The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - New York Ledger

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Publisher: Bonner -- United States
Category: Format : Story Paper
Primary Data Source: LeBlanc
Data Entry Status: In Progress, Partial Listing Available

Approximate Dates of Issue: 1855-1900
Approximate Number of Issues: 2236.


Alaric; or, The Tyrant's Vault
The Bailiff's Scheme
The Bandit of Syracuse
The Baroness Blank
The Beads of Tasmer
Beryl's Husband
The Black Tiger
Blanche of Burgundy
The Breach of Custom
Breta's Double and A Memory, From the German
The Caliph of Bagdad
The Carletons
Cecil Rosse
The Chautauquans
The Conspirator of Cordova
Cousin Pons
Cris Rock
A Cruel Suspicion
Dear Elsie
The Diamond Seekers of Brasil
Edda's Birthright
The Executioner of Venice
Florabel's Lover
The Forsaken Inn
The Fortunes of Conrad
Gertrude, the Amazon
The Great Kenton Feud
The Gunmaker of Moscow
The Haunted Husband
Her Double Life
The Hungarian Girl. From the German
The Hunted Life
John Winthrop's Defeat
Josephine's Heart. From the German
Karl, the Lion
The King's Mark
Kit Carson's Last Trail
The Knight's Motto
Lady Kildare
A Leap in the Dark
Lida Campbell; or, Drama of a Life
The Little Countess
Little Heather-Blossom
Little Theresa (Mlls. Desroches)
The Lost Lady Lone
Love is Lord of All
A Love Match
Luke Hammond the Miser
A Mad Betrothal
Mart Satterlee Among the Indians
Maud Morton
The Miser's Daughter
Morris Julian's Wife
Mrs. Harold Stagg
Nearest and Dearest
The Old Life's Shadows
Ottilie Aster's Silence
The Outcast of Milan
Paoli, the Hero of Japan
Parted at the Altar
Parted by Fate
Reuben Foreman, the Blacksmith
Reunited: A Story of the Civil War
The Robber Countess
Roderick of Kildare
Rollo of Normandy
Romance of Trouville
Romo; or, The Improvistore
The Royal Outlaw
The Scourge of Damascus
The Serf Lovers of Siberia
The Shadow of the Guillotine
The Spectre's Secret
The Stone Cutter of Lisbon
Sundered Hearts
Theseus, Hero of Attica
Under a Cloud
Under Oath--An Adirondack Story
Wife and Woman. From the German
The Young Castaways
Zinn; or, Dreaming and Awakening

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