The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - Old Sleuth Library

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Publishers: George Munro -- United States
George Munro's Sons (New York (N.Y.): 17 to 27 Vandewater St.) -- United States
Category: Format : Nickel Weekly (B&W)
Primary Data Source: LeBlanc
Data Entry Status: In Progress, Complete Listing Available

Approximate Dates of Issue: 1885-1905
Approximate Number of Issues: 101.


1. Old Sleuth, the Detective; or, The Bay Ridge Mystery
2. The King of the Detectives
3. Old Sleuth's Triumph; or, "Piping" the Bronx Mystery. A New York Detective Story
4. Under a Million Disguises; or, Manfred the Metamorphosist
5. Night Scenes in New York: In Darkness and by Gaslight
6. Old Electricity, the Lightning Detective; or, Through by Night
7. The Shadow Detective; or, The Mysteries of a Night
8. Red-Light Will, the River Detective
9. Iron Burgess, the Government Detective
10. The Brigands of New York
11. Tracked by a Ventriloquist; or, The Midnight Wail
12. The Twin Detectives; or, The Missing Heiress
13. The French Detective
14. Billy Wayne, the St. Louis Detective; or, The Mystery of the Black Mere
15. The New York Detective; or, Startling Phases of City Life
16. O'Neil McDarragh, the Irish Detective; or, The Strategy of a Brave Man
17. Old Sleuth in Harness Again; or, Four Noted Detectives Unveiling a Mystery
18. The Lady Detective
19. The Yankee Detective; or, Shadowed to Doom
20. The Fastest Boy in New York
21. Black Raven, the Georgia Detective; or, The Terror of the "Mountain Mooners"
22. Night-Hawk, the Mounted Detective
23. The Gypsy Detective; or, Always Just in Time
24. The Mysteries and Miseries of New York
25. Old Terrible, the Iron Arm Detective
26. The Smugglers of New York Bay
27. Manfred, the Magic Trick Detective
28. Mura, the Western Lady Detective
29. Monsieur Armand; or, The French Detective in New York
30. Lady Kate, the Dashing Female Detective
31. Hamud, the Detective
32. The Giant Detective in France; or, The Beautiful Mystery of Paris
33. The American Detective in Russia; or, "Piping" a Conspiracy
34. The Dutch Detective; or, The Mystery of the Black Pool
35. Old Puritan, the Old-Time Yankee Detective
36. Manfred's Quest; or, The Mystery of a Trunk
37. Tom Thumb; or, The Wonderful Boy Detective
38. Old Ironsides Abroad; or, The Giant Detective in Ireland
39. Plucky Black Tom; or, The Greatest Curiosity on Earth
40. Old Ironsides Among the Cowboys; or, The Weird Narrative of a Lost Man. An Exciting Story of Detective Adventure in the Far West.
41. Black Tom in Search of a Father; or, The Further Adventures of a Mischievous Darky
42. Bonanza Bardie; or, The Treasure of the Rockies
43. Old Transform, the Secret Special Detective
44. The King of the Shadowers; or, The Iron Duke Detective
45. Gasparoni, the Italian Detective; or, Hide-and-Seek in New York. A Strange, Weird Tale of City Life.
46. Old Sleuth's Luck; or, Day and Night in New York. A Startling Narrative of Hidden Treasure.
47. The Irish Detective
48. Down in a Coal Mine; or, The Mystery of the Fire Damp
49. Faithful Mike, the Irish Hero. A Story of Coolness Against Cunning.
50. Silver Tom, the Detective; or, Link by Link. A Peculiar Detective Narrative.
51. The Duke of New York; or, The Wonderful Career of an Orphan Boy
52. Jack Gameway; or, A Western Boy in New York
53. All Round New York; or, Tip the Tumbler. A Humorous Tale of Trick and Device.
54. Old Ironsides in New York; or, The Daughter of the G.A.R.
55. Jack Ripple and His Talking Dog. A Narrative of Phenomenal Adventures.
56. Billy Joyce, the Government Special Detective. Presenting a Succession of Entertaining Adventures.
57. Badger and His Shadow; or, The Wall Street Detective on a New Trail. A Tale of Midnight Life in New York.
58. Darrel, the Detective; or, The Mystery of the Missing Millions
59. Old Sleuth, Badger & Co.
60. Old Phenomenal; or, The Double Tragedy Mystery. An Old-Time Detective Narrative.
61. A Golden Curse; or, The Harvest of Sin
62. The Mysterious Murder; or, The Unjust Verdict. A Romance of the Colonial Period.
63. Monte-Cristo Ben, the Ever-Ready Detective. A Narrative of Remarkable Complications.
64. The Bowery Detective
65. The Boy Detective; or, The Chief of the Counterfeiters
66. Detective Thrash, the Man Trapper. A Story of Extraordinary Detective Devices.
67. Ebeon, the Detective
68. Old Ironsides at His Best
69. Archie, the Wonder. A Thrilling Narrative of Adventure.
70. The Red Detective
71. Ranleagh, the Lightning Irish Detective
72. Stealthy Brock, the Detective
73. Phenomenal Joe; or, The Weird Adventures of a Ventriloquist, Hypnotist, and Metamorphosist
74. Lord Harry
75. The Silent Terror. A Narrative of Genuine Detective Strategy.
76. Long Shadow, the Detective
77. The Veiled Beauty
78. Old Sleuth in Philadelphia; or, "Piping" the Schuylkill Horror. A Tale of the Most Weird and Thrilling Strangeness.
79. Gypsy Frank, the Long-Trail Detective
80. The Giant Detective's Last Shadow. A Tale of Herculean Detective Adventures.
81. Billy Mischief; or, Always on Deck. A Narrative of Extraordinary Detective Devices.
82. Variety Jack; or, The Extraordinary Adventures of a Funny Man
83. Dashaway Tom, the All-Round Detective
84. Mephisto; or, The Razzle-Dazzle Detective
85. Detective Jack, the Wizard. A Narrative of Wonderful Detective Skill.
86. Young Thrashall; or, Waxey, the Phenomenal Detective. A Singular Strange Narrative.
87. Handsome Henry Brand, the Knickerbocker Detective
88. Old Baldy, the Weird Detective
89. Jack Sleuth, the King of All Detectives. A Wonderful Tale of Daring Detective Adventures.
90. Louis Ford; or, The Great Mystery Solved
91. Young Velvet, the Magic Disguise Detective. An Old-Time Detective Romance.
92. Phil Tremaine's Greatest Detective Feat
93. Daring Tom Cary; or, A Farm Boy's Adventures in New York
94. The American Monte-Cristo. A Strange and Marvelous Narrative
95. On Their Track
96. The Omnipresent Avenger
97. Tragedy and Strategy
98. A Threefold Mystery. A Straightout Detective Narrative.
99. Mademoiselle Lucie, the French Lady Detective
100. The Young Fire King. A Wonderful Tale of Startling Tricks and Weird Illusions.
101. Lights and Shades of New York

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