The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - Merriwell Series

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Publisher: Street & Smith (New York (N.Y.)) -- United States
Category: Format : Paperback ("Thickbook")
Primary Data Source: LeBlanc
Data Entry Status: In Progress, Complete Listing Available

Approximate Dates of Issue: 1921-1930
Approximate Number of Issues: 245.


1. Frank Merriwell's Schooldays, A Tale of School Life at Fardale Military Academy
2. Frank Merriwell's Chums; or, Tried and True
3. Frank Merriwell's Foes; or, An Uphill Fight
4. Frank Merriwell's Trip West; or, Fun and Frolic on the Prairies
5. Frank Merriwell Down South; or, Amid Perils and Pleasures
6. Frank Merriwell's Bravery; or, True to His Chums
7. Frank Merriwell's Hunting Tour; or, Wild Game in Wild Places
8. Frank Merriwell in Europe; or, Working His Way Upward
9. Frank Merriwell at Yale; or, Playing a Square Game
10. Frank Merriwell's Sports Afield; or, The Record Breaker at Work
11. Frank Merriwell's Races; or, Won by Pluck
12. Frank Merriwell's Party; or, Fun and Frolic
13. Frank Merriwell's Bicycle Tour; or, Westward on Wheels
14. Frank Merriwell's Courage; or, For His Chum's Sake
15. Frank Merriwell's Daring; or, The Boy Who Was Unafraid
16. Frank Merriwell's Alarm; or, Doing His Best
17. Frank Merriwell's Athletes; or, The Boys Who Won
18. Frank Merriwell's Skill; or, With Might and Main
19. Frank Merriwell's Champions; or, All in the Game
20. Frank Merriwell's Return to Yale; or, Welcomed Home
21. Frank Merriwell's Secret; or, Right vs. Might
22. Frank Merriwell's Danger; or, Saved by Nerve
23. Frank Merriwell's Loyalty; or, True to His Friends
24. Frank Merriwell in Camp; or, Fun in the Open
25. Frank Merriwell's Vacation; or, Getting Back to Form
26. Frank Merriwell's Cruise; or, Peril and Pleasure Afloat
27. Frank Merriwell's Chase; or, Excitement for Everybody
28. Frank Merriwell in Maine; or, The Lure of 'Way Down East
29. Frank Merriwell's Struggle; or, Fighting Hard for Honor
30. Frank Merriwell's First Job; or, Bound to Make Good
31. Frank Merriwell's Opportunity; or, A Question of Honor
32. Frank Merriwell's Hard Luck; or, The Fight for Right
33. Frank Merriwell's Protege; or, A Helping Hand
34. Frank Merriwell on the Road; or, The Show That Broke Records
35. Frank Merriwell's Own Company; or, Fun Behind the Footlights
36. Frank Merriwell's Fame; or, A Hard Won Battle
37. Frank Merriwell's College Chums; or, A Stand for Clean Living
38. Frank Merriwell's Problem; or, Between Friendship and Honor
39. Frank Merriwell's Fortune; or, A Streak of Luck
40. Frank Merriwell's New Comedian; or, The Rise of a Star
41. Frank Merriwell's Prosperity; or, Honesty is Best
45. Frank Merriwell on the boulevards; or, Fun and excitement in France
51. Frank merriwell's fun; or, Putting 'em over
58. Frank Merriwell's Reward; or, Work and Win
66. Frank Merriwell's setback; or, True pluck welcomes defeat
69. Frank Merriwell's Trust; or, Never Say Die
70. Frank Merriwell's false friend; or, An investment in human nature
71. Frank Merriwell's strong arm; or, Saving an enemy
75. Frank Merriwell's support; or, A triple play
77. Dick Merriwell's glory; or, Friends and foes
91. Dick Merriwell's trap; or, The chap who bungled
96. Frank Merriwell's backers; or, The fellow who balked
107. Frank Merriwell's triumph; or, A well earned victory
109. Dick Merriwell's assurance; or, In his brother's footsteps
114. Dick Merriwell's Day; or, Iron Nerve
117. Frank Merriwell's pursuit; or, How to win
118. Dick Merriwell abroad; or, Seeing the world
120. Dick Merriwell's pranks; or, Livening things up
123. Frank Merriwell's endurance; or, A square shooter
125. Frank Merriwell's marriage; or, Inza's happiest day
149. Dick Merriwell's backers; or, Well worth fighting for
171. Dick Merriwell's Reputation; or, Playing to Win
174. Frank Merriwell's Wizard; or, Shrewd Brain and Skillful Hand
189. Dick Merriwell's aƫro dash; or, Winning above the clouds
191. Dick Merriwell's Placer Find; or, Game to the Finish
192. Dick Merriwell's Fighting Chance; or, The Split in the Varsity
198. Dick Merriwell's Perception; or, The Brains of the Varsity
199. Dick Merriwell's Detective Work; or, The Lure of the Ruby
200. Dick Merriwell's Commencement; or, The Last Week at Yale
204. Frank Merriwell's Young Warriors; or, The Fellow Who Could Not Play Clean
205. Frank Merriwell's Lads; or, The Boys Who Got Another Chance
208. Dick Merriwell's Counsel; or, Yale Friends in Need
209. Dick Merriwell, Universal Coach; or, Making 'em Win
210. Dick Merriwell's Varsity Nine; or, Yale's Best Men on the Diamond
211. Dick Merriwell's Heroic Players; or, How the Yale Nine Won the Championship
213. Frank Merriwell, Jr. Tested; or, Right Always Wins
216. Frank Merriwell, Jr.'s Helping Hand; or, Fair Play and No Favors
217. Frank Merriwell, Jr. in Arizona; or, Clearing a rival's record
232. Frank Merriwell's diamond foes; or, Straight over the plate
245. Frank Merriwell, Jr. and the Talking Head; or, A Mystery Neatly Solved

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