The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - Old Broadbrim Weekly

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Publishers: Street & Smith (New York (N.Y.): 232-238 William St.) -- United States
Street & Smith (New York (N.Y.): 238 William St.) -- United States
Category: Format : Nickel Weekly (Color Cover)
Issues: 51
Dates: Oct. 4, 1902 to Sept. 19, 1903
Schedule: Weekly
Price: 5ยข
Size: 10 3/4 x 8 1/2"
Pages: 32
Illustrations: Colored pictorial cover
Publisher's Blurb:

"This new publication, the OLD BROADBRIM WEEKLY, issued each week, will contain accounts of the adventures of one of the greatest detectives in America. OLD BROADBRIM hails from Philadelphia, is a Quaker, and is feared by criminals all over the world. If you want to read splendid stories of the shrewdist and sharpest kind of detective work, and learn the insdie history of some of the greatest crimes of recent years, read the OLD BROADBRIM WEEKLY.

"These stories are among the very finest detective stories ever published. They can be purchased for five cents at any newsdealer, or from STREET & SMITH, Publishers, 232-238 William St., New York City." (From No. 1)

"The Biggest Success of the Year was made by Street and Smith's Big Detective Library, THE OLD BROADBRIM WEEKLY. It is the largest library of detective stories published as well as the best. JOSIAH BROADBRIM, the Quaker detective is a favorite all over the country. The stories are fascinating and exciting, and contain the true solutions of many of the great mysteries of crime that have never before been explained. Here are the numbers published so far:" (From No. 37)

Major Author(s): Author of "Old Broadbrim" used for many different authors
Notes / Commentary: The first 45 issues were reprinted from Old Cap. Collier Library with title and author's name changed.
Primary Data Source: LeBlanc
Data Entry Status: Done, Believed Complete


1. Old Broadbrim, the Quaker detective; or, Solving the mad-house mystery
2. Old Broadbrim fighting the clique of crime
3. Old Broadbrim in a race for life; or, A thirteen-day fight
4. Old Broadbrim's crimson knot; or, The bats of Baltimore
5. Old Broadbrim on a perilous quest; or, Running a band of assassins to earth
6. Old Broadbrim chasing the bank thieves; or, A brilliant piece of detective work
7. Old Broadbrim on a water-front trail; or, Breaking up a dangerous gang
8. Old Broadbrim on an ocean chase; or, The diamond smuggler's great invention
9. Old Broadbrim solving a railway mystery; or, The millionaire's strange death
10. Old Broadbrim finding the Millville robbers; or, The miser of Great Wallingford
11. Old Broadbrim after the gold-brick swindlers; or, The Blacklock Bunco Gang
12. Old Broadbrim among the thugs of Harlem; or, Landing a big catch
13. Old Broadbrim on a strange abduction case; or, The tramping king of Ireland
14. Old Broadbrim fighting Western desperadoes; or, Playing the counterfeit game
15. Old Broadbrim forcing their hands; or, The panel thieves of the Tenderloin
16. Old Broadbrim on a kidnapping case; or, The search for a young heiress
17. Old Broadbrim destroying the swamp angels; or, The mysterious crime of Gotham Court
18. Old Broadbrim up against grave robbers; or, The tomb hunters of Tavistock
19. Old Broadbrim seeking the man in black; or, Miser Ben's school of crime
20. Old Broadbrim untying a tangled knot; or, One of the queerest crimes on record
21. Old Broadbrim baffling a dark terror; or, The crimes of the Red Hands of India
22. Old Broadbrim revealing a double life; or, The clew of the blood-stained paper
23. Old Broadbrim keeping his vow; or, The tangled mystery of the Quaker City
24. Old Broadbrim trapping the foxes; or, The crimes of the boathouse
25. Old Broadbrim on the trail of the Iron Frog; or, Who killed Percy Manson?
26. Old Broadbrim in ticklish places; or, Hunting a banker's assassins
27. Old Broadbrim playing a dangerous game; or, The mystery of the red dragon
28. Old Broadbrim playing a master stroke; or, The mystery of pier no. 4
29. Old Broadbrim foiling a fiend; or, Game from start to finish
30. Old Broadbrim on a hot chase; or, The bicycle highwaymen of Coney Island
31. Old Broadbrim setting a smart trap; or, Marked with a double cross
32. Old Broadbrim into the heart of Australia; or, A strange bargain and its consequences
33. Old Broadbrim doomed by an invisible hand; or, The victims of the vial of death
34. Old Broadbrim in the jaws of a tigress; or, A fight against fearful odds
35. Old Broadbrim Trumping the Trick; or, The Strange Disappearance from a Sleeping Car
36. Old Broadbrim in and out of the toils; or, The pursuit of Red McMahon and his gang
37. Old Broadbrim in the eleventh hour; or, The mystery of the headless man
38. Old Broadbrim following up a golden clew; or, The extraordinary happenings at Babbington Manor
39. Old Broadbrim dealing the death cards; or, The doom of the scarlet stranglers
40. Old Broadbrim balking a deep-laid plot; or, Geraldine Joslyn's remarkable double
41. Old Broadbrim tracking the dead; or, The hidden battery of doom
42. Old Broadbrim always on hand; or, The target of an infamous band
43. Old Broadbrim in a fight for millions; or, The daring impersonation at Stonehow Grange
44. Old Broadbrim at close quarters; or, The puzzle of the blue silk cord
45. Old Broadbrim under crime's thumb; or, In the confines of the dread circle
46. Old Broadbrim leagued with Nick Carter; or, The Biggest case of their lives
47. Old Broadbrim on a clew from the dead; or, Two famous detectives on the same case
48. Old Broadbrim in a deep-sea struggle; or, A helping hand from Nick Carter
49. Old Broadbrim on the wrong case; or, Revenge after twenty years
50. Old Broadbrim in the dark; or, Throwing light on a tangled mystery
51. Old Broadbrim on the stage; or, How the Quaker foiled a female fiend

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