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Series - New and Old Friends

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Alternate Title: New and Old Friends, an Illustrated Edition of Popular Novels by Popular Authors
Publisher: Beadle and Adams (1872-1898) -- United States of America
Category: Format : Nickel Weekly (B&W)

Approximate Dates of Issue: 1873
Approximate Number of Issues: 15
This listing is a work in progress.


1. New and old friends no. 1 (Seth Jones; or, The Captives of the Frontier and 1 more item)
2. Bill Biddon, Trapper; or, Life in the Northwest
3. Malaeska; or, The Indian Wife of the White Hunter
4. Nat Todd; or, The Fate of the Sioux Captive. A Sequel to "Bill Biddon, Trapper."
5. Lighthouse Lige; or, Osceola, the Firebrand of the Everglades. A Tale of the Haunted Lake
6. Alice Wilde, the Raftsman's Daughter
7. The Frontier Angel. A Romance of Kentucky Rangers' Life
8. The Backwoods' Bride. A Romance of Squatter Life
9. The Trail Hunters; or, Monowano, the Shawnee Spy
10. The Forest Spy. A Tale of the War of 1812
11. Irona, or, Life on the south-west border
12. The Golden Belt; or, The Carib's Pledge
13. The Privateer's Cruise; or, The Bride of Pomfret Hall
14. The Slave Sculptor; or, The Prophetess of the Secret Chambers. A Tale of Mexico at the Period of the Conquest
15. The Riflemen of the Miami

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