The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - American Tales (1st Series)

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Publishers: American News Company (New York (N.Y.): 121 Nassau St.) -- United States
Sinclair Tousey (New York (N.Y.): No. 121 Nassau Street) -- United States
Category: Format : Larger Booklet
Issues: 44
Dates: Nov. 12, 1863 to April 30, 1867
Schedule: Monthly
Columns: 2
Price: 10¢ (nos. 1-4), 15¢ (nos. 5-44)
Size: 6" x 9"
Pages: 62 (no. 1), 40-48 (nos. 2-44)
Illustrations: Black pictorial cover on yellow-orange wrappers (no. 1); black pictorial cover with one or more colors (red, gray, blue, or green) on deep orange wrappers (nos. 2-44)
Major Author(s): Edward Willett, James L. Bowen, Lieut. Col. Hazeltine, Roger Starbuck, J. Thomas Warren
Notes / Commentary:

Sinclair Tousey and the American News Co. are given as the "publisher's agent" in the imprint. With no. 45, Beadle & Co. are given as the publisher and both a new and old series numbering are used (see American Tales (2nd Series)). It is likely that Tousey was acting for Beadle & Co. from the start, given that he sent acknowledgments of titles deposited for copyright to Beadle & Co. as early as 1867, antedating the change of imprint to Beadle & Co.

First color covers done by Beadle, but not of the type later called "chromo" or "illuminated" covers.

"The announced dates and the dates of actual appearance of the novels, as shown by newspaper advertisements ('Out today'), differ in some cases by as much as two weeks. In the following list the newspaper dates are given the preference." --Johannsen, A. House of Beadle and Adams and its dime and nickel novels

Primary Data Source: Johannsen
Data Entry Status: Done, Believed Complete


1. On the Plains; or, The Race for Life. A Story of Adventure among the Black Hills
2. The Border Spy; or, The Beautiful Captive of the Rebel Camp. A Story of the War
3. The Hermit of the Colorado Hills. A Story of the Texan Pampas
4. Free Trappers' Pass; or, The Gold-Seeker's Daughter
5. Bob Brandt, Patriot and Spy. A Tale of the War in the West
6. The Guerrillas of the Osage; or, The Price of Loyalty on the Border
7. Old Bill Woodworth, the Scout of the Cumberland
8. The Oronoco Chief; or, The Fortunes of a Diamond Locket. A Story of Adventure in South America
9. The Prisoner of the Mill; or, Captain Hayward's "Body-Guard"
10. The Secret Shot; or, The Rivals of Misty Mount
11. The Vicksburg Spy; or, Found and Lost. A Story of the Siege and Fall of the Great Rebel Stronghold
12. California Joe; or, The Angel of the Wilderness. A Story of the War in Virginia
13. Crazy Dan; or, Fight Fire With Fire. A Tale of East Tennessee
14. The Traitor's Doom; or, The Heiress of Belle Vista. A Tale of the Great Rebellion in the Crescent City
15. The Freebooters; or, The Rivals of the Gulf. A Story of Land and Ocean
16. Old Hal Williams, the Spy of Atlanta. A Tale of Sherman's Georgia Campaign
17. Kate Sharp; or, The Two Conscripts. A Tale of Chattanooga
18. The Frontier Scout; or, The Young Ranger's Life Mystery
19. Sergeant Slasher; or, The Border Feud. A Romance of the Tennessee Mountains
20. Scouting Dave; or, The Winnebago Renegade. A Story of the Black Hawk War
21. The Loyal Specter; or, The True Hearts of Atlanta
22. The Cave Secret; or, The Mysteries of Night Island. A Story of Northern New York in 1806
23. Bella Burt, the Bushwhacker's Daughter
24. The Wood-Demon. A Legend of the Susquehanna
25. True Blue; or, The Writing in Cipher. A Tale of the Old North State. July 25, 1865
26. The Yankee Scout; or, Haps and Mishaps of the Border
27. The Old Flag; or, Home at Last
28. Old Peggy Boggs; or, The Old Dominion Inside Out. A Tale of the Great Rebellion
29. The Cotton Thief. A Tale of the Red River Country
30. Old Guess Markham; or, The Cavalry Scout. A Tale of the Siege of Richmond
31. Old Rube, the Hunter; or, The Crow Captive. A Tale of the Great Plains
32. The Scout's Vow. A Story of Early Ohio
33. Old Ben Manx; or, The Secret Dispatches. A Tale of South Carolina
34. The Regulators; or, Life in Arkansas before the War
35. Tom Wiley. the North-West Scout. A Romance of Upper Minnesota
36. Stung Serpent, the Last Chief of the Natchez. A Tale of Louisiana in the Olden Time
37. Border Ben; or, The Fatal Treasure. A Story of the Niagara Frontier
38. Julia Bartram; or, The Swamp Scout. A Tale of Marion's Men
39. One-Eyed Sim; or, The Abandoned Forest Home. A Story of the Pawnee War
40. Scuttled; or, Bessie, the Slaver's Daughter. A Story of a Cruise off the African Coast
41. The Silver Bullet; or, The Backwoods Somnambulist
42. Mike, the Guide; or, Lost upon the Plains. A Story of Life in Texas
43. The Black Steed of the Prairies; or, Days of Peril. A Thrilling Story of Texan Adventure
44. The Cutter's Cruise; or, The Mate's Strategy. A Tale of the Sea and Shore

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