The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - Nugget Library

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Publisher: Street & Smith (New York (N.Y.): 31 Rose St.) -- United States
Category: Format : Nickel Weekly (B&W)
Issues: 167
Dates: Aug. 29, 1889 to Aug. 11, 1892
Schedule: Weekly (For a time in 1892 the library was issued 3 times a week)
Size: 11 1/2 x 8 1/4"
Pages: 16
Illustrations: Black and white pictorial cover. Some comic stories had a few inside illustrations.
Publisher's Blurb: None. Other than a list of titles, there were no advertising paragraphs as were common with later series.
Notes / Commentary:

With the success of the ten cent Log Cabin Library, Street and Smith launched the Nugget Library at 5¢ an issue. The stories were aimed at a younger audience, with comic stories featured in a quarter of the library's issuances. The adventures of Diamond Dick and Diamond Dick, Jr. made their appearances on a regular basis. The Diamond Dicks were to continue in Street and Smith publications until the early 1930's. Also featured were the science-fiction adventures of Tom Edison, Jr. with a variety of airships and land rovers fighting Indians in the west and pirates on the high seas.

The Nugget Library was rather short lived when compared to the Log Cabin Library, however a 5¢ companion to the Log Cabin was maintained throughout the 1890's. With the demise of the Nugget Library, a new library began immediately titled The New York Five Cent Library, which later changed its name to the Diamond Dick Library.

The Street and Smith archives at Syracuse University contain no ledger of the Nugget Library. At least none was discovered, and this is regrettable as the true authors of most of the stories will never be known. LeBlanc ascribed authorship where he felt reasonably sure of the true author. There are some mysteries: Peter Pad and Bricktop were pseudonyms used by the Frank Tousey publishing house for comic stories by George G. Small. Both these names continued to be used by Frank Tousey well into the 1910's. Since George G. Small died in 1886, the stories published in the Nugget Library could not have been his. There is no evidence that a suit was brought against Street and Smith for their use, but the pseudonyms were not used again.

Many of the shorter stories published in the New York Weekly were reprinted in the Nugget Library. Authorship has been determined from a compilation of pseudonyms and true names published in various articles in the Dime Novel Round-Up.

Primary Data Source: LeBlanc
Data Entry Status: Done, Believed Complete


1. Smart Aleck; or, A Crank's Legacy
2. Under the Gulf; or, The Strange Voyage of the Tornedo Boat
3. Bouncer Brown; or, He Was Bound to Find His Father
4. The Gayest Boy in New York; or, Adventures by Gaslight
5. Nimble Nip, the Call Boy of the Olympic Theater
6. The Floating Academy; or The Terrible Secrets of Dr. Switchchem's School-Ship
7. The Crimson Trail; or, On Custer's Last War-Path
8. Ned Hamilton; or, The Boys of Bessington School
9. Young Santee, The Bootblack Prince; or The Boy Wizard of the Bowery
10. Baseball Bob; or, The King of the Third Base
11. Boss of the Long Horn Camp; or, A Fortune in Ransom
12. Mechinet, The French Detective; or, The Little Old Man of the Batignolles
13. The Search for Captain Kidd
14. Smart Aleck's Success
15. Smart Aleck on His Travels
16. Dashing Diamond Dick; or, The Tigers of Tombstone
17. Diamond Dick's Death-Trail; or, Cyclone Sam of "Shi-an"
18. Diamond Dick's Claim; or, The Gold Bug of 'Frisco
19. Stanley's Boy Courier; or, Chased Across the Dark Continent
20. The Mystery at Rahway; or Romance and Tragedy of the Rail
21. McGinty's Gambols; or, Traveling for Fun
22. Phil and His Torpedo Boat; or A Terrible Cruise Under the Ocean
23. McGinty's Twins
24. Billy Mayne, The Sharper; or, Hunted Down
25. Smart Aleck in Boston
26. His Royal Nibs; or, A Poor Boy's Pride
27. McGinty's Boarding House
28. McGinty's Christening
29. Smart Aleck Way Down East
30. McGinty's Double
31. Harry Bluff, the Reefer; or, Love and Glory on the Sea
32. Billy Bright and How He Preferred Fun to Business
33. The Two Avengers; or, The Masked Robber of the Death Ranch
34. The Shade of Diamond Dick; or, The Ghosts of the Mine
35. Brotherhood Detective; or, Short-Stop Sam
36. Billy Bright's Barn-Stormers
37. Cast-Iron Bill; or, The Boy Bravo of the Mines
38. Tight-Rope Tim; or, The Heir in Spangles
39. Bouncer Brown, Jr.; or, A Lively Printer's Devil
40. No Slouch. A Romance of Pike's Peak
41. Bouncer Brown, Jr.'s Phonograph: and What He Did With It
42. The Ticket-Of-Leave Man
43. Diamond Dick's Double; or, The Crystal Chip of Gunnison
44. Bouncer Brown, Jr. and His Photographic Outfit
45. The Great Michel Mystery
46. Captain Hazen and His Double
47. Bouncer's Brown, Jr.'s Typewriter; or, Fun Run Mad
48. Navigator Ned; or, He Would Be A Captain
49. Wild Bill's Last Trail
50. Match; or, The Golden Wedding at Turkey Hollow
51. Diamond Dick's Deal; or, The Man-Bear of the Hornitas
52. Bouncer Brown, Jr. and His Greatest Show on Earth
53. Roving Ralph; or, A Pirate in Spite of Himself
54. Smart Aleck's Rural Rackets
55. Grip. The Wrestler
56. Match as a Fakir; or, The Pumpkinville County Fair
57. The Boy Chief; or, The Battles of the Avengers
58. Diamond Dick's Dicker; or, The Horse Fiend of Uintah
59. Hark Cringle; or, The One-Armed Buccaneer
60. Bouncer Brown, Jr. and His Summer Excursion
61. The Lone Cabin; or, The Heroine of Grand Prairie
62. Star-spangled Dick, or, The boy hero of Wyoming
63. Bouncer Brown, Jr. as a Somnambulist
64. Bold Bertie, the Wild Boy of the Woods
65. Diamond Dick's Drag-Net; or, The Killers of Kootenai
66. Donald Darke, The Baltimore Detective; or, The Mystery of No. 19
67. Diamond Dick's Doom-List; or The White Wolves of Umatilla
68. Break-Neck Ben, the Boy Pioneer; or, Frontier Life in Minnesota
69. Diamond Dick's Death-Dash; or, The Swan-Witch of Saskatchewan
70. Hugh Lee, or, The Hawks of the Sound
71. Diamond Dick's Drop-Shot; or The Bandits of the Cascades
72. Bare-Back Bill; or, the Freaks and Fortunes of a Tow-Boy
73. Diamond Dick's Dare; or, The Bravos of the Bitter Roots
74. Branded by a curse
75. Diamond Dick's Dead Heat; or, The Pirates of Pend d'Oreille
76. Not Guilty; or Barefoot Billy's Fortune
77. Diamond Dick's deuce-ace; or, The freebooters of Flathead Lake
78. The Young Seal Hunter
79. Diamond Dick's divvy; or, The rival outlaw chiefs
80. Grimey's Gall; or, A Very Lively Bell-Boy
81. Grimesy's surprise; or, How he found his father
82. Diamond Dick's Deep Dodge; or, The Mexican Mingo's Nemesis
83. Sam Ricketty, or, A well planned plot
84. Grimesy's New Game
85. Diamond Dick's Danger Line; or, The Tigers of Tuolumne
86. Old Moscow, the King of the Trappers
87. Grimesey's Pair of Kids
88. Diamond Dick's Dummy; or, The Yellers of Yuba
89. The young diamond-hunter
90. Swipes' picnic
91. Diamond Dick's Defi; or, The Demons of Death Valley
92. Swipes in Boston
93. Old Bob, the Prairie Outlaw
94. Diamond Dick's Dagger Oath; or The Highbinder's Nemesis
95. Darrell, the Daring. A Wonderous Tale of Sea and Shore
96. Swipes and the ghosts
97. Diamond Dick's Decoy Duck; or, The Mystery of Monterey
98. The Black Jockey; or, A Race Well Won
99. Terry the terror, or, The black eagle of the mountains
100. Diamond Dick's Devil-May-Care; or, The Silent Bravos of Butte
101. Lew Wetzel, The Scout
102. Tom Edison, Jr.'s Sky Scraping Trip; or, Over the Wild West Like a Flying Squirrel
103. Diamond Dick's Death Debt; or, The Spell-Worker of Sansalito
104. Telegraph Tom, the Messenger Boy Detective of Chicago
105. Gus Guileless; or, The Tribulations of a Boy in Search of Knowledge
106. Diamond Dick's dilemma; or, A long mystery ended
107. Tried for His Life; or, The Chain of Guilt
108. Telegraph Tom's Trap; or, The Messenger Boy Detective in New York
109. Diamond Dick's Discard; or, Diamond Dick, Jr.'s Dig=out
110. Tom Edison, Jr.'s Prairie-Skimmer
111. Diamond Dick in Arizona
112. Innocent Harry; or The Image of His Uncle
113. Hero in Rags; or, Sam Singleton's Search
114. Beanwhacker's Adventure; or, Uncle Hiram Seeing the Elephant in New York
115. Tom Edison, Jr.'s Sky Courser; or The Air-Pirates Nemesis
116. Corporal Clam and His Awkward Squad
117. Diamond Dick, Jr.'s Drawn Game; or, The Fair Captives of Mesas
118. Sassafras Dodger; or, The Adventures of a Hayseed
119. Tom Edison, Jr.'s Air Frigate; or, The Sky-Corsair's Doom
120. Jimmy Jingle's Jollities
121. Diamond Dick, Jr.'s Cold Deck; or, The Mountain Feud
122. Pawnee Bill's Great Fight; or, May Lillie, The Rifle Queen
123. Verdy's Bad Breaks; or, The Tribulations of a Country Boy in the City
124. Tom Edison, Jr.'s Steam Four-in-Hand; or, The Rip-Roarer of the Rockies
125. Danite Dick and His White Mountain Wolves; or, The Octagon of Arizona
126. Micky Mulligan's Mistake; or, A Lively Irish Lad in a Madhouse
127. Telegraph Tom's Winning Game; or, The Messenger Boy Detective among the Bowery Sharps
128. Tom Edison Jr's electric mule, or, The snorting wonder of the plains
129. Pawnee Bill and Jesse James; or, The Kansas Rangers
130. Diamond Dick, Jr.'s Darkest Hour; or, The Jaguars of Jalisco
131. Billy Boggs' Boom; or, A Boy's Startling Invention
132. Bandits of the West; or, The Startling Adventures of the Boys of the Borders
133. Dennis Mulcahy, janitor of the Harlem flats
134. Tom Edison Jr's electric sea spider, or, The wizard of the submarine world
135. Hans Liederkranz; or, A German Emigrant's Trials and Tribulations
136. Ace-Coppered to Win; or, Sol Slater Piping the Dead Game Sport
137. Dennis Mulcahey, Landlord of the Erin Go Bragh Hotel
138. Telegraph Tom's Tramp; or, A Young Detective's Luck
139. Waddy O'Googan's Boy; or, The Terror of Harlem
140. Danny, The Thug; or, The Tragedy of Pell Street
141. Judge Liederkranz of Liverpool Halle, Avenue A
142. Pawnee Bill at Work for Uncle Sam; or, On the Trail with Spotted Horse
143. Billy Bunce; or, The Most Mischievous Imp in Bunker-town
144. Tom Edison, Jr.'s Chilian Explorer; or, The Sea and Air Terror
145. O'Dowd's Neighbors, as Preformed by Mark Murphy and Company
146. Dick Ferret, Detective, and the Opium Fiends; or, Saved from a Terrible Fate
147. O'Googan's Boy on Top; or, Making Things Hum
148. Diamond Dick, Jr.'s Debt of Vengeance; or, Howling Times at Hot Potato
149. Done to Death; or, The Whyo Gang's Last Deal
150. Rastus Doolittle; or, The Sassiest Coon in Town, '
151. Rambling Dick, The Young Mountaineer; or, Wild Jeannette, The Maid of the Gold Hills
152. Dick Ferret's Sharp Work; or, A Beautiful Girl's Mysterious Death
153. Twelve Links; or, The Adventures of Two Chums
154. Death Shadow, the Forest King, or, The Indian Girl's Victim
155. Spotted Dick, The Giant; or, A Desperate Struggle for Life
156. A fatal tell tale, or, The race for life
157. Diamond Dick, Jr.'s Discovery; or, The Great Clean-Up at Golden City
158. Phil, The Lawer's Office Boy; or, Playing a Deep Game
159. Fred, the Factory Boy, or, The Old Blotting-Pad
160. Diamond Dick, Jr.'s Desperate Struggle; or, The Tough Tussle ar the Discovery
161. The Wickedest Man in the Mines; or, The Mystery of Gormsby Ranch
162. Plucky and Lucky; or, Always on Top
163. Deadman's Key; or, The Secret of the White Cavern
164. Bully Denny's Crime; or, The Face in the Lamp
165. Diamond Dick, Jr.'s Dandy Drama; or, Doubling Up the Dastards of Death Notch
166. Billy Staver, the Boy Fireman
167. Mel, The Good-for-Nothing; or, A Lively Lad from the Country

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