight; or, Harlow Jack's Life Mystery
95. Allie Baird, the Settler's Son: A Weird Tale of the Wilderness
96. Creston, the Detective; or, Following Up a Light Clew
97. Marie, the Dancing Girl: A Great Story of New York Life
98. A Close Call; or, Detective Meade's Dilemma
99. Young Vigilance; or, A Broken Link
100. A Dashing Fugitive; or, True to His Purpose
101. Clyde, the Resolute Detective; or, His Own Mystery
102. Lively Luke; or, Keen as a Razor
103. Billy Preston; or, Ready for Anything
104. The Twin Athletes; or, Always on Top
105. Seth Bond; or, A Lost Treasure Mystery
106. Jack and Gil; or, The Wonderful Adventures of Two Acrobats
107. The King's Detective; or, A New York Detective's Great Quest
108. A Remarkable Feat; or, Jack and Gil's Great Detective Work
109. Tom, the Young Explorer; or, A Magnificent Reward
110. Two Wonderful Detectives; or, Jack and Gil's Marvelous Skill
111. A Mystery of One Night; or, Detective Murray's Single Clue
112. A Successful Shadow; or, Jack and Gil's Greatest Catch
113. A Beautiful Fugitive; or, Saved by a Detective
114. The Manordale Mystery: A Strong Detective Story
115. The Central Park Mystery; or, Bright Detective Work in New York
116. Detective Dale; or, Conflicting Testimonies
117. A Struggle to Win; or, A Gypsy Boy's Secret
118. Thrifty Abe; or, From the Bottom to the Top
119. Ramsey, the Detective; or, The Weirdest of Weird Tales
120. Gipsy Rose, the Female Detective
121. Young Harold; or, A New England Boy's Fortunes: A Tale of Stirring Adventures
122. Norval, the Detective; or, Dodging and Hiding
123. Young Chauncey
124. Daring Maddie; or, A Great Detective Story
125. Red Cecil, the Detective; or, A Steady Pursuit
126. A Detective's Daughter: An Extraordinary Narrative
127. Fire Bomb Jack; or, Freaks of a Mystery Man
128. An Amazing Wizard; or, The Further Adventures of Fire Bomb Jack
129. A Marvelous Escape; or, The Fatal Resemblance
130. Only a Photograph; or, Detective Kempton's Quest
131. A Tragic Quest; or, A Baffling Shadow

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