The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - Motor Stories

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Publisher: Street & Smith (New York (N.Y.): 79-89 Seventh Avenue) -- United States
Category: Format : Nickel Weekly (Color Cover)
Issues: 32
Dates: Feb. 27, 1909 to Oct. 2, 1909
Schedule: Weekly
Price: 5ยข
Size: 11 x 8"
Pages: 32
Illustrations: Colored pictorial cover
Publisher's Blurb:

"Especially important!! MOTOR STORIES. A new idea in the way of five-cent weeklies. Boys everywhere will be delighted to hear that Street & Smith are now issuing this new five-cent weekly which will be known by the name of MOTOR STORIES.

This weekly is entirely different from anything now being published. It details the astonishing adventures of a young mechanic who owned a motor cycle. Is there a boy who has not longed to possess one of these swift little machines that scud about the roads everywhere throughout the United States? Is there a boy, therefore, who will not be intensely interested in the adventures of 'Motor Matt,' as he is familiarly called by his comrades?

Boys, you have never read anything half so exciting, half so humorous and entertaining as the first story listed for publication in this line, called 'Motor Matt; or, The King of the Wheel.' Its fame is bound to spread like wildfire, causing the biggest demand for the other numbers of this line, that was ever heard of in the history of this class of literature. 32 large size pages, splendid colored covers, Price five cents per copy." (From No. 1)

"A great success!! MOTOR STORIES. Every boy who reads one of the splendid adventures of Motor Matt, which are making their appearance in this weekly, is at once surprised and delighted. Surprised at the generous quantity of reading matter that we are giving for five cents; delighted with the fascinating interest of the stories, second only to those published in the Tip Top Weekly. Matt has positive mechanical genius, and while his adventures are unusual, they are, however, drawn so true to life that the reader can clearly see how it is possible for the ordinary boy to experience them." (From No. 30)

Major Author(s): William Wallace Cook writing as Stanley R. Matthews
Notes / Commentary:

The reprintings in the New Medal Library, the Alger Series and the Adventure Library were under the pseudonym Donald Grayson, a Street & Smith house name. These ten books were also reprinted in cloth by David McKay as the Motor Power Series. Motor Matt's name was changed to Bob Steele in all these reprintings.

There were two stories scheduled for Motor Stories which did not appear there but were used in Brave and Bold, together with the reprintings of certain issues as indicated in the listing.

Primary Data Source: LeBlanc
Data Entry Status: In Progress, Partial Listing Available


1. Motor Stories no. 1 (Motor Matt; or, The King of the Wheel and 2 more items)
2. Motor Stories no. 2 (Motor Matt's Daring; or, True to His Friends and 1 more item)
3. Motor Stories no. 3 (Motor Matt's Century Run; or, The Governor's Courier and 1 more item)
4. Motor Stories no. 4 (Motor Matt's Race; or, The Last Flight of the Comet and 3 more items)
5. Motor Stories no. 5 (Motor Matt's Mystery; or, Foiling a Secret Plot and 6 more items)
6. Motor Stories no. 6 (Motor Matt's Red Flier; or, On the High Gear and 5 more items)
7. Motor Stories no. 7 (Motor Matt's Clue; or, The Phantom Auto and 2 more items)
8. Motor Stories no. 8 (Motor Matt's Triumph; or, Three Speeds Forward and 2 more items)
9. Motor Stories no. 9 (Motor Matt's Air Ship; or, The Rival Inventors and 1 more item)
10. Motor Stories no. 10 (Motor Matt's Hard Luck; or, The Balloon House Plot and 2 more items)
11. Motor Stories no. 11 (Motor Matt's Daring Rescue; or, The Strange Case of Helen Brady and 2 more items)
12. Motor Stories no. 12 (Motor Matt's Peril; or, Cast Away in the Bahamas and 4 more items)
13. Motor Stories no. 13 (Motor Matt's Queer Find; or, The Secret of the Iron Chest and 1 more item)
14. Motor Stories no. 14 (Motor Matt's Promise; or, The Wreck of the Hawk and 1 more item)
15. Motor Stories no. 15 (Motor Matt's Submarine; or, The Strange Cruise of the Grampus and 1 more item)
16. Motor Stories no. 16 (Motor Matt's Quest; or, Three Chums in Strange Waters and 2 more items)
17. Motor Stories no. 17 (Motor Matt's Close Call; or, The Snare of Don Carlos and 1 more item)
18. Motor Stories no. 18 (Motor Matt in Brazil; or, Under the Amazon and 1 more item)
19. Motor Stories no. 19 (Motor Matt's Defiance; or, Around the Horn and 1 more item)
20. Motor Stories no. 20 (Motor Matt Makes Good; or, Another Victory for the Motor Boys and 1 more item)
21. Motor Stories no. 21 (Motor Matt's Launch; or, A Friend in Need and 1 more item)
22. Motor Stories no. 22 (Motor Matt's Enemies; or, A Struggle for the Right and 1 more item)
23. Motor Stories no. 23 (Motor Matt's Prize; or, The Pluck That Wins and 1 more item)
24. Motor Stories no. 24 (Motor Matt on the Wing; or, Flying for Fame and Fortune and 1 more item)
25. Motor Stories no. 25 (Motor Matt's Reverse; or, Caught in a Losing Cause and 1 more item)
26. Motor Stories no. 26 (Motor Matt's Make-and-Break; or, Advancing the Spark of Friendship and 1 more item)
27. Motor Stories no. 27 (Motor Matt's Engagement; or, On the Road with a Show and 3 more items)
28. Motor Stories no. 28 (Motor Matt's Short Circuit; or, The Mahout's Vow and 2 more items)
29. Motor Stories no. 29 (Motor Matt's Make Up; or, Playing a New Role and 3 more items)
30. Motor Stories no. 30 (Motor Matt's Mandarin; or, Turning a Trick for Tsan Ti and 1 more item)
31. Motor Stories no. 31 (Motor Matt's Mariner; or, Filling the Bill for Bunce and 2 more items)
32. Motor Stories no. 32 (Motor Matt's Double Trouble; or, The Last of the Hoodoo and 2 more items)
33. Motor Stories no. 33 (Motor Matt's Mission; or, The Taxicab Tangle)

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