The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - Old Cap. Collier Library

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Alternate Title: Old Cap Collier Library
Publishers: Norman L. Munro (New York (N.Y.): 24 & 26 Vandewater St.) -- United States
Norman L. Munro & Company -- United States
Category: Format : Nickel Weekly (B&W)
Primary Data Source: LeBlanc
Data Entry Status: In Progress, Complete Listing Available

Approximate Dates of Issue: 1883-1899
Approximate Number of Issues: 822.


1. Old Cap Collier; or, Piping the New Haven mystery
2. Young Dillon, the custom house detective
3. Dion, the dashing detective; or, Link after link
4. Heller's pupil; or, Seligman, the second-sight detective
5. The Seaside detective; or, Ironclad in the employ of the government
6. The Irish detective's evil genius
7. Dare, the detective; or, Told by the Dead
8. A Great detective's trail; or, The mystery of Carlynne grange
9. Teddy O'Shawn, the irish detective
10. Lotta, the young lady detective
11. Bill Dane, the detective
12. Sharpe, the new york detective
13. Lightning Gripp: The cautious detective; or, Piping the Nathan murder mystery
14. Vidocq, the French detective
15. The Secret detective; or, One night in a gambling house
16. Hawkeye, the london detective
17. Scott, Elliot & Co., the three great detectives
18. Old Cap Collier & Co,; or, Piping the Stewart vault mystery
19. Old Thunderbolt, the government detective; or, Piping the Indian agent frauds
20. Mastonell, the myserious detective
21. Harvey, the unknown; or, Piping a famous fraud
21. The Spirit detective; or, Tracing a dark crime
22. The Mysterious detective; or, Piping a hidden crime
23. The Long branch detective; or, Piping the mystery of the Iron Pier
24. Young Ironclad, the keen detective; or, Tracing the castle garden mystery
25. The Valpinson mystery; or, Piping a great crime
26. The Greatest detective in France; or, Piping the mystery of orcival
27. Old Tabaret, the self-made Detective; or, Piping the Lerouge Case
28. Phil Peterson, the detective; or, Trailing down a murderer
29. The Brooklyn bridge detective; or, Piping a cruel crime
30. Dart, the self made detective; or, Piping an abduction case
31. Jottrat, the secret agent
32. Detective Dawson; or, Trailing a stolen heir
33. The Crimson Clew; or, Piping a robbery case
34. Vibert, the detective; or, Piping the Crime of the Rue de la Paix
35. On his own hook; or, Working up a dark plot
36. The Scotland yard detective; or, Piping the Bunbury mystery
37. A great robbery; or, Piping a series of bank frauds
38. Pink West, the Baltimore detective; or, Piping the murder at Jones falls
39. Playing the detective; or, The Gilded Clique
40. The Overland detective; or, Lively times along the union pacific railroad
41. Flash and Co., detectives; or, Piping the coney island mystery
42. Secret confessions; or, The experiences of an Edinburgh detective
43. The Edinburgh detective, or, His last confession
44. His own detective; or, The great safe robbery
45. The great diamond robbery; or, Tracked from New York to the Gulf
46. Neil Darragh, the great Irish detective
47. Brought to Bay; or, A detective's experience
48. The Trails of a city detective
49. The little Giant detective; or, Piping the mystery of his life
50. Captain Jack Howard, the detective of Greene County
51. Lecoq, the detective
52. Lecoq, the detective
53. The Western union detective
54. Red Leary, the detective with the Iron Arm
55. The Reporter detective; or, Behind Sing-Sing's Bolts and Bars
56. Old Gripes; or, The Mysterious bond robbery
57. Sampson, the strong detective; or, Piping a clew of gold
58. Frank James' mistake; or, Compelled to surrender
59. Belle Kingston, the detective queen; or, the stolen bonds
60. Hardscrabble, the detective; or, Tracked by a hair
61. Tom Dale, the lawyer detective
62. Sergeant-Detective Sparrow, L. J. C.; or, The thugs of New York
63. Old Dynamite, the sly detective; or, Piping a terrible crime
64. The Wolves of Gotham; or, A detective on the War Path
65. Gideon Gault
66. The Diamond King; or, The Ghost detective
67. Blue Ridge
68. Carl Ruhl, the phenomenal detective
69. The Frontier detective; or, A Crimson trail
70. Druscovitch, the russian detective; or, The plot to asssassinate the Czar
71. Millions at stake; or, The gambler detective
72. Keen, the headquarters detective; or, Murdered without a mark
73. The Princess of Paris; or, The corsican detective
74. Doc Kedge, the alchemist assassin; or, Old Broadbrim's great abduction case
75. Dym Darke, the detective. The history of a celebrated case.
76. Old Cap Ruggles; or, The detective's search for an heir
77. Sparkle and Co., the great detectives; or, Tracked by an unknown Foe
78. Black Douglass
79. The Great Barry case; or, The Mysterious murder at Nol 47
80. Dominick Squeek, the bow street runner; or, An english detective in America
81. Lucky Lee
82. Jack Sharp
83. Daring Desmond, the E. R. R. detective
84. Count Esmeraduro; or Diok Bright the detective
85. Stonewall, the athlete detective; or, the hektograph clow
86. The Railroad detective; or, Unraveling a peculiar case
87. Hawkeye and Ferret, the shrewd bowery detectives
88. Old Gold-Eye, the miner detective; or, Piping the mystery of Sandy Gulcb
89. Durgon, the detective; or, The clerk's crime
90. Old Hawkeye's greatest trail
91. Clitheroe and Clump; or, Tracked by a dagger's point
92. Old Broadbrim, the Quaker detective; or, The strangest trail of crime on record
93. Diamond Dan, the Brooklyn divorce detective; or, The crimes of a wicked women
94. Detective Jack; or, The Night hawks of Boston
95. Tom Turner, the detective; or, Piping the hawks of Baltimore
96. The Ten-Spot of diamonds; or, Piping the affair in the Rue Fosseyes
97. Old Sledge, the blacksmith detective
98. The Saratoga detective; or, A terrible murder mystery
99. A house of mystery; or, Jack Sharp in Chicago
100. Paul prince, the detective; or, Trailing a poisoner
101. Police-Inspector Hawk; or, The Prince of Rascals
102. Tracked by lightning; or, Old Broadbrim's great murder case
103. The Gold Gulch mystery
104. Old man Martin; or, The double trail of a double crime
105. Overland Joe
106. Hickory Dick; or, The thugs of New York
107. Old 16; or, Ducats and Diamonds
108. Star, the expert detective; or, On the track of a terrible
109. Moonshiner Jack, the mountain detective
110. Tracked by the dead; or, The Doctor detective
111. The Duchess of Gotham; or, Piping his own son
112. The Cornwall tragedy; or, The mystery of the headless nail
113. The Parisian detective
114. The Egyptian detective
115. The clique of crime; or, Old Broadbrim's last case
116. Old Roulette; or, Red and Black
117. Brace, the American detective; or, Piping a case in two lands
118. The Gotham detective in New Orleans; or, A million at stake
119. Hercules, the prairie detective
120. A Millionaire's crime
121. Dead at midnight
122. A Crimson Crime; or, A Wonderful man on a wonderful case
123. The New York detective; or, Ferreting out a wall street tragedy
124. Dick Despard, the Missouri detective
125. Old Subtle; or, The willing victim
126. The Diamond detective
127. Tracked to doom
128. Frank James alarmed; or, Old Zeke, the detective piping new evidence
129. The "Pig and Whistle"; or, The diamond horseshoe
130. The Demon Doctor; or, Old Broadbrim piping a quaker city crime
131. The headless body
132. Skillful Charlie
133. Nerve Kidder, the bowery blood and detective; or, tracked across a continent
134. Young Weasel, the detective; or, piping a beautiful friend
135. Entangled in crime
136. The Yankee Vidoq's discovery; or, The house of gold
137. Bill Poole, the Louisville detective; or, In the lair of the "Red Ribbon"
138. Crooked Cole, the hunchback detective; or, piping the opium den
139. Carl Baker, the man from arizona; or, piping a desperate game
140. Ben Logan
141. Harley Mayne, the Washington detective; or, piping a mystery of the capital
142. The missing Prima-Donna; or, tracking his own daughter
143. Davenport Blake, the Metropolitan detective; or, "Piping" the Harlem mystery
144. The Crescent Scar; or, piping a double mystery
145. The King of scamps; or, trailing a desperate deed
146. The Iron Ring; or, detective Gaunt's great case
147. Old Mississippi
148. Rugg's Fate
149. Old Neverfail; or, The tragedy of black Bluff
150. The Prince of darkness; or, Unraveling the Swartwood mystery
151. Old Deceiver, the private detective; or, trailing his own Case
152. Sam Stark
153. Old Buzzard's surrender or the Welsh mountain detective
154. The Rink detective; or, piping the Bridgeport tragedy
155. Jack Shark on hand; or, tracking the thugs
156. Ralph Renel
157. The Duplex brothers; or, twin detectives on the trail
158. Jockey Joe
159. The River detective; or, trailing the catskill tragedy
160. The Little widow; or, tracking the red diamond
161. The Vampire; or, detective brand's greatest case
162. Old Broadbrim's latest trail; or, tracking a pretty adventuress
163. Old Shady; or, The Moonshiner's shadow
164. The Mercantile detective; or, The Queen of shoplifters
165. Old Spicer, the Yankee detective; or, piping the Woodmont mystery
166. Detective Fox; or, Tracing the Morgan mystery
167. Old Sledge unmasking; or, playing a Bhrewd game
168. The Rattling detective; or, Tracking baby's toy
169. Allan Cotton, the detective
170. Bill Bowie of Gotham; or, The mystery of the Indian bracelets
171. The Double mystery
172. Bill Brayton, the bold detective
173. Tom Baker, the detective from the Bowery
174. Detective Fox in London
175. John Merry, the alert detective; or, Raising the dead
176. Ralph Renel's Rival
177. Long John Riley, the western detective; or, tracking the Outlawa of the Rio Grande
178. Mark and Neil, the telegraph detectives
179. Zeb Taylor, the puritan detective
180. Tom Throttle, the engineer detective
181. Old Stonewall, the invincible detective
182. The Daniel brothers; or, The rivals of the James boys
183. The Creole Detective; or, searching for the dead
184. The Severed Arm; or, tracking the "Comrades of the Right hand"
185. Dick Rand, the washington detective; or, The Counterfeiters of death gulch
186. Old Broadbrim's double game; or, Revealed by the lightning's flash
187. Old Parse, the tramp detective; or, Tracking American criminals in Canada
188. Jack Donahue
189. From wall street to Sing Sing; or, detective Fox's brilliant work
190. Tracked at midnight
191. The Factory detective; or, The mystery of the Menmmae Mills
192. The Fifth Avenue tragedy
193. Tow-Path Tom, the canal boat detective
194. The theater detective; or, The tragedy of the stage
195. Silas Quirk, the diamond detective; or, The mystery of the false jewel
196. Detective Boone from New York
197. Old Saddle Bags, the circuit-rider detective
198. The Liberators
199. The Amazon Detective
200. Sombfero Sam
201. Cremated Alive
202. Jere Clinch, the eagle-eyed detective; or, Guarding the demdike millions
203. Dane Darrell, the Baltimore detective; or, Piping the bats of the basin
204. Hunted Down in Gotham
205. The Blind Detective
206. Old Spicer and his Rival; or, The Yale college mystery
207. Old Revenue, the Niagara Falls detective
208. The Greek Detective; or, On the trail of a vitriol thrower
209. Old Mystagogne
210. Detective Jack Anderson; or, Piping the secret of the dead
211. Old Rafferty, the special U. S. Detective; or, Working a claim against the Government
212. Two cases at one time; or, The Ocean detective
213. Detective Ploughorm; or, On the track of a double crime
214. Old Rafferty's Rival; or, The wall street tragedy
215. Bert Adams, the fireman detective
216. Old Rafferty on his own hook; or, Unraveling the port Hamilton mystery
217. The Tourist detective; or, tracked through Europe
218. Old Rafferty's Oath; or, The detective's stratagey
219. Dick Drama, the actor detective
220. Bob Denville, the fall river line detective; or, The murder on the "Bristol"
221. Old Rafferty's Wager; or, The Saratoga murder mystery
222. Found in the river; or, Old Broadbrim's strange case
223. Mordaunt, the miner detective; or, The Parricide's daughter
224. Old Rafferty's luck; or, piping the Anson case
225. Gypsy Jack, the vagabond detective
226. Old Spicer on hand; or, The Great Shoe box mystery
227. Old Rafferty's last case; or, The famous detective's greatest victory
228. Munson, the detroit detective; or, The Sleuth Hound of the West
229. The Harbor detective
230. Wayne strange, the Kentucky detective; or, unraveling the steamboat mystery
231. Jack Sharp in Florida; or, The Swamp detective
232. The Doctor detective; or, Tracked by the dead man's eye
233. Game to the last; or, The Adams express robbery
234. Wayne strange's Mascot; or, unraveling the Cumberland mountain
235. John Rugby, the Ferryboat detective
236. Clint Cleaver, the grand street detective
237. The Carthage Affair; or, solved by lightning
238. Monte Cristo in New York. A great detective story
239. Old Swift, the never fail detective; or, Won by Foul Play
240. Great Trunk mystery. The greatest detective story of the age. The
241. Kit Clinch, the best of detectives
242. My greatest case
243. Detective Daredeath, the hero of a hundred cases; or, The five points tragedy
244. Detective Dan; or, From prison to police Headquarters
245. Old Rip, the catskill mountain detective
246. Traps and Snares of New York
247. Dick Dashe, the drummer detective; or, piping sharp business on the road
248. The Rahway murder mystery; or, Little Lynx piping the roadside tragedy
249. A Yankee detective in France; or, The league of the Guillotine
250. Young Dyer; or, Piping the Stratford murder mystery. A Companion to "The Rahway Tragedy"
251. Old Humpy, the dwarf detective; or, thwarting a career of crime
252. Mort Sharpin; or, tracking two fearful tragedies
253. Broadbrim's tangled case; or, The quaker detective's match
254. Run to Earth; or, The electric detective
255. San Smart, the western postal route detective; or, piping a dark conspiracy for the Government
256. Tom pilgrim, the tramp detective; or, tracing the Rope-Walk mystery
257. Detective Killett; or, The famous Goldrust Case
258. Wily Wade of Denver
259. A desperate venture; or, John Gilbert's last man-hunt
260. Old Pitcher, the baseball detective; or, sharp work on the diamond
261. Old Brighton, the Coney Island detective; or, solving the great coffin mystery
262. The Spruce Street Tragedy; or, Old Spicer Handles a Double Mystery
263. Old Opium, the Mongolian detective; or, tracking the sharpest thief in New York
264. Jack Breeze, the Chicago sleuth; or, The Langdale case
265. Johnson, the Yankee Man-Hunter; or, tracked across the ocean
266. Cougar Cale, the mine sleuth; or, The hunt for the stolen treasure
267. The masked detectives
268. Keen Fox, the city hall detective; or, piping a political crime
269. Old Sam, the California detective; or, piping a terrible crime in the coal mines
270. A blind trail; or, The dark shadow of a terrible crime
271. The California detective in Wall Street; or, piping the Bulls and Bears
272. Tom Sawyer, the Kentucky detective
273. The Redmond house tragedy
274. Sam Strong, the Cowboy detective; or, The ranch mystery
275. The Crime of the cabin; or, The Woodsman Detective's first trail
276. Detective Den
277. The U. S. Revenue detective
278. Phil finder, the New Haven detective
279. Dick Decoy, the hunter detective; or, the mystery of the Kittyhawk
280. Tracking the kidnapper; or, The secret of the Old Mill
281. Old All 'Round, the garden city detective; or, tracking a beautiful mystery
282. One-Eye, the cat; or, Montana's famous detective
283. Kit Dillon; or, Old Spicer's pupil detective
284. Keenan, the keen one
285. Lynx Lyon, the Mormon detective; or, tracking the prince of stranglers
286. Jack Sharp's trap; or, The Dowery detective on a New Lay
287. The Sons of Cain
288. Old Flush, the Wall Street ferret; or, tracking a beautiful criminal
289. Steele link; or, A New York detective abroad
290. Revealed by a skeleton; or, detected after twenty years
291. Dick Dead-Eye, the swamp angel
292. Now, Then, the fleetest of the fleet; or, Old Cap Collier's adventures with river pirates on the Hudson
293. The Grayson tragedy; or, tracking the Morgan house mystery
294. Tom Glass, the detective
295. Trump Morgan, the young New England detective
296. Cool Carter, the Hocking valley detective; or, piping a terrible crime in the Iron mines
297. Daring Dan, the detective; or, The Mystery of the broken Horseshoe
298. Detective "Spot" hooker; or, tracing the cremation mystery
299. Old Grimes, the "Get-There" detective; or, tracking the mystery of the vault
300. Tascott and "The Other"; or, Piping the Snell mystery
301. The Border detective's long chase; or, tracked by a hair
302. Sam cotton, the Chicago ferret
303. The Young Blacksmith detective; or, hunting down the Express-Safe Bobbe
304. Old man Bruce, the Richmond detective; or, piping the reservoir mystery
305. Old Cap Collier's school for young men; or, piping the St. Louis trunk mystery
306. The "Green Lady" mystery; or, piping a spirit medium
307. Nervy Nat, the New Haven detective; or, piping the great Moreland mystery
308. Wolverine Waif, the Half Breed detective; or, The lost mine tragedy
309. Escaped from Sing Sing
310. Markoe, the relentless detective
311. The Detective partners
312. Hunter, The Montreal Detective; or, "Piping" The Riel Avengers
313. The Golden reel's revenge; or, tracking the terrible deeds of a secret society (The "Golden Reel's" revenge; or, Tracking the terrible deeds of a secret society and 1 more item)
314. Bradshaw, the wide awake detective; or, piping a very remarkable case
315. Gildan, the Man-Hunter
316. Keen Trump, the little joker detective; or, A mystery of the card table
317. Pat Nolan, the castle garden detective
318. Detective Cotton & Co
319. Burrel, the New York shadow; or, tracking a crime in New Jersey
320. Overland Orve, the Mountain detective
321. Pat Nolan and the Padrones
322. Pat Nolan and the "Internationals"
323. Tracked across the Ocean
324. The Niagara Falls detective
325. The Shadow Finger
326. Old vent, the G. A. R detective
327. Mantell, Pinkerton's peerless detective; or, The secrets of the Anarchist's dens
328. Old Hawk, the man with nine lives; or, Piping the North Side murder : a detective story of Chicago
329. Murdered at midnight; or, tracking the man with the Diamond eye
330. Bigfoot, the detective guide; or, the strange tragedy of the Fire Raft
331. La Mafia; or, The New Orleans Italian friend's Oath
332. Captain Kidd's Treasures: or, The Secret of the Bartholdi Statue Foundation
333. The Whitechapel murders
334. Pat Nolan and the elders
335. The Blood-Stained glove; or, The dead man of Morris Cove
336. Ramabai's treasure; or, A young American's adventures in India
337. The McCoy-Hatfield Feud; or, The Famous Kentucky Vendetta
338. Jack, the ripper; or, The Whitechapel fiend in America
339. A Syndicate of crime; or, The old detective, the young detective and the Novice
340. The White cap fiends; or, The victim of one hundred lashes
341. Detective Rex of Baltimore; or, A great crime revealed by the Phonograph
342. The Bald Knobber's fate: The Kentucky detective among the outlaws
343. The "Eye of Jehu"
344. The Oklahoma boomers; or, plotting the great land steal
345. Dave Heath, the Metropolitan detective; or, On the track of a beautiful Clairvoyant
346. Dan Demdike, the detective; or, piping a great Southern feud
347. Saul Haven, the New Orleans detective; or, The mark on the page
348. The Oath bound brotherhood; or, The Miner detective's last chance
349. Who murdered Doctor Cronin? or, Shadowing the real criminals
350. Seth Mason, the Gotham detective; or, The tragedy in a Fifth Avenue mansion
351. Oklahoma Bill; or, Detective Grady and the boomers
352. Liverpool Jack; or, piping the greatest case in New York
353. The hunchback of Hell Gate; or, solving the mystery of the "Hog's Back"
354. The Hudson river tunnel detective; or, shadowing a desperate gang
355. Vidal, the silent detective; or, The secret of the Emerald casket
356. Old Bulls-Eye and his female ally; or, piping the corn Lynn murder case
357. The Jewelled dagger; or, solving the great Sadlee murder mystery
358. The banker's plot; or, blocking a deep and desperate game
359. Lightning frank; or, piping the mystery of the red mantle
360. The golden anklet; or, Solving a mystery of two continents
361. Dashing Hal, the terror of the crooks; or, unravelling the mystery of the old stone house
362. The Harlan courthouse tragedy; or, A terrible Family Feud
363. McGinty, the detective; or, The king of the Whyos
364. The union square mystery; or, tracked by a Wizard photograph
365. Neck and Neck; or, Tom Pinkney's Race around the World with Nellie Bly
366. Mervyn Kyng, the detective; or, tracking a deed of blood
367. Gypsy, the girl ferret
368. Who murdered her? or, Solving the Trenton murder
369. America's best detective; or, shadowing an evil spirit
370. The Buckhorn Button; or, shadowed from the mountains to the sea
371. The three million bond forgery; or, tracking the bank wreckers
372. The crime of the black Maria; or, The most mysterious murder ever detected
373. Calvert Cole of California, the pacific slope detective
374. The world's fair detective; or, The tragedy of the Eiffel Tower
375. Calvert Cole's cruise; or, The California Detective afloat
376. Daniel Druce, the detective; or, On the track of a wicked partner
377. Harvey Fenton; or, On a poisoner's trail
378. The thugs in Chicago; or, old pinch on the trail
379. The Lawyer Detective; or, The Mystery of Three Oaks Ranch
380. The Parisian detective in New York; or, solving the mystery of a stolen corpse
381. Garry, the Jersey Hawk-Shaw; or, The murdered peddler of the mill pond
382. Dave Ducey, the bank detective; or, tracking a terrible deed
383. All 'Round Kate and her detective Pard; or, The great steel box mystery
384. Burton Draper, the Chinese-Quarters detective; or, tracking beautiful Ada Wardell's assassin
385. Old double-face and his shadow; or, piping the Baltimore thugs
386. The three O'clock tragedy; or, unravelling a Wall Street mystery
387. Garry and the thugs of Gloucester; or, tracking the scared diamond of Kobala
388. Rube Burrows, the outlaw
389. Detective Kate's Lone hand; or, piping down the Goose Island gang
390. The Sandy Hook detective; or, The mystery of the U. S. government target station
391. The Death of Sitting Bull; or, General Custer avenged
392. Karbo; or, the king of the safe Blowers; or, Old Philadelphia's man hunt
393. The Elevated Railroad tragedy; or, Garry and the Insurance Syndicate
394. A Syndicate of Swindlers; or, The master detective and his pupil
395. Big Foot, the fighting Sioux; or, The Doomed of Wounded Knee Creek
396. Sitting Bull's white ward; or, The Ghost dancers of the Sioux
397. Kicking Bear's Last Shot; or, The Sioux Chief's revenge
398. Sherman's march to the Sea; or, fighting his way through Georgia
399. Old Falcon, the Ferret; or, The red mystery of room 29
400. Night shade, the terrible avenger; or, Detective Kate and Hypnotizers
401. An American Eyraud; or, On the trail of a New York strangler
402. The Last of the Sioux chiefs; or, The great Indian war
403. In darkest New York
404. Old Falcon's big case; or, piping the league of the satin hand
405. Buck Lacy, the detective; or, tracking the diamond robbery
406. Under the electric light; or, casting a glare on the dark places of New York
407. Gold star, the whirlwind detective; or, piping the outlaws of Canton
408. Calvert Cole's colleagues; or, The Harlem murder mystery
409. Derringer, the police terrier; or, A criminal's tracks in the Arctic snows
410. Old Lynx of St. Louis; or, On the trail of "Night Hawk" and "Pigeon"
411. The scarred arm; or, betrayed by himself
412. Dave Dotson in New York; or, tracing the crime of the brown house
413. The Dago detective; or, The chum of the police chief
414. Old Rastell, the ferret
415. Vampire, the bravo; or, The man of many disguises
416. Tracked to America; or, The Nihilist's revenge
417. Old Cinch, the New Orleans shadow; or, Piping the Voodoo assassins
418. Chris Wren, the master detective; or, piping a Parisian tragedy
419. Hugh Ratan, the Pedagogue detective; or, ferreting out a mysterious poisoning case
420. Dynamiter and Millionaire; or, The Bomb thrower's fate
421. Peter price, the magic change detective
422. Chili's crime
423. The Reliance detective; or, tracking the great grain steal
424. Across the continent; or, avenging his father's fate
425. Dave Dotson's Greatest Case; or, The Startling Mystery of Myrtle Court
426. Old Cap Collier in Salt Lake City; or, piping the Mormon conspirators
427. Silas Sharp, the silent shadow; or, Who killed Margie Manton?
428. The Marine detective
429. Old Lightning
430. Detective Deland's stragegy
431. The detective's double; or, In the Shadow of the gallows
432. Old Cap Collier in London
433. Old search, the shadower; or, The murder mystery of the Rookery
434. Eileen, the Spy; or, Scotland yard's superb detective
435. Lion Larned, the 'Frisco shadower
436. Old search's lucky clew
437. Old Cap Collier in Paris; or, The Veteran detective's most brilliant exploit
438. Phil Peppers and his phantom pal; or, The Bank Breaker's escape
439. The mystery of a back street; or, Dave Dotson and the mining swindlers
440. Wicked Gotham; or, The underground mysteries of New York
441. Old Cap Collier in Berlin; or, piping a mysterious conspiracy in the German capital
442. Captain Rick, the Washington detective; or, The murder mystery of a night
443. El Diablo, the terror; or, piping the river pirates
444. The Tiger of red top
445. Old Cap Collier in Monte Carlo; or, piping the gamblers of Monaco
446. Bad man Balder's Bane; or, On the track of the "Green Goods" men
447. Badge, the Illusionist detective; or, Among the shady character of New York
448. Dash Dare, the detective; or, solving the Monmouth track mystery
449. Old searcher's great victory; or, tracing the Gymnasium crime
450. Old Cap Collier in Cairo; or, Among the thugs of Egyp's Metropolis
451. Abducted at midnight; or, The Dede detective's first and lost trail
452. Jack Parker, the "All-Around" detective; or, The trail of the letter "A"
453. The Sheepshead Bay mystery; or, Dave Dotson and the fakirs of Coney Island
454. Gold Grip, the plot breaker; or, trailing them down
455. The kidnaped detective; or, found in the heart of Africa
456. Old search in Chicago; or, Piping a world's fair mystery
457. Old Cap Collier in Australia; or, Among the bushmen and maoris of the South Pacific
458. Dash Dare on his mettle; or, clearing up a double tragedy
459. V-Spot, the Spider; or, The Broodway detective
460. The Bad lake tragedy; or, tracing a terrible crime
461. A tracker tracked; or, The Invisible Foe
462. Old searcher's double trail
463. Silent Sam, the king of Shadowers; or, fighting for a fortune
464. Old Cap Leonard; or, solving a great murder mystery
465. Little Mink
466. The Adams Express robber's league; or, conspiring to steal a million dollars
467. Old search in Satanstown; or, traced from Mart to mountain
468. Curley Keene's Clew; or, A Russian mystery in New York
469. Jay Gould's office boy; or, James Marvin, the young Napoleon of finance
470. A mysterious crime; or, The tragedy of the French Flats
471. Silent Sam's search
472. Old Cap Collier homeward bound; or, tracing a conspiracy over the Sea
473. Jack Sharpley, the Always-Ready detective; or, hunting down the red hand gang
474. Chet Cheever's great snap; or, The beautiful Brazilian's mystery
475. Patsy McGloin's luck; or, The keenest Lad in Shantyville
476. Old Search's hot chase; or, Foiling a beautiful fiend
477. The Midnight Express; or, holding up the train
478. Old Scoop, the finder; or, Solving the mystery of Bluewater Bay
479. Mulberry, the 'Way back detective; or, The earth moles of Virginia
480. Patsy McGloin's crock of gold; or, The hidden treasure of Shantyville
481. Jack Sharp's last game; or, Marked with a double cross
482. The warning signal; or, wrecked with a million on board
483. V-Spot in Detroit; or, The Pawnbroker's Widow
484. Curly Keen's dash; or, Unraveling the river's secret
485. Old Search doomed; or, The dread invisible hand
486. Black Tom, the Negro detective; or, solving a Thompson Street mystery
487. Blank Harley's first case; or, piping the "Levee Gang"
488. The Bowery detective's game; or, chased across the Continent
489. Larry Murtagh's brilliant exploit; or, Tracing a giant bank robbery
490. Roehl and Pallister's escape from sing sing; or, hunting down two death convicts
491. Hal Tybert, the hotel detective; or, shadowing Chicago crooks
492. Old Cap Collier's pupil; or, Jack Vinton and the jewelry thieves
493. Bat Reilly, the rough and tumble detective; or, A Rogue's game baffled
494. Old search in 'Frisco; or, The yellow fiends of Chinatown
495. Billy Sparks and his partner Sam; or, The Trail of the Red Crooks
496. Kerker, the special detective; or, The crime at morning side park
497. Jack Sharp's victory; or, Balking a great scheme for gold
498. Infanta Eulalia's Jewels; or, Old Cap Collier among the crooks at the World's fair
499. Gideon Gault's Startling Case; or, The murder mystery of Sandicroft hall
500. Hub, the Buckeye Searcher; or, The Outlaw Detectives
501. Old Ironnerve on deck; or, The mysterious murder in the woods
502. Mystery 47; or, A New York detective's work in Brooklyn
503. Old Dodger, the veteran detective; or, The phantom of Poverty Lane
504. Old Search in Cincinnati; or, Fighting the Dread Circle
505. Wizard winks, the detective wonder; or, The Double villeross mystery
506. Jim, the Jockey detective; or, Piping the race track frauds
507. Detective Hardscrabble's Long Chase; or, Solving the Catherwood Mystery
508. Bert Pex, the young Vidoq; or, tracking the crime of the Old Rookery
509. The Dark horse detective; or, tracked to the race track
510. Old Search's Crimson Knot; or, The Bats of Baltimore
511. Xerxes, the Counterfeiter; or, Old Ironnerve running down the league of death
512. Dick Drant, the reporter detective; or, running down the bank wreckers
513. Captain O'Donohue's double; or, Larry Murtagh's Quest
514. The great Wynne Mystery; or, Captain Dash and the Third Avenue thugs
515. Revealed by a bullet; or, The dark tragedy of the Goldseeker's camp
516. Nat Goode out west; or, unravelling the Haverhill murder mystery
517. Old Cincinnati on his Mettle; or, On the trail of the Anarchists
518. John Phoenix, the detective; or, The smugglers of the Harlem River
519. Gideon Gault's Last Case; or, The Counterfeiters of Long Island
520. Thunderbolt Phil; or, tracking a million dollar defaulter
521. The Greatest mystery of 1893; or, The Nihilists of New York
522. Old Search's vow; or, The Quaker City tangle
523. Larry Murtagh's perilous quest; or, Running a gang of assassins to earth
524. The Mystery of Cab 21; or, A Startling crime of the Tenderloin Precinct
525. Shot from Ambush; or, Dud Darron's great criminal hunt
526. Telegraph Tim; or, Pinkerton's game detective
527. Gideon Gault's long trail; or, unearthing the Long Island tragedy
528. Secret Service Bob; or, The young U. S. treasury detective
529. Shadowing the dead; or, Jugging the money jugglers
530. Joe, the Japanese Wonder; or, The Greatest Boy Detective of the age
531. Old Search in Wall Street; or, The four o'clock crime
532. Zaros, the Egyptian detective; or, tracking the thugs of New York's Arab Colony
533. Larry Murtagh and the Kidnappers; or, The Search for a Million Dollar Heiress
534. Calvert Cole's chum
535. The Murder at the midway Plaisance
536. Old Cap Collier and the Harrowford tragedy; or, tracing the mystery of the Opal Necklace
537. Sergeant Yale of Scotland yard; or, A London ferret in New York City
538. Kail Hutton, the Cincinnati detective; or, The mystery of the Phantom hand
539. Dan Decker, the strongest detective in the Northwest; or, The Quest of the stolen five millions
540. Dave Dotson's long trail; or, solving the mystery of the initialed handkerchief
541. Fred, the forger; or, Jack Sharp's crooked case
542. Nellie, the girl detective; or, The mystery of the Mason mansion
543. Old search and the black hands; or, written in red
544. Gideon Gault's mysterious clew; or, tracing the court street murder
545. On the Washington; or, Old Cap Collier with the coxey army
546. The pretty typewriter mystery; or, Old Cap Collier and the office tragedy
547. Old Ironnerve's double; or, piping the opium smugglers
548. Calvert Cole's combination; or, The Millionaire Detective
549. Old Forge, the Blacksmith detective
550. Larry Murtagh's brilliant case; or, The great Wallingford mystery
551. Dave Dotson on hand; or, The crime of Pin's head road
552. Dick Aston, the railway detective; or, Hunting down the train robbers
553. The three smartest detectives in Gotham; or, A tragic play for the Townley Millions
554. Mountain Mart, the placer detective; or, trailing the gold stealers of Ripsaw
555. Baldo, the Ferret; or, Tracking the Band of Kidnappers
556. Old search in Paris; or, crushing a death league
557. Old Ironner've Magnetic gloves; or, saved by the electric search light
558. Larry Murtagh on West Street; or, Running a gang of sharpers to earth
559. Old Cap Collier and the flat mystery; or, tracked by a signet ring
560. Dash Dare on time; or, clearing up a deep railroad crime
561. The Globe trotter detective
562. Gideon Gault's puzzling clew; or, How a murder mystery was unraveled
563. The Princess of Gotham; or, Ned Vole, the Specter detective
564. Japanese Joe's Daring Deed; or, The Underground Passages of New York
565. Jerry Tulliver, the boy detective; or, checkmating Tiger Tom's last game
566. Old Cap Collier and the Pantatas; or, piping the order of the league of Three
567. Tracked through fire; or, Detective Durl's death race
568. Gideon Gault in Ireland; or, tracing the great Esmonds mystery
569. Dave Dotson and the counterfeiters; or, tracking a gang of swindlers
570. Old search's London tangle; or, The women who vanished
571. The Deadhead passenger; or, Old Ironnerve among the Moonshiners
572. Larry Murtagh's desperate case; or, Tracing a remarkable abduction
573. Thunderbolt Phil's master stroke; or, unearthing a terrible crime
574. Masked in mystery; or, detective Jasper's strange case
575. V-Spot in Chicago; or, The Muldoon murder mystery
576. Gideon Gault's false clew; or, tracing the murder of Douglas Hume
577. Matropia, the thieves' Mogul; or, Jack Vint piping the criminals trust
578. The great mystery of Niagara Falls; or, detective Payne's greatest case
579. The blue silk cord; or, Trailing the strangler of Mount Hope
580. Larry Murtagh's Stratagem; or, after the Thurston millions
581. On Red Tiger's trail; or, Old Cap Collier and the express robbers' league
582. Bowery Ben, the Bootblack detective; or, trailing the clique of steel
583. Clear Grit, the Steel-Grip detective; or, The Washington Ferret in New York
584. Gideon Gault's ocean chase; or, Diamond Dannet's daring deed
585. The Cave Dwellers of New York; or, Dave Dotson trailing the Boulevard mystery
586. Slm Slocum, the stock yards Ferret; or, piping the Iron box mystery
587. Old Search and the Stranglers; or, The Thugs of Gotham
588. Larry Murtagh among the gold brick swindlers; or, Fleecing the gilded youth of Gotham
589. Alfrida, the man tracker; or, The sign of the five
590. Back From the Dead; or, the Old Hypnotist's Crime
591. Calvert Cole's check; or, fighting for the treasure of Ingot Island
592. Gideon Gault in two states; or, Tracing the murder mystery of Rosslyn Woods
593. The mystery of Gotham Court; or, Old Cap Collier's daring search
594. Escaped from Matteawan; or, Old Cap Collier on the trail of Perry, the Train Robber
595. The murdered heiress; or, tracing the crime of the stage coach
596. The Clown detective; or, tracing the circus mystery
597. Larry Murtagh among the Harlem thugs; or, hunting down a great criminal
598. Dick Spark's strange clew; or, The mystery of a Coney Island murder
599. Japanese Joe's wonderful work; or, The mystery of a murdered millionaire
600. Clear grit in Philadelphia; or, The steel grip detective's cinch
601. Gault among the Artful Dodgers; or, Tracing the Fagin of Gotham
602. The sixth avenue murder; or, How superintendent Byrnes captured Caesar, the Black Strangler
603. Old Search's baffling quest; or, The boat house mystery
604. Dash Dare's manhunt; or, The league of the magnet mine
605. Larry Murtagh's early career; or, The Counterfeiter's Compact
606. The Belfry murders San Francisco; or, The strangest crime of a century
607. Slocum, the Ferret and his California Pard; or, The trail of a Ruby necklace
608. The Gambler's Doom; or, Old Ironnerve's cleverest strategy
609. Gideon Gault's first case; or, tracking a band of Western Bandits
610. Thunderbolt Phil's brilliant exploit; or, Solving the mystery of a crime in high life
611. Keller, the man tracker; or, piping the coast smugglers
612. The terrible ten; or, The secret of the hidden bottle
613. Larry Murtagh's great Pinkerton case; or; or, tracking the murderers of Edgar Brereton
614. Old Cap Collier's Perilous chase; or, On the trail of the diamond thieves
615. Clear grit's home case; or, The Washington murder sensation
616. Plunger John, the race-track detective; or, Who killed the star Jockey?
617. Gideon Gault on hand; or, tracing the great Dragon murder mystery
618. Dave Dotson and the tragedy of the woods; or, Solving the mysterious murder of a beautiful heiress
619. Nellie Kelly's nerve; or, Japanese Joe's Chinese chase
620. Old Search's deepest mystery; or, The crime of a back alley
621. Larry Murtagh's great abduction case; or, The Glenorthy House mystery
622. The chamber of horrors; or, Old Cap Collier unearthing the great Insurance Frauds
623. Babson and Bowie, the train robber detectives; or, Tracking a gang of desperadoes
624. Gideon Gault's Great Jewelry Case; or, Three Puzzling Clews
625. Brooklyn's greatest murder mystery; or, Dave Dotson in quest of a miser's assassin
626. The "Queen of Diamonds"; or, Hunted Down in Gotham
627. Dash Dare on the Stage; or, The Murder in the Dressing Room
628. Larry Murtagh's Western quest; or, solving the mystery of the robbery of Express No. 5
629. His brother's avenger; or, Frank James on Bob Ford's track
630. The Ferret of wall street; or, Ned Baldo tracking the bank note Counterfeiters
631. Tiger Tiller's last trail; or, The plotters of Indian arrow
632. Old Search's Double Knot; or, Tracking a Great Crime
633. Gideon in Gault London; or, The seven puzzling mysteries
634. Old Cap. Collier and the "speckled hands" conspiracy; or, The Mystery of the first night of the opera
635. Dick Nobles, the 'Frisco Ferret; or, The mystery of the golden gate
636. A Quarter-Million dollar burglary; or, V-Spot and the cracksman
637. Larry Murtagh's Western mission; or, The desperadoes of the Mississippi
638. Donald Dare, the dashing detective; or, In quest of a band of mid-night assassins
639. The headless man; or, Clear Grit's great case
640. Gideon Gault on His Mettle; or, John Jurginson's Strange Case
641. The Mysterious Fernandez affair; or, detective dark unearthing a hidden tragedy
642. Little Lick, the mountain trailer; or, The bond of blood
643. Old Ironnerve's clever assistant; or, Petie Moore in Bostan
644. Larry Murtagh's missing-ear case, or, A clew to the murder of Langley, the broker
645. As the clock struck twelve; or, The startling mystery of New York's Gay Bohemia
646. The Bull fighter detective; or, Jack Sharp in old Spain
647. Calvert Cole's chase; or, The California detective at home
648. Cuba Libre; or, detective price tracking the Spanish spies
649. Old Search in Australia; or, Tracked to the Noose
650. Old Tiburon, the West Coast detective; or, piping the bandits of the Bay
651. Hoodooed Howard, the detective; or, The river pirates
652. General Gomez's young aides; or, fighting for Cuba's freedom
653. Gideon Gault's golden clew; or, Unraveling the mystery of Babbington Manor
654. Kinduke, the daring; or, A Midnight Mystery of Chicago
655. Fowler, the "Get-There" detective; or, The mystery of the pretty Mandolin Player
656. Old Cap Collier and the tragedy of Berkeley place; or, solving a Summer Night's mystery
657. The strangler of the Colonial Mansion; or, The mystery of two centuries
658. The Gold mine vultures; or, The Croesus of Cripple Creek
659. Larry Murtagh's mysterious railway case; or, Tracing the murder of a millionaire
660. Dick Darrell, the artist detective; or, The Strange mystery of the studio
661. Old Spangle, the Circus detective; or, The robbery of the ticket Wagon
662. Old search and the Black Blades; or, The real mystery of Gotham
663. Gideon Gault's master stroke; or, The mystery of pier number four
664. The Sleepless Eye; or, Jackson Sharpe's masterpiece
665. Old Cap Collier and the bicycle highwaymen; or, The mystery of the Coney Island cycle path
666. Detective Buck and his four aides; or, The Taramti;a gang of San Bruno
667. Larry Murtagh in Nebraska; or, The outlaws of Platte River
668. The Storm tragedy of Black Rock; or, The Sailor Detective's Red Sign
669. Garry's remarkable search; or, The mystery of the whispering Villa
670. The Mystery of a French flat; or, obey Grimes' strange case
671. The Crooks and Labyrinths of New York; or, Gideon Gault Trailing a Banker's Assassins
672. Lady Larry, the soft-hand detective; or, hunting the robbers of Mintler's Mine
673. The Mystery of a Wagner Car; or, Old Cap. Collier's Trail of a Man Who Disappeared
674. Tracked through fire and water; or, "Rafe" Brentwood's plucky fight
675. Larry Murtagh's double clew; or, The noted Abingdon murder mystery
676. Young Dillon's strange clew; or, The mystery of the brass coil
677. The Mystery of Old Fort Lafayette; or, Giedon Gault and the Langworthy case
678. Clear Grit's queer quest; or, detective against detective
679. The mystery of St. Paul's Churchyard; or, piping the grave vandals of New York
680. The tomb-hunters of Tavistock; or, Larry Murtagh solving the Harwell mystery
681. Old Search's ten-strike; or, Piping the mansion mystery
682. Old Tramp, the Hermit detective; or, tracking the opium smugglers of San Francisco
683. The Missing Head Mystery; or, Gideon Galt on the Andrew Moffat Case
684. Who killed convict 809? or, The house in Ambush
685. Little Prox, the Highbinder's Nemesis; or, The secret of the Joss Dragon
686. The Thugs of the Tenderloin; or, Old Cap Collier tracking a daring band of thieves
687. The Rawson twins; or, The wild capers of two Mischievous boys
688. Rody Rogan, the detective from Ireland; or, In search of the thug with the yellow club
689. The Spider's Web; or, caught in the Toils
690. The murdered bride; or, Clear Grit's clear case
691. Old Doxey's master stroke; or, A mystery of the dark side of New York
692. Gideon Gault's prize case; or, tracing the crime of Benbow house
693. Mad Marl, the north-west Ferret; or, the mysterious case at Wolf Run
694. Old Cap Cooper, the Florida Sleuth; or, The greatest detective in the Everglade State
695. Over two continents; or, Rody Rogan's search for a missing heiress
696. Old Ironnerve's government case; or, rounding up the mail robbers' league
697. The Life-Hunter; or, The Dead Boatman's Revenge
698. Old Cap Collier in the British capital; or, solving England's greatest railway mystery
699. Gideon Gault on the Carson case; or, The mysterious thumb mark
700. Jack Limes, the New York shadow; or, tracking the queen of the blackmailers
701. Old Search's desperate trail; or, Who killed Percy Manson?
702. The Black man from India; or, The curious search of a New York detective
703. Rody Rogan in western New York; or, tracing a series of mysterious murders
704. Battery Boice, the electric detective; or, rounding up the race track swindlers
705. The Lighthouse crime; or, The Lake smugglers
706. The most mysterious crime of '97; or, Old Cap Collier solving the Herald Square tragedy
707. Gideon Gault's ghastly find; or, The mysterious disappearance of Asa Tremaine
708. The legal detective; or, The mysterious "Yellow Beauty"
709. Cub Cinders, the Baltimore blood hound; or, The dark crime at lucky river
710. The Barracks murder mystery; or, Peter price piping an artful assassin
711. The headless body murder mystery; or, Old Cap Collier searching for clew
712. Rody Rogan and the Randolph curse; or, following a false clew to the end
713. Bandbox Bob, the Dandy detective; or, The flying dragon of Devil's Gulch
714. Zorta, the poisoner; or, Burt Leighton after a female fiend
715. Young Dike, the messenger Boy detective; or, On the trail of a band of wall street swindlers
716. Gideon Gault's Long Island Case; or, The mystery of John Gonzale's disappearance
717. Old Search's Victory; or, The Crime of Hell's Kitchen
718. The great Klondike Gold robbery; or, Dove Dotson tracking thieves from the Alaska Diggings
719. In the shadow of the electric chair; or, Rody Rogan on an assassin's track
720. Found dead at shaft two; or, The lost car of the Overland Train
721. Obed Grimes, the detective; or, told by the dead
722. The Albany boy-kidnapping case; or, Joe Phoenix following the trail of a band of abductors
723. Gideon Gault's test; or, Who murdered Andrew Garvey?
724. Waldo, the Wizard detective; or, A strange murder on the lakes
725. Chased across the sea; or, A Yankee detective in Spain
726. Old search's Klondike trail; or, The Man-Ape of Gotham
727. Rody Rogan's queerest case; or, tracing the Burleigh bond robbery
728. Double Nugget, the Man-Taker; or, Piping the great earthquake mystery
729. Calvert Cole, Croesus; or, The treasure of Ingot Island
730. Old Grimes, the Carnival detective; or, tracked from New York to New Orleans
731. Gideon Gault's long search; or, The strange disappearance of Marion Delamater
732. Chet, the dumb detective; or, Tracking the stolen coin collection
733. The mystery of red Dragon Inn; or, Old Cap Cillier's search for an assassin
734. The girl detective's oath; or, A legal crime
735. The crime of the old pear tree farm; or, Rody Rogan on the Worthington case
736. Dick Willows and his Missouri Pard; or, trailing the 'Frisco Leper gang
737. Placer Dan, the Yukon detective; or, The missing nuggets of gold
738. Stephan Potter, the Veteran detective; or, probing the mysterious Appleby Affair
739. Chicago's greatest crime; or, The most mysterious case on record
740. Gideon Gault pursuing a double clew; or, The Austin trunk mystery
741. Calvert Cole's clew; or, clearing up the mystery of the captain's death
742. Old search's headless mystery; or, The great Mattan Diamond case
743. The Brandywine Bridge mystery; or, Garry, the Jersey Hawkshaw, solving a Wilmington crime
744. Rody Rogan's record-breaking case; or, Who Slew Raphael Martinez?
745. The murder at police headquarters; or, The victim without a name
746. Who destroyed the Maine?; or, Old Cap Collier piping the mystery of Havana Harbor
747. Gideon Gaults great thumb record; or, The murder mystery of Pyne Grange
748. The Philadelphia mint robbery; or, Old Cap. Collier's curious clew
749. V-Spot in Toledo; or, The mystery of the severed hand
750. Bogus Dime, the North Pole detective; or, Hunting the needle fiend
751. Rody Rogan to the Front; or, Saving an Unjustly Convicted Man
752. The Dude detective; or, A "Howling Swell's" adventures in Algiers
753. Diamond Dan, the "Sparkler" detective; or, The Shrewdest robbery on record
754. Dave Dotson in Baltimore; or, tracking an unknown murderer in the Monumental City
755. Gideon Gault's red light case; or, solving the mystery of the Bronx River
756. Ten-Pin Tom, the Contra Costa detective; or, A brush with the Brigands of Temescal
757. Vasco, the Magician detective; or, The murder in the theatrical car
758. Garry, the Hawkshaw, and the Spanish Spies; or, solving the mystery of the strange disappearance of secret state papers
759. Old search's vengeance; or, The demon from Denver
760. written in blood; or, The mystery of the Oxbow Explosion
761. The crime of a night; or, The mountain men of high-head
762. File no. 1161; or, Adam Grice on the trail of a pair of poisoners
763. Rody Rogan on French territory; or, An Irish-American detective in Miquelon
764. Darley, the Greenback Detective; or, Daisy Deane, the Little Street Singer
765. That boy Bones; or, The Terror of the boarding-house
766. The Belleview hospital detective; or, The strange case Dr. Keller and James Mason
767. Bones on his travels; or, trips of the terror
768. $25,000 reward; or, Old Cap Collier capturing the robbers of the Stewart Tomb
769. Bones' further travels; or, more trips of the terror
770. The hidden body; or, What became of A. T. Stewart's remains
771. Bones out West; or, The terror on the road
772. The mystery of the severed hand; or, The great Armstead case
773. Bones across the Continent; or, The end of the terror's trips
774. The mystery solved; or, Clsoing the great Armstead case
775. Bones in business; or, looking for a job
776. Always on hand; or, detective snap and his son John
777. Bones still in business; or, hunting for that job
778. The Stolen Diamonds; or, Impersonating the Dead
779. Bones and his Job; or, found and lost again
780. Tracking the dead; or, Kit Kenway's triumph
781. Bones in Clover; or, A Bonanza at last
782. The man of mystery; or, for his brother's sake
783. Bones in luck; or, Holding on to his Bonanza
784. The Rival Detectives; or, The Boldest Game on Record
785. Bones in more luck; or, still holding on to his Bonanza
786. The Rival detectives' triumph; or, winning the boldest game on record
787. Bones' Courtship; or, looking for a wife
788. Tracked by a hair; or, The mystery of Newhallville
789. Bones in Love; or, Still Looking for a Wife
790. Clearing the mystery; or, solving the Newhallville tragedy
791. Bones Triumphant; or, wining his bride
792. Rob Rush, the young detective; or, The strange disappearance of Edith Eggleston
793. Bones' boy, Bolivar; or, even worst than his pop
794. Rob Rush's Triumph; or, The Missing Girl restored
795. Bones' Boy, Bolivar's pranks; or, A chip of the old block
796. Paul Penrod; or, The Mystery of a Lost Fortune
797. Bones' Boy, Bolivar's finish; or, getting what he deserved
798. Paul Penrod's victory; or, The lost fortune found
799. Bolivar at boarding school; or, fun at fossil hall
800. On his mettle; or, The Marbleville mystery [abridged version]
801. Bones' boy Bolivar's school pranks, or, More fun at Fossil Hall
802. The Marbleville Mystery Solved; or, Brought to Justice
803. Bone's boy Bolivar's punishment; or, expelled from fossil hall
804. Frank Bolton's chase; or, A long hunt in the dark
805. Bones' budget, first series
806. Frank Bolton's reward; or, out of darkness into light
807. Bones' budget, second series
808. Ferreted out; or, Carl Greyson's exploits in the Granite state
809. Bone's budget, third series
810. Carl Greyson's great case; or, The Granite state mystery unravelled
811. Always in the soup; or, The mishaps of a mischievous Moke
812. The Cameron Bank case; or, Mark Ellison's chance to distinguish himself
813. Twilight's troubles; or, further mishaps of a mischievous Moke
814. The Cameron Bank case solved; or, How Mark Ellison distinguished himself
815. Twilight's Triumph; or, out of the soup at last
816. The young secretary; or, The Trails and Triumphs of a New England in San Francisco
817. Hiram, the Hayseed; or, The gambols of a guideless Granger in Gotham
818. Leon Meredith's reward; or, The young Secretary's Triumph
819. Hiram in Gotham; or, Further gambols of a guideless Granger
820. Aboard the Alvaredo; or, The Smugglers of the golden gate
821. Hiram's Finish; or, Final Gambols of a Guileless Granger
822. The Cruise of the Alvaredo; or, Tracking the Smugglers to Their Lair

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