The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - Appletons' New Handy-Volume Series

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Alternate Title: Appletons' New Handy Volume Series
Publisher: D. Appleton & Co. (New York (N.Y.): 549-551 Broadway) -- United States
Category: Format : Reprint Library
Issues: 70 (highest number seen)
Dates: 1878-1881
Schedule: Not known
Price: 15¢ to 60¢
Size: 7 x 4 1/4"
Pages: 150 to 300
Illustrations: None
Physical Description:

Rust colored covers with black lettering. Series title and price at top. Story title centered. Publisher's insignia centered at bottom half of cover. Publisher's imprint at bottom. Spine contains title, author, number, series title and publisher.

Many, perhaps all, titles were also issued in cloth-bound editions.

Notes / Commentary: The first 60 titles were provided in LeBlanc's original listing. Numbers 61 and 62 come from advertising in the back of no. 66. Numbers 63-67 and 69 come from examining the collection at the Library of Congress. Number 68 comes from "books received" list in Eclectic Magazine of Foreign Literature, Science, and Art for July 1881 (in "Publishers' Miscellany" near end). Number 70 comes from "works worthy of mention" on page 448 of The Presbyterian Review, v. 3, no. 10. LeBlanc listed no. 61 as "Poverina," but the LC holdings and some Appleton advertising suggests that it is actually no. 63.
Primary Data Source: LeBlanc
Data Entry Status: Done, With Gaps


1. Jet: Her Face or Her Fortune
2. A Struggle
3. Misericordia
4. Gordon Baldwin and The Philosopher's Pendulum
5. The Fisherman of Ange
6. The Essays of Elia
7. The Bird of Passage
8. The House of the Two Barbels
9. Lights of the Old English Stage
10. Impressions of America
11. The Goldsmith's Wife
12. A Summer Idyl
13. Arab Wife, The. A Romance of the Polynesian Seas
14. Mrs. Gainsborough's Diamonds
15. Liquidated and The Seer
16. The Great German Composers
17. Antoinette
18. John a-Dreams. A Tale.
19. Mrs. Jack.
20. English Literature
21. Raymonde
22. Beaconsfield
23. The Multitudinous Seas
24. The Dissturbing Element
25. Fairy Tales: Their Origin and Meaning
26. Thomas Carlyle: His Life--his Books his Theories
27. A Thorough Bohemian
28. The Great Italian and French Composers
29. Ruskin on Painting
30. An Accomplished Gentleman
31. An Attic Philosopher in Paris; or, A Peep at the World from a Garret
32. A Rogue's Life. From His Birth to His Marriage.
33. Geier: A Tale of the Tyrol
34. The Last Essays of Elia
35. The Yellow Mask
36. A-Saddle in the Wild West. A Glimpse of Travel.
37. Money. A Tale.
38. Peg Woffington
39. My Queen
40. Uncle Cesar
41. The Distracted Young Preacher
42. Table Talk
43. Christie Johnstone
44. The World's Paradise
45. The Alpenstock
46. Comedies for Amateur Acting
47. Vivian, the Beauty
48. Great Singers. Faustina Bordoni and Henriette Sontag
49. A Stroke of Diplomacy
50. Lord Macaulay. His Life -- His Writings
51. The Return of the Princess
52. A Short Life of Charles Dickens. With Selections from his Letters
53. Stray Moments with Thackeray: His Humor, Satire, and Characters
54. Dr. Heidenhoff's Process
55. Appletons' New Handy Volume Series no. 55 (Second Thoughts)
56. Appletons' New Handy Volume Series no. 56 (Second Thoughts)
57. Two Russian Idyls
58. Strange Stories
59. Little Comedies
60. French Men of Letters
61. A Short Life of William Ewart Gladstone
62. The Foresters
63. Poverina. An Italian Story
64. Mashallah! A Flight into Egypt
65. All Alone
66. Great Singers: Second Series. Malibran to Titiens
67. Lady Clara De Vere
68. Loukis Laras: Reminiscences of a Chiote Merchant during the Greek War of Independence
69. The Great Violinists and Pianists
70. Ralph Waldo Emerson: Philosopher and Poet

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