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Series - Old Cap. Collier Library

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Alternate Title: Old Cap Collier Library
Publishers: Norman L. Munro (New York: 24 & 26 Vandewater St.) -- United States of America
Norman L. Munro & Company -- United States of America
Category: Format : Nickel Weekly (B&W)

Approximate Dates of Issue: 1883-1899
Approximate Number of Issues: 822
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110. Tracked by the Dead; or, The Doctor Detective
216. Old Rafferty on His Own Hook; or, Unraveling the Port Hamilton Mystery
227. Old Rafferty's Last Case; or, The Famous Detective's Greatest Victory
262. The Spruce Street Tragedy; or, Old Spicer Handles a Double Mystery
313. Old Cap. Collier Library, v. 3, no. 313 (The "Golden Reel's" revenge; or, Tracking the terrible deeds of a secret society and 1 more item)
379. The Lawyer Detective; or, The Mystery of Three Oaks Ranch
390. The Sandy Hook detective; or, The mystery of the U. S. government target station
507. Detective Hardscrabble's Long Chase; or, Solving the Catherwood Mystery
555. Baldo, the Ferret; or, Tracking the Band of Kidnappers
564. Japanese Joe's Daring Deed; or, The Underground Passages of New York
587. Old Search and the Stranglers; or, The Thugs of Gotham
590. Back From the Dead; or, the Old Hypnotist's Crime
624. Gideon Gault's Great Jewelry Case; or, Three Puzzling Clews
626. The "Queen of Diamonds"; or, Hunted Down in Gotham
627. Dash Dare on the Stage; or, The Murder in the Dressing Room
632. Old Search's Double Knot; or, Tracking a Great Crime
640. Gideon Gault on His Mettle; or, John Jurginson's Strange Case
671. The Crooks and Labyrinths of New York; or, Gideon Gault Trailing a Banker's Assassins
683. The Missing Head Mystery; or, Gideon Galt on the Andrew Moffat Case
697. The Life-Hunter; or, The Dead Boatman's Revenge
717. Old Search's Victory; or, The Crime of Hell's Kitchen
751. Rody Rogan to the Front; or, Saving an Unjustly Convicted Man
764. Darley, the Greenback Detective; or, Daisy Deane, the Little Street Singer
789. Bones in Love; or, Still Looking for a Wife
802. The Marbleville Mystery Solved; or, Brought to Justice
821. Hiram's Finish; or, Final Gambols of a Guileless Granger
822. The Cruise of the Alvaredo; or, Tracking the Smugglers to Their Lair

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