The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - New Bertha Clay Library

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Publisher: Street & Smith (New York (N.Y.): 79-89 Seventh Avenue) -- United States
Category: Format : Reprint Library
Issues: 458
Dates: Feb. 10, 1917 to December 1932
Schedule: 1-90: Weekly; 91-458: Bi-weekly
Price: 10¢ (later issues, 15¢)
Size: 7 x 5"
Pages: 200 to 250
Illustrations: Colored pictorial cover
Publisher's Blurb:

"The writer of the Bertha M. Clay stories knows human nature as few other writers of her class know it. Miss Clay's books are exciting, but are wonderfully clean and wholesome. They are stories that may be admitted to the family circle without the slightest hesitation. This new line will contain all the best works of this famous author and will give thousands of new readers an opportunity to become acquainted with the peculiarly fascinating work."

"Countless millions of women have enjoyed the works of this author. They are in great demand everywhere. The following list contains her best work, and is the only authorized edition."

"These stories teem with action, and what is more desirable are clean from start to finish. They are love stories but are of a type that is wholesome and totally different from the cheap, sordid fiction that is being published by unscrupulous publishers."

"There is surprising variety about Miss Clay's work. Each book in this list is sure to give satisfaction." (From S&S catalogue for 1929).

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1. In Love's Crucible
2. A Sinful Secret
3. Between Two Loves
4. A Golden Heart
5. Redeemed By Love
6. Between Two Hearts
7. Lover and Husband
8. The Broken Trust
9. For a Woman's Honor
10. A Thorn in Her Heart
11. A Nameless Sin
12. Gladys Greye
13. Her Second Love
14. The Earl's Atonement
15. The Gipsy's Daughter
16. Another Woman's Husband
17. Two Fair Women; or, Which Loved Him Best?
18. Mandolin's Lover
19. A Bitter Reckoning
20. Fair But Faithless
21. One Woman's Sin
22. A Mad Love
23. Wedded and Parted, and Fair but False (Wedded and Parted and 1 more item)
24. A Woman's Love Story
25. 'Twixt Love and Hate
26. Guelda
27. The Duke's Secret
28. The Mystery of Colde Fell; or, "Not Proven"
29. One False Step
30. A Hidden Terror
31. Repented at Leisure
32. Marjorie Dean
33. In Shallow Waters
34. Diana's Discipline; or, Sunshine and Roses
35. A Heart's Bitterness
36. Her Mother's Sin; or, A Bright Wedding Day
37. Thrown on the World
38. Lady Damer's Secret
39. A Fiery Ordeal
40. A Woman's Vengeance
41. Thorns and Orange Blossoms
42. Two Kisses, and The Fatal Lilies (Two Kisses and 1 more item)
43. A Coquette's Conquest
44. A Wife's Judgement
45. His Perfect Trust
46. Her Martyrdom
47. Golden Gates
48. Evelyn's Folly
49. Lord Lisle's Daughter
50. A Woman's Trust; or, Lady Elaine's Martyrdom
51. A Wife's Peril
52. Love in a Mask
53. For a Dream's Sake
54. A Dream of Love
55. The Hand Without A Wedding Ring
56. The Paths of Love
57. Irene's Vow
58. The Rival Heiresses
59. The Squire's Darling
60. Her First Love
61. Another Man's Wife
62. A Bitter Atonement
63. Wedded Hands
64. The Earl's Error, and Letty Leigh (The Earl's Error and 1 more item)
65. Violet Lisle
66. A Heart's Idol
67. The Actor's Ward
68. The Belle of Lynn; or, The Miller's Daughter
69. A Bitter Bondage
70. Dora Thorne
71. Claribel's Love Story; or, Love's Hidden Depths
72. A Woman's War
73. A Fatal Dower
74. A Dark Marriage Morn
75. Hilda's Lover; or, The False Vow; or, Lady Hutton's Ward
76. One Against Many; or, Lady Diana's Pride
77. For Another's Sin; or, A Struggle for Love
78. At War With Herself
79. A Haunted Life; or, Her Terrible Sin
80. Lady Castlemaine's Divorce; or, Put Asunder
81. Wife in Name Only; or, A Broken Heart
82. The Sin of a Lifetime; or, Vivien's Atonement
83. The World Between Them
84. Prince Charlie's Daughter; or, The Cost of Her Love
85. A Struggle for a Ring
86. The Shadow of a Sin
87. A Rose in Thorns
88. The Romance of a Black Veil
89. Lord Lynne's Choice
90. The Tragedy of Lime Hall
91. James Gordon's Wife
92. Set in Diamonds
93. For Life and Love
94. How Will It End?
95. Love's Warfare
96. The Burden of a Secret
97. Griselda
98. A Woman's Witchery
99. An Ideal Love
100. Lady Marchmont's Widowhood
101. The Romance of a Young Girl; or, The Heiress of Hilldrop
102. If Love Be Love
103. The Prince of a Bride
104. The Queen of the County
105. Lady Ethel's Whim
106. Weaker Than a Woman
107. A Woman's Temptation
108. On Her Wedding Morn, and Her Only Sin (On Her Wedding Morn and 1 more item)
109. A Struggle for the Right
110. Margery Daw
111. The Sins of the Father
112. A Dead Heart, and Love for a Day (A Dead Heart and 1 more item)
113. Under a Shadow
114. Dream Faces
115. Lord Elesmere's Wife
116. Blossom and Fruit
117. Lady Muriel's Secret
118. A Loving Maid
119. Hilary's Folly; or, Her Marriage Vow
120. Beauty's Marriage
121. Lady Gwendoline's Dream
122. The Story of an Error
123. The Hidden Sin
124. Society's Verdict
125. A Bride from the Sea, and Other Stories (A Bride from the Sea)
126. A Heart of Gold
127. Addie's Husband, and Arnold's Promise (Addie's Husband and 1 more item)
128. Lady Latimer's Escape, and Other Stories (Lady Latimer's Escape)
129. A Woman's Error
130. A Loveless Engagement
131. A Queen Triumphant
132. The Girl of His Heart
133. The Chains of Jealousy
134. A Heart's Worship
135. The Price of Love
136. A Misguided Love
137. A Wife's Devotion
138. When Love and Hate Conflict
139. A Captive Heart
140. A Pilgrim of Love
141. A Purchased Love
142. Lost for Love
143. The Queen of His Soul
144. Glady's Wedding Day
145. An Untold Passion
146. His Great Temptation
147. A Fateful Passion
148. The Sunshine of His Life
149. On With a New Love
150. An Evil Heart
151. Love's Redemption
152. The Love of Lady Aurelia
153. The Lost Lady of Haddon
154. Every Inch a Queen
155. A Maid's Mystery
156. A Stolen Heart
157. His Wedded Wife
158. Lady Ona's Sin
159. A Tragedy of Love and Hate; or, A Woman's Vow
160. The White Witch
161. Between Love and Ambition
162. True Love's Reward
163. The Gambler's Wife
164. An Ocean of Love
165. A Poisoned Heart
166. For Love of Her
167. Paying the Penalty
168. Her Honored Name
169. A Deceptive Lover
170. The Old Love or the New?
171. A Coquette's Victim
172. The Wooing of a Maid
173. A Bitter Courtship
174. Love's Debt
175. Her Beautiful Foe
176. A Happy Conquest
177. A Soul Ensnared
178. Beyond All Dreams
179. At Her Heart's Command
180. A Modest Passion
181. The Flower of Love
182. Love's Twilight
183. Enchained by Passion
184. When Woman Wills
185. Where Love Leads
186. A Blighted Blossom
187. Two Men and a Maid
188. When Love is Kind
189. Withered Flowers
190. The Unbroken Vow
191. The Love He Spurned
192. Her Heart's Hero
193. For Old Love's Sake
194. Fair as a Lily
195. Tender and True
196. What It Cost Her
197. Love Forevermore
198. Can This Be Love?
199. In Spite of Fate
200. Love's Coronet
201. Dearer Than Life
202. Baffled by Fate
203. The Love That Won
204. In Defiance of Fate
205. A Vixen's Love
206. Her Bitter Sorrow
207. By Love's Order
208. The Secret of Estcourt
209. Her Heart's Surrender
210. Lady Viola's Secret
211. Strong in Her Love
212. Tempted to Forget
213. With Love's Strong Bonds
214. Love, the Avenger; or, All For His Sake
215. Under Cupid's Seal
216. The Love That Blinds
217. Love's Crown Jewel
218. Wedded at Dawn
219. For Her Heart's Sake
220. Fettered For Life
221. Beyond the Shadow; or, A Heart That Suffered
222. A Heart Forlorn
223. The Bride of the Manor; or, Love's Recompense
224. For Lack of Gold
225. Sweeter Than Life
226. Loved and Lost; or, A Deadly Secret
227. The Tie That Binds
228. Answered in Jest
229. What the World Said
230. When Hot Tears Flow
231. In a Siren's Web
232. With Love at the Helm
233. The Wiles of Love
234. Sinner or Victim?
235. A Heart of Gold
236. A Shattered Romance
237. A Woman of Whims
238. Love Hath Wings
239. A Love in the Balance
240. Two True Hearts
241. A Daughter of Eve
242. Love Grown Cold
243. The Lure of the Flame
244. A Wild Rose
245. At Love's Fountain
246. An Exciting Love
247. An Ardent Wooing
248. Toward Love's Goal; or, Under Jealousy's Spell
249. The New Love or the Old?
250. One of Love's Slaves
251. Hester's Husband
252. On Love's Highway
253. He Dared to Love
254. Humbled Pride
255. Love's Caprice
256. A Cruel Revenge
257. Her Struggle With Love; or, A Golden Morn
258. Her Heart's Problem; or, Just an Angel
259. In Love's Bondage
260. A Child of Caprice
261. An Elusive Lover; or, Her Heart's Desire
262. A Captive Fairy
263. Love's Burden; or, The Soul of Honor
264. A Crown of Faith
265. Love's Harsh Mandate
266. Harvest of Sin
267. Love's Carnival
268. A Secret Sorrow
269. True to His First Love
270. Beyond Atonement; or, In Blind Love's Grip
271. Love Finds a Way
272. A Girl's Awakening
273. In Quest of Love
274. The Hero of Her Dreams
275. Only a Flirt; or, At Bitter Cost
276. The Hour of Temptation
277. Suffered in Silence
278. Love and the World; or, His Fatal Trust
279. Love's Sweet Hour; or, When Shadows Fall
280. Faithful and True; or, A Love of a Lifetime
281. Sunshine and Shadow; or, A Heart's Redemption
282. For Love of Wealth; or, A Charmed Life
283. The Love of His Youth; or, For Old Time's Sake
284. Cast Upon His Care; or, A Love That Did Not Waver
285. All Else Forgot; or, Her Heart's Own Treasure
286. When Hearts Are Young
287. Her Love and His
288. Her Secret Trust
289. While the World Scoffed
290. The Heart of His Heart
291. With Heart and Voice
292. Outside Love's Door
293. For His Love's Sake
294. And This Is Love?
295. When False Tongues Speak
296. That Plain Little Girl
297. A Daughter of Misfortune
298. The Quest of His Heart
299. Adrift On Love's Tide
300. Suffered in Vain; or, A Plaything of Fate
301. Her Heart's Delight
302. A Love Victorious
303. In Love's Hands; or, For Her Heart's Sake
304. Hearts of Oak
305. A Garland of Love
306. Among Love's Briers
307. Love Never Fails
308. The Woman in the Way
309. The Other Man's Choice
310. A Lady of quality
311. His Dearest Wish
312. On Love's Demand
313. The Song of the Siren
314. A Fugitive From Love
315. Cupid Always Win
316. One Life, One Love; or, Where His Love Led
317. Forged on Love's Anvil; or, The Man She Trusted
318. Her Only Choice; or, True to Herself
319. A Sad Awakening; or, Love's Cruel Jest
320. She Hated Him!
321. A Heart Unclaimed
322. Steadfast in Her Love
323. A Pitiful Mistake
324. Love for Love
325. What Love is Worth
326. When Scorn Greets Love
327. A Bitter Sacrifice
328. When Life's Roses Bloom
329. What It Cost Her
330. Enchanted by passion
331. Can This Be Love?
332. A Soul Ensnared
333. Where Love Leads
334. A Happy Conquest
335. When Love is Kind
336. When Woman Wills
337. At Her Heart's Command
338. In Spite of Fate
339. A Modest Passion
340. Fair as a Lily
341. Tender and True
342. Her Sad Blessing
343. For Better, For Worse
344. In the Golden City
345. Rich in His Love
346. Even This Sacrifice
347. Earlescourt's Love
348. A Tempting Offer
349. A Lucky Girl
350. Mistress of Her Fate
351. A Dream Come True
352. Fair to Look Upon
353. Mabel and May
354. His Sweetheart's Promise
355. Beyond All Dreams
356. A Blighted Blossom
357. The Unbroken Vow
358. Love's Debt
359. The Wooing of a Maid
360. An Ocean of Love
361. A Coquette's Victim
362. Paying the Penalty
363. A Poisoned Heart
364. A Deceptive Lover
365. Between Love and Ambition
366. The Love He spurred; or, The Heart of Audrey
367. A Bitter Courtship
368. Her Heart's Hero
369. Withered Flowers; or, Love's Remembrance
370. Her Honored Name
371. For Love of Her
372. True Love's Reward
373. The White Witch
374. Her Beautiful Foe
375. The Gambler's Wife
376. For Old Love's Sake
377. Love Forevermore
378. The Flower of Love
379. Love's Twilight
380. Two Men and a Maid
381. The Love of Lady Aurelia
382. The Lost Lady of Haddon
383. A Stolen Heart
384. His Wedded Wife
385. Lady Ona's Sin
386. Dearer Than Life
387. Baffled by Fate
388. The Love That Won
389. In Defiance of Fate
390. A Vixen's Love
391. Lady Viola's Secret
392. With Love's Strong Bonds
393. For Her Heart's Sake
394. Love's Redemption
395. A Maid's Mystery; or, The Call of the Heart
397. Love's Coronet; or, wrecked by life's tempest
400. Tempted to Forget
401. Under Cupid's Seal
402. The Love That Blinds
403. Fettered For Life
404. Beyond the Shadow; or, A Heart That Suffered
405. A Heart Forlorn
406. For Lack of Gold
407. Every Inch a Queen; or, A Daughter's Mission
408. Strong in Her Love
409. Sweeter Than Life
410. The Tie That Binds
411. Answered in Jest
412. What the World Said
413. Sinner or Victim?
414. A Shattered Romance
415. Love Grown Cold
416. A Wild Rose
417. At Love's Fountain
418. The New Love or the Old?
419. One of Love's Slaves
420. By Love's Order
421. Love, the Avenger; or, All For His Sake
422. Loved and Lost; or, A Deadly Secret
423. When Hot Tears Flow
424. In a Siren's Web
425. With Love at the Helm
426. The Wiles of Love
427. Two True Hearts
428. A Daughter of Eve
429. The Lure of the Flame
430. An Exciting Love
431. An Ardent Wooing
432. Toward Love's Goal; or, Under Jealousy's Spell
433. Hester's Husband
434. On Love's Highway
435. He Dared to Love
436. Humbled Pride; or, The love that was shares
437. Love's Caprice
438. A Cruel Revenge
439. Her Struggle With Love; or, A Golden Morn
440. Her Heart's Problem; or, Just an Angel
441. In Love's Bondage
442. A Child of Caprice
443. An Elusive Lover; or, Her Heart's Desire
444. A Captive Fairy
445. Love's Burden; or, The Soul of Honor
446. In Quest of Love
447. The Hero of Her Dreams
448. Only a Flirt; or, At Bitter Cost
449. The Hour of Temptation
450. Suffered in Silence
451. Love and the World; or, His Fatal Trust
452. Love's Sweet Hour; or, When Shadows Fall
453. Faithful and True; or, A Love of a Lifetime
454. Sunshine and Shadow; or, A Heart's Redemption
455. For Love of Wealth; or, A Charmed Life
456. The Love of His Youth; or, For Old Time's Sake
457. Cast Upon His Care; or, A Love That Did Not Waver
458. All Else Forgot; or, Her Heart's Own Treasure

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