The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series People - New York Library (Dike)

Coolidge, Erwin L.

The Fortunes of a Factory Girl. A Tale of the Manchester Mills
Fred Faithful, the Boy Engineer; or, From the Throttle to Fame
Gilt-Edge Tom, Conductor; or, The Pride of the Valley Route
A Maine Girl. A Realistic Romance of Down East. A Popular Success
The Mountain Limited. A Thrilling Tale of Railroading.
The Mystery of the Montauk Mills. The Story of a Strike.

Goode, George W.

King Dan, the Factory Detective. A Rattling Story of the Spindle City.
The Overseer's Daughter; or, Life and Love at the Loom

Livingstone, Win C.

For the Flag. A Tale of Western Adventure

Mellen, William H.

The Artist Sisters. A Story of Intrigue at the Nation's Capital
Her Fatal Career; or, Bought by Shining Gold. The Story of a Stage Favorite
His Mother's Sin; or, A Nameless Son. A Story of the New South

Mills, Harry

A Daughter of Satan. A Sensational Story of the Crescent City
His Downward Path; or, Woman's Honor is Her All
The Mossbank Murder. A Stirring Tale of a Brave Girl's Love and Devotion.
Storm Nest Light; or, Love's Shattered Idol. A Romance of the Coast
The Woman Stealer. A Startling Romance of the Early Days of California

Smythe, Warren G.

A Fool and His Money; or, The Snares of Gay New York
Ruled by Fate; or, The Way a Woman Loved

Stanley, Fenton R.

In Folly's Fetters; or, The Perils of a Secret Marriage