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Alternate Title: Might and Main Weekly
Publisher: Street & Smith (New York (N.Y.): 165 West Fifteenth St.) (Winner Library Co. imprint) -- United States
Category: Format : Nickel Weekly (Color Cover)
Issues: 80 published (2 more titles announced but unpublished)
Dates: February 24, 1906 to August 31, 1907 (the unpublished #81 was scheduled for September 7, 1907)
Schedule: Weekly
Price: 5ยข
Size: 11 x 8"
Pages: 32
Motto: Stories of Boys Who Succeed
Illustrations: Colored pictorial cover
Publisher's Blurb: "A large number of boys have become tired of the 'sameness' about most five cent libraries. MIGHT AND MAIN is published especially for boys who want a big five cents' worth and still want to be interested. The stories in this line are at least one third longer than in any other library and deal with the adventures of boys who reached the top of the ladder by their own efforts. A different story is published every week, dealing with the adventures of a different set of characters. We will publish one or more paragraphs each week of boys who were successful in real life with articles telling just how they won out. Price 5c per copy."
Major Author(s): "One of the Boys" used as a pseudonym. Actual author names are also noted in the database when known.
Notes / Commentary:

The stories in Might and Main are reprinted from other sources, mainly Golden Hours and Golden Library.

Name of the series was changed to Might and Main Weekly between numbers 68 and 74. "Stories of Boys Who Succeed" was used as the slogan for all issues.

Primary Data Source: LeBlanc
Data Entry Status: Done, Believed Complete


1. Determined to Win; or, Rob Ranger's Mining Adventure
2. Flatboat Frank; or, The Young Cargo Contractor of the Mississippi
3. Turning the Tables; or, From Office Boy to Millionaire
4. Shifting for Himself; or, The Wonderful Luck of a Street Arab
5. Out of Sight; or, The Boy with a Heart of Gold
6. By Sheer Pluck; or, Hal Vinton's Battle for Dollars
7. Bound to Succeed; or, The Boy Who Owned a Circus
8. Working His Way; or, The Great Ajax Photograph Company
9. His Level Best; or, The Young Paymaster's Luck
10. Never Caught Napping; or, Burt Parton's Blind Luck
11. The Road to Success; or, A Great Corner in Wall Street
12. Forging the Front; or, The Young Mill Wonder
13. Never Say Die; or, The Adventures of a Boy Juggler
14. Bound to Win; or, Jack O'Lantern, the Ferry Boy
15. Make or Break; or The Young Prince of Wall Street Brokers
16. Capital, One Cent; or, Adrift in the World
17. Plucky Nat, the Young Prospector; or, In Search of the Last Strike Mine
18. Fighting to Win; or, Plucky Nat's Bid for Fortune
19. Pure as Steel; or, Plucky Nat Against the Mine Moguls
20. Millions of Money; or, How Plucky Nat Won Out
21. In Search of Gold; or, Bob Badger's Luck in Mexico
22. Clear Grit; or, Bob Badger's Yaqui Chum
23. A Million at Stake; or, Bob Badger's Great Nugget
24. True to His Colors; or, Bob Badger's Success
25. Honor Bright; or, The Young Surveyor of Green River
26. Just His Luck; or, Making His Way to the Top
27. Loyal to the Core; or, The Rise of a Young Iron Worker
28. Upward and Onward; or, Clif Howard's Big Contract
29. Dart Keenan's Nine; or, Battling for a Million Dollar Stake
30. Wheel and Whistle; or, The Young Pilot of Lake Linden
31. Bob Nelson's Telegraph Line; or, Enterprise and Its Reward
32. Dare and Wynne, the Boy Builders; or, The Young Contractors' Success
33. A Rise in the World; or, The Trials and Triumphs of a New England Lad
34. Clear the Way; or, The Boys of Bear Hollow
35. Reaching Out; or, Struggles of a Young Comedian
36. Push and Pluck; or, The Copper King's Mascot
37. Give That Boy a Chance; or, The Lariat Prince of Liberty Ranch
38. Sent Adrift; or, Around the World on Eighty Cents
39. Dan Sharp's Big "Scoop"; or, Beating the New York Reporters
40. From Switch to Lever; or, The Young Engineer of the Montana Express
41. Little Snap, the Postboy; or, Working for Uncle Sam
42. Frank Marvin's Search; or, The Brookville Boy's Club
43. His One Ambition; or, The Mishaps of a Boy Reporter
44. All Aboard; or, The Rival Boat Clubs
45. The Mud River Boys; or, The Fight for Penlow's Mill
46. Thrown on the World; or, A Young Clerk's Adventures
47. Never Give Up; or, Harry Holton's Resolve
48. Striking Out for Himself; or, The Mystery of Giant Forest
49. A Business Boy; or, Hal Hartley's Race for Fortune
50. The Copper Coterie; or, From Rocks to Riches
51. Pluck Beats Luck; or, Tom Talbot's Trials and Triumphs
52. A Team of Thoroughbreds; or, The Mystery of a Fortune
53. Little Hickory; or, Ragged Rob's Young Republic
54. The Young Klondikers; or, Jud Kent's Golden Stake
55. The Boy Magician; or Playing to Win His Way
56. Winning His Rights; or, The Fortunes of Vernon Craig
57. Bright and Early; or, The Boy Who Got There
58. Clyde Crawford, Champion; or, How the Worst Boy in Town Won Out
59. Under Full Steam; or, The Tugboat Route to Success
60. The Roustabout Boys; or, A Trip to Maine
61. Bringing Back the Gold; or, Adventures under African Skies
62. A Game for Millions; or, The Luck of a Young Reporter
63. His First Thousand; or, The Boys of the Honor Bright
64. Phil Farley, Rainbow Chaser; or, The Fortunes of a Black Sheep
65. A Bee-Line for Fortune; or The Luck of Two Young Gold Hunters
66. Crossed Wires; or, The Boy Electrician
67. From Home to Honor; or, A Brave Boy's Battles
68. The Lost Million; or, Boys of the Pony Express
69. Hal Larkin's Luck; or, The Fortunes of a Plucky Athlete
70. The Valley of Diamonds; or, The Last Descendant of Sinbad, the Sailor
71. Twenty Fathoms Deep; or, The Boy Treasure Hunters
72. Ned Brandson's Legacy; or, The Hills of Gold
73. Manton, Monte-Cristo; or, The Hidden Treasure of Montezuma
74. A Barrel of Money; or, The Boy Boomers of Cherokee Strip
75. Spot Cash; or, A King at Sixteen
76. Lucky Thirteen; or, The Telegraph Messenger's Mascot
77. Through Flame to Flame; or, The Adventures of a Brave Fire Laddie
78. Boats, Bats and Bicycles; or, Nimble Jerry's Pluck
79. Getting to the Top; or Zig-Zag, the Boy Conjurer
80. Fighting for a Name; or, The Mystery of a Photograph
81. Hank, the Hustler; or, A Brave Boy's Battle for Bread
82. Up to Date; or, Push and Pluck Rewarded

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