The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - New York Library (Ogilvie)

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Publisher: J. S. Ogilvie Publishing Company (New York (N.Y.): 57 Rose Street) -- United States
Category: Format : Paperback ("Thickbook")
Issues: 50?
Dates: 1905 and earlier
Schedule: Not known
Price: 25ยข
Size: 7 x 4 3/4"
Pages: 150 to 200
Illustrations: Black and white pictorial cover on colored paper
Publisher's Blurb: "We desire to call your attention to the following list of best books ever issued. They are the largest, handsomest and best books of the kind ever published; all complete stories; romantic, realistic, up-to-date, with handsome illustration on each cover. Price 25 cents each."
Physical Description: Similar to New York 10c Library published by Kathadin Publishing Company. Series title and number at top. Illustration covers all of cover with title and author. At bottom is publisher's imprint.
Notes / Commentary: The original LeBlanc listing included nos. 1-39 plus three unnumbered titles (Adventures of a Skeleton, The Famous Burdick Case, and Saint and Sinner).
Primary Data Source: LeBlanc
Data Entry Status: Done, With Gaps


Adventures of a Skeleton
The Famous Burdick Case. Being the Story of the Sensational Buffalo Tragedy.
Saint and sinner; or, In passion's thraldom
1. The Mystery of the Montauk Mills
2. The Mountain Limited
3. Gilt-Edge Tom, Conductor; or, The Pride of the Valley Route. A Railroad Story of Today.
4. The Mossbank Murder
5. The Woman Stealer
6. King Dan, the Factory Detective
7. His Downward Path; or, Woman's Honor is Her All
8. The Overseer's Daughter
9. For the Flag. A Tale of Western Adventure
10. His Mother's Sin; or, A Nameless Son
11. The Fortunes of a Factory Girl
12. Fred Faithful, the Boy Engineer; or, From the Throttle to Fame
13. A Fool and His Money; or, The Snares of New York City, A Thrilling Story of City Life
14. Her Fatal Career; or, Bought by Shining Gold
15. A Maine Girl
16. A Daughter of Satan. A Sensational Story of the Crescent City
17. Ruled by Fate; or, The Way a Woman Loved
18. In Folly's Fetters; or, The Perils of a Secret Marriage
19. Storm Nest Light; or, Love's Shattered Idol
20. The Artist Sisters. A Story of Intrigue at the Nation's Capital
21. A Confederate Spy. A Story of the Civil War.
22. Gaspar Desmond's Passion
23. The Mystery of a Hansom Cab
24. The Rector's Secret
25. Her First Adventure: A Metaphysical Narrative
26. The Captive Bride
27. A Bachelor in Search of a Wife
28. Inspector Henderson, the Central Office Detective
29. The Double Duel
30. The World's Finger
31. The Pretty Factory Girl of Newark
32. Two Women Who Posed
33. Mr. and Mrs. Hannibal Hawkins
34. Shenandoah. A War Story
35. A Close Call
36. His Fleeting Ideal. A Romance of Baffled Hypnotism
37. The Secret of Her Life
38. The Mystery of North Fortune
39. Resurrection

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