The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - Munro's Ten Cent Novels

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Publisher: George Munro -- United States
Category: Format : Small Booklet
Primary Data Source: LeBlanc
Data Entry Status: In Progress, Complete Listing Available

Approximate Dates of Issue: 1863-1877
Approximate Number of Issues: 354.


1. The Hunters; or, Life on the Mountain and Prairie
2. The Trappers' Retreat
3. The Patriot Highwayman. A Tale of the Revolution
4. The Hunted Unionist; or, The Fortunes of a Fugitve. A Record of the Late Occurences in Georgia
5. The Track of Fire; or, A Cruise with the Pirate Semmes. A Chronicle of Startling Adventures on the Ocean
6. The Man-Eaters; or, The Cannibal Queen. A Story of the South Pacific
7. Charlotte Temple; A Tale of Truth
8. The Death Face; or The Enchantress of the Wilderness. An Episode of the Recent Indian Troubles in the West
9. The Indian Slayer; or, The White Panther of the Androscoggin
10. The Turtle Catcher; or, The Tiger of the Ocean!
11. The Hunter's Triumph; or The Warriors of the Swamp
12. The Ocean Rovers; or, The Freebooters of the Isles. A Thrilling Romance of the Land and Sea
13. The Tory Outwitted; or, Dashing Harry, the Citizen-Hero of '76. A Story of New York during the Revolution
14. Zeke Sternum, the Lion-Hearted Scout. A Story of the Revolution
15. The Scourge of the Seas; or, The Outlaw's Bride
16. The Captive Maiden; or, The Perils of Beauty
17. Long-Legged Joe; or, The Demon of the Woods
18. The Wild Scout of the Mountains; or, The Defenders of the Trapper's Home
19. The Forest Lodge. A Romance of Indian Life
20. The Rollicking Rangers; or, Hunters' Life among the Mountains
21. Rattlesnake Dick; or, The Flower of the Wigwam
22. Ricketty Tom, the Rover; or, The Painted Savages of the Islands
23. Imps O' the Prairie; or, The Slasher of the Cave
24. The Robber's Terror; or, Gold and Beauty
25. Joe, the 'Sarpint'
26. Lightfoot, the Scout; or, Tracks on the Warpath
27. The Giant Spy of Bunker Hill
28. Scar-Cheek, the Wild Half-Breed; or, A Chase after the Savages of the Frontier
29. Squint-Eyed Bob, the Bully of the Woods; or, Paddy's Experience among the Red Skins
30. Snaky Snodgrass; or, The Stolen Bride
31. Rolling Thunder; or, The Rival War Chiefs
32. Heavy Hatchet, the Bold Scout. A Tale of Wild Indian Adventures
33. Sly Sam, the Quaker Spy; or, The Foundling of the Prairie
34. The Three Daring Trappers; or, Adventures among the Indians and Beavers
35. The Fatal Marksman; or, The Terror of the Red-Skins. A Tale of Wild Adventure on the "Big Red"
36. Eagle-Eyed Zeke, the Long-Armed Trapper
37. Big Rifle Nick. A Thrilling Tale of the Backwoods
38. The Bold Scalp-Hunter; or, The Mysterious Being of the Cave
39. The Tory Spy; or, The Britisher 'Done-Brown'
40. Prairie Jake; or, Wild Life among the Backwoods
41. Wealth and Beauty; or, The Temptations of City Life
42. The Rover of the Forest; or, The Warrior's Last War-Whoop. A Story of Indian Warfare
43. The Giant of the Woods
44. The Crazy Trapper; or, The Prophet of the Senecas
45. The Lion-Hearted Hunter; or, The Captives of the Wyandottes. A Tale of the Mahoning
46. Old Jim of the Woods; or, The Maid of the Timpangos
47. Mad Mike; or, The Death Shot
48. The White-Headed Hunter
49. Big-Hearted Joe. An Indian Tale
50. The Scout of Long Island; or, Ab. Scander, the Trapper
51. Silverheels, the Delaware; or, The Spy of the Wabash
52. Black Bill, the Trapper; or, Hunting Gold and Indians
53. The Red Men of the Woods; or, Long Bob, the Sharp Shooting Hunter
54. Grim Dick, the One-Eyed Robber. A Tale of Hunters, Indians and Banditti
55. The Indian Queen's Revenge. A tale of the Mohawk Valley in Revolutionary Times
56. The Old Scout of the Cave; or, The Heroes of the Log Fort
57. Big Snake, the Huron; or, Great Medicine of the 'Holy Lake'. A Tale of the Frontier
58. Mexican Joe, the Snake Charmer
59. Steady Hand, the Sharp-Shooting Hunter
60. Gipsy Jack; or, The Gentleman Robber of King's Bridge
61. The Scarlet Warrior; or, The Flower of St. Mary's
62. The Scout of Tippecanoe
63. The Robber Chief. A Tale of the Black Forest
64. Liese: The Bride of Wolf Glen
65. Buffalo Jack; or, Out on the Plains
66. The Scout of Rio Grande. A Tale of the Mexican War
67. The Daring Backwoodsman. A Tale of the Kennebec
68. Clumsy Foot Big Knife; or, Hunters and Redskins
69. The Stranger's Grave. A Tale of the Seventeenth Century. Founded on Fact
70. Mad Nancy: The Fenian Fortune-Teller. A Tale of the Irish Republic
71. Long Rifle, Hunter; or, Adventures on the Frontier
72. The Wooden-Legged Spy; or, Cowboys and Skinners
73. Long Legs, the Squatter; or, The Baffled Fortune Seeker
74. The Black Prophet; or, The Spirit of the Sioux Chief. A Tale of Forest Life
75. Old Norte, the Hunter; or, Adventures in Texas
76. Tiger Eye : A Story of Wild Adventures in the Backwoods
80. The Scout of the St. Lawrence; or, The Voice of the Bush
82. Bloody Brook; or, The Bride of Plymouth Rock
84. Long Bob of Kentucky
87. Hank Jasper, the Spy of the Delaware : A Story of the Revolution
88. "Old Kit," the Scout : A Tale of the Swamps
90. Spider-Legs; or, The Maiden of the Wild Wood
92. Marksman, the Hunter; or, The Mysterious Scout
95. The Bloody Footprint; or, The Adventures of a New York Newsboy
98. Panther Jack : A Story of Wild Life in the Woods
99. Snake-Eye; or, The Bandit of the Mill : A Story of the Mohawk Valley
100. Old Nick of the Swamp
102. Old Zeke; or, The Wild Hunter of the Rocky Mountains
104. Sharp-Snout; or, The Mysteries of the Trapper's Cave
105. Tuscaloosa Sam; or, Life in the Wilds
106. Slim Jim; or, The Indian Maid's Last Arrow
107. Red Rattlesnake, the Pawnee; or, Life on the Border
108. Black Samson : A Narrative of Old Kentucky
109. Ugly-Ike. A Tale of Wild Adventures in the Backwoods
110. Squatty Dick; or, The Short-Legged Hunter
111. Hardskull, the Avenger
112. Turkey Foot; or, The Chief's Revenge
113. Hawk-Eye, the Hunter. A Story of Western Life
114. The Madman of the Oconto; or, The Queen of the Cave
115. Dave Bunker; or, The Outlaws of the Frontier
116. The Blazing Arrow
117. Hickory Jack; or, The Wild Man of the Woods
118. The Twin Trappers; or, Love in Distress
119. Hiding Tom; or, The Fox of the Prairie
126. The Red Star of the Seminoles : A Tale of Wild Life on the Border
127. Bullet Head; or, The Indian Trailer
129. The Scout of the Sciota : A Story of Border Life
137. The Hunter's Secret; or, Gamblers Among the Redskins : A Story of Idaho
141. Roving Dick, Hunter
144. The Indian Spirit; or, The Perils of the Border : A Story of Indian Warfare
146. Hunters and Redskins
148. The Painted Paleface; or, The Scourge of the River
149. Billy Bowlegs, the Half-Breed Seminole Chief
153. Fire-Cloud; or, The Mysterious Cave
155. The Hunter Scouts; or, The Bride of the Valley
156. The Silent Trapper; or, Lank Josh, Backwoodsman. A Tale of the Wilds of Arizona
157. The Shadow Scout; or, Screaming Moses of the Fishkill Mountains
158. Lantern-Jawed Bob
159. The Shawnee Witch : A Romance of the Western Border
160. Trapper Joe; or, The Outlaw of Lake Huron : A Story of the Northern Lakes
161. The Mountain Demon : An Indian Tale of Thrilling Interest
164. Brimstone Jake; or, The Robbers of Deadwood Valley
165. The Demon Cruiser; or, The Island of Fire
166. The Trapper's Bride; or, Love and War : A Tale of the Texan Revolution
167. Wapawkaneta; or, The Rangers of the Oneida
182. The Adventures of an Arkansas Traveler
214. Osceola; or, the King of the Seminoles: a romance of the Seminole War
218. Gairook, the Montauk Chief
232. Mad Anthony's Captain
232. The Miami Chief; or, The Hand of Fire
234. The Boy Scouts; or, The Hunt of the Pottawattomies
236. The Irish Hunter; or, Pat O'Dogherty's Adventures Among the Redskins
237. The Masked Hunter
239. The Ranger Boy's Career; or, Cougar Bill of Texas
240. Shadow Bill, the Scout; or, Ups and Downs among the Redskins
241. The Brave Boy Hunters of Kentucky
242. The Forest Avenger
242. The Woman Trapper; or, Arkansas Sal
243. Wild Tom of Wyoming
244. A New York Boy Among the Indians
254. Big Brave, Scout of the Mohawk : A Story of the French-Indian War
285. The Tuscarora's Vow : or, Along the Mohawk : A Tale of 1777
289. Gunpowder Jim; or, The Mystery of Demon Hollow
291. Old Jack's Frontier Cabin
301. Slashaway, the Fearless; or, The Hermit of Spectre Isle
307. The Fearless Ranger; or, Life on the Plains : A Story of the Far West
313. The Madman of the Colorado : A Thrilling Legend of the Southwest
315. The Death Rangers : A Tale of the Tankawanna Valley in 1730
339. The Haunted Trapper; or, Lulu the Beautiful : A Thrilling Tale of the Northwest
342. Pine-Tree Jack; or, Buried in the Sierras
343. The Panther Demon; or, The Scourge of the Iroquois

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