The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series People - New Fiction Library

Cook, William Wallace, 1867-1933

Adrift in the Unknown; or, Queer Adventures in a Queer Realm
At Daggers Drawn; or, A Pearl Beyond Price
Back from Bedlam; or, When Courage Failed
Billionaire Pro Tem; or, Bushels of Money
Cast Away at the Pole
The Catspaw; or, The Man of Nerve
The Cotton Bag; or, An Adventure in Time
Dare of Darling & Co.
A Deep Sea Game; or, In Spite of Fate
The Desert Argonaut
The Deserter
The Eighth Wonder; or, Working for Marvels
The Fateful Seventh
Fools for Luck
Frisbie of San Antone
The Goal of a Million; or, Fighting for a Fortune
The Gold Gleaners; or, In the Hands of Fate
A Golden Blunder
His Audacious Highness and A Golden Blunder
His Audacious Highness; or, The Flower of the Flock
His Friend the Enemy; or, A Heritage of Trouble
His Last Dollar
In the Wake of the Scimitar; or, When East is West
In the Web; or, An Artful Villain
An Innocent Outlaw; or, Rounded Up by Fate
Jim Dexter, Cattleman; or, With Lasso and Iron. A Tale of Steadfast Comradeship.
Juggling with Liberty; or, A Combination of Deception
Little Miss Vassar
Marooned in 1492; or, Under Fortune's Flag
The Mysterious Mission; or, A Struggle for the Right
The Paymaster's Special; or, The Whistle of Fate
A Quarter to Four; or, The Secret of Fortune Island
River Tangle; or, The Mystery Man
Rogers of Butte; or, A Desert Mystery
A Round Trip to the Year 2000; or, A Flight Through Time
Running the Signal; or, The Man and His Opportunity
The Sheriff of Broken Bow
The Spur of Necessity; or, By Grit and Wit
The Testing of Noyes
Thorndyke of the Bonita; or, For Life or Death
Trailing the Josephine
Wanted: A Highwayman