The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - Medal Library

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Alternate Title: New Medal Library
Publisher: Street & Smith (New York (N.Y.): 81 Fulton St.) -- United States
Category: Format : Paperback ("Thickbook")
Issues: 858
Dates: Jan. 28, 1899 to Dec. 7, 1915
Schedule: 1-8, Bi-weekly; 9-858 Weekly
Price: 1-378, 10¢; 379-858, 15¢
Size: 7 1/4 x 5"
Pages: 200 to 300
Primary Data Source: LeBlanc
Data Entry Status: In Progress, Partial Listing Available


1. The Boat Club; or, The Bunkers of Rippleton
2. Cadet Kit Carey; or, A Young Soldier’s Legacy. A Romance of a West Point Boy
3. All Aboard; or, Life on the Lake
4. Lieutenant Carey’s Luck
5. Now or Never
6. Captain Carey of the Gallant Seventh; or, Fighting the Indians at Pine Ridge
7. Chased Through Norway; or, Two Million Dollars Missing
8. Kit Carey's Protégé; or, The West Point Conspiracy
9. Try Again; or, The Trials and Triumphs of Harry West
10. Don Kirk, the Boy Cattle King
11. From Tent to White House : The Life of William McKinley, the 24th President of the United States
12. Don Kirk's Mine; or, The Fight for a Lost Fortune: A Companion Story to "The Boy Cattle King"
13. Up the ladder
14. The young colonists : A story of life and war in Africa
15. Midshipman Merrill
16. The White King of Africa; or, The Mystery of the Ancient Fort
17. Ensign Merrill; or, The Rovers of the Yellow Sea
18. The Silver Ship
19. Jack Archer, a Tale of the Crimea
20. Wheeling for Fortune; or Bicycling Over the Plains
21. Won at West Point; or, An Army Cadet in School and Camp
22. From Lake to Wilderness; or, The Cruise of the Yolande
23. Dragon and the Raven
24. The Boy from the West; or, The Struggle for the White Horse Mine
25. Through the Fray
26. The cryptogram: A story of north-west Canada
27. Center-Board Jim; or, The Secret of the Sargasso Sea: A Yachting Story
28. The Boy Boomers: A Story of Frontier Journalism
29. True to the Old Flag
30. Peter Simple
31. The Cruise of the Snow Bird
32. The Curse of Carne's Hold
33. Jud and Joe, Printers and Publishers; or, The Bursting of the Boom
34. Adventures of Mr. Verdant Green
35. In the rein of terror
36. In barracks and wigwam
37. Commodore Junk
38. Gay Dashleigh's Academy Days; or, Lively Times at Ebb Tide
39. With Boer and Britsher in Transvaal
40. Canoe and Campfire
41. Check 2134
42. The Young Acrobat; or, The Great North American Circus
43. In Southern Seas; or, Jack Esbon's Eventful Voyage
44. The Golden Magnet; or, The Treasure Cave of the Incas
45. Jack Wheeler. A story of the Wild West.
46. Poor and Proud
47. Eric Dane; or, The Football of Fortune
48. Luke Bennett's Hide Out. A Story of the War
49. The Mystery of a Diamond
50. Dean Dunham; or, The Waterford Mystery
51. Tom Tracy; or, The Trials of a New York Newsboy
52. From Farm Boy to Senator. The Boyhood and Manhood of Daniel Webster
53. Adventures of a New York Telegraph Boy; or, Number 91
54. Joe Nichols; or, difficulties overcome
55. A Voyage to the Gold Coast; or, Jack Bond's Quest
56. Nature's Young Nobleman
57. The gold of flat-top mountain
58. Gilbert the Trapper
59. The Rajah's Fortress
60. The Mountain Cave; or, The Mystery of the Sierra Nevada
61. The Erie Train Boy
62. How He Won
63. In sunk lands
64. The tour of a private car; or, what became of the starling
65. That Treasure; or, Adventures of Frontier Life
66. A Young Vagabond
67. Tom Brown at Rugby
68. The Smuggler's Cave; or, Who Shall Be the Heir?
69. Pirate Island. A Story of the Southern Pacific
70. The New and Amusing History of Sanford & Merton
71. Mark Seaworth
72. The way to success
73. The Wolf Boy of China
74. The Dingo Boys
75. Boys in the Forecastle: A Fascinating Tale of Real Life at Sea
76. The War Tiger
77. Perils of the Jungle. A Tale of Adventure in the Dark Continent
78. Both Sides of the Continent; or, Mark Stanton
79. The Rival Battalions
80. Afloat in the Forest
81. Arthur Helmuth
82. The Young Editor
83. The Tiger Prince
84. The Butcher of Cawnpore; or, The Devil's Whirlwind: A Tale of the Indian Mutiny
87. The $500 Check; or, Jacob Marlowe's Secret
93. A New York Boy
104. Heir to a Million; or, The Remarkable Experience of Rafe Dunton
118. Ned Newton; or, The Fortunes of a New York Bootblack
121. The Lone Ranch
122. Tom Brace: Who He Was and How He Fared
130. From Canal Boy to President. The Boyhood and Manhood of James A. Garfield.
138. Striving for Fortune; or, Walter Griffith's Trials and Successes
148. The Deerslayer
150. Frank Merriwell's School Days. A Tale of School Life at Fardale Academy
152. The Last of the Mohicans
153. Bonnie Prince Charlie : A Tale of Fontenoy and Culloden
154. Paul, the Peddler; or, The Fortunes of a Young Street Merchant
156. The Pathfinder
157. Randy, the Pilot; or, Perils of the Great Lakes
159. Phil, the Fiddler; or, The Story of a Young Street Musician
160. Little By Little; or, The Cruise of the "Flyaway"
162. The Pioneers
164. The Cornet of Horse : A Tale of Marlborough's Wars
165. Slow and Sure; or, From the Sidewalk to the Shop
166. Try and trust
167. Frank Merriwell's Chums; or, Friends Through Thick and Thin
170. Strong and Steady; or, Paddle Your Own Canoe
174. Haste and Waste; or, The Young Pilot of Lake Champlain
175. Strive and Succeed; or, The Progress of Walter Conrad
178. Frank Merriwell's Foes; or, Pluck Wins Out
179. Work and Win
181. Brave and Bold
182. The Camp in the Snow; or, Besieged by Danger
184. Frank Merriwell's Trip West
187. Bound to Rise
189. Frank Merriwell Down South
192. Tom, the Bootblack; or, A Western Boy's Success
193. Frank Merriwell's Bravery
197. Frank Merriwell's Hunting Tour
198. Only an Irish Boy; or, Andy Burke's Fortune
199. The Golden Canon
201. Frank Merriwell in Europe
202. Risen from the Ranks; or, Harry Walton's Success
205. Frank Merriwell at Yale
206. Chester Rand
208. The Treasure of the Golden Crater
209. Frank Merriwell's Sports Afield
211. Buck Badger's Ranch; or, A Friend of Frank Merriwell
212. Julius, the Street Boy; or, A Waif's Rise from Poverty
213. Frank Merriwell's Races
217. Frank Merriwell's Bicycle Tour
221. The Young Outlaw; or, Adrift in the Streets
225. Frank Merriwell's Courage
228. The Cash Boy; or, From Prison to Fortune
229. Frank Merriwell's Daring
233. Frank Merriwell's Athletes
234. The Store Boy; or, The Fortunes of Ben Barclay
236. Rob Ranger's mine; or, The boy who got there
237. Frank Merriwell's Skill
239. The Two Admirals
240. Frank Merriwell's Champions
243. Adrift in New York; or, Tom and Florence Braving the World
244. Frank Merriwell's Return to Yale
247. Frank Merriwell's Secret
251. Frank Merriwell's Danger
252. Luke Walton; or, The Chicago Newsboy
253. The Water Witch
254. Frank Merriwell's Loyalty
255. Captain Bayley's Heir
258. Frank Merriwell in Camp
260. Driven From Home
261. The Pilot
262. Frank Merriwell's Vacation
264. Hector's inheritance; or, The Boys of Smith Institute
267. Frank Merriwell's Cruise
268. Do and dare; or, A Brave boy's fight for fortune
270. Wing and Wing
271. Frank Merriwell's Chase; or, Exciting Times Afloat
272. Facing the World
276. Frank Merriwell in Maine; or, Sport Around Moosehead
277. In a New World
280. Frank Merriwell's Struggle; or, Bound to Know the Truth
282. Herbert Carter's Legacy; or, The Inventor's Son
283. Haste and Waste; or, The Young Pilot of Lake Champlain
284. Frank Merriwell's First Job; or, At the Foot of the Ladder
286. Jack's ward
288. Frank Merriwell's Opportunity; or, The Turn of Fortune
290. Shifting for Himself; or, Gilbert Greyson's Fortune
292. Frank Merriwell's Hard Luck; or, A Slip on the Ladder
294. Sam's chance and how he improved it
296. Frank Merriwell's Protege; or, Lending a Helping Hand
298. Andy Grant's Pluck
300. Frank Merriwell on the Road; or, The All-Star Combination
302. Young Salesman
303. The Prairie
304. Frank Merriwell's Own Company; or, Barnstorming in the Middle West
307. Work and Win
308. Frank Merriwell's Fame; or, The Road to Success
310. Making His Way
311. Hope and Have
312. Frank Merriwell's College Chums; or, Helping an Old Friend
314. Andy Gordon, or, The fortunes of a young janitor
315. Watch and Wait
316. Frank Merriwell's Problem; or, The Vanishing of Elsie
317. Jack Harkaway's Schooldays
318. Jed, the Poorhouse Boy; or, Alone in New York
320. Frank Merriwell's Fortune; or, Fighting the Good Fight
322. Helping himself
324. Frank Merriwell's New Comedian; or, On Top Every Time
324. Tony, the Tramp; or, Right is Might
326. The Tin Box and What It Contained
328. Frank Merriwell's Prosperity; or, Toil Has Its Reward
330. Bob Burton; or, The Young Ranchman of the Missouri
333. Rich and Humble
338. A Cousin's Conspiracy; or, A Boy's Struggle for an Inheritance
339. In School and Out
342. Wait and Hope; or, A Plucky Boy's Luck
344. Frank Merriwell on the boulevards; or, Astonishing the Europeans
346. The Trials and Triumphs of Mark Mason
352. Joe's Luck; or, A Boy's Adventures in California
354. Walter Sherwood's Probation; or, Cool Head and Warm Heart
360. The Young adventurer
361. My Danish Sweetheart: A Romance of a Month
365. Frank Merriwell's fun; or, Fearless and true
366. Grit, the Young Boatman
370. Struggling Upward; or, Luke Larkin's Luck
375. The Sailor Boy
376. The Rockspur eleven
382. The Yankee Middy; or, The Adventures of a Young Naval Officer
386. Frank Merriwell's reward; or, A pair of plotters
387. Brave Old Salt
390. Frank's Campaign; or, The Farm and the Camp
393. The Starry Flag
397. Breaking Away
400. Tom Temple's Career; or, A Struggle for Fame and Fortune
405. Seek and Find
406. Dan, the Newsboy; or, Winning Success
410. Frank Merriwell's set-back : a story for boys
412. Freaks of Fortune
414. The Train Boy; or, Up the Ladder
418. Make or Break
419. Frank Merriwell's Trust. A Story for Boys
421. The Errand Boy. A Story for Boys
422. Frank Merriwell's false friend : a story for boys
424. Down the River
425. Frank Merriwell's strong arm; or, Saving an enemy
427. The Rockspur nine
429. Paul Prescott's Charge; or, On Fortune's Wheel
430. Through by Daylight; or, The Young Engineer of the Lake Shore Railroad
435. Lightning Express; or, The Rival Academies
436. The Telegraph boy, or, Making his way in New York
437. Frank Merriwell's support; or, A triple play
441. On Time; or, The Young Steamboat Captain
442. The Young miner, or, Tom Nelson out West
443. Dick Merriwell's glory; or, Friends and foes
447. Switch Off; or, The War of the Students
448. Tom Thatcher's Fortune; or, The Secret of a Letter
453. Brake Up; or, The Young Peacemakers
454. Tom Turner's Legacy, and How He Secured It
457. The Go-Ahead Boys
460. Bear and Forbear; or, The Young Skipper of the Lake Ucayga
462. Ben Bruce; or, Only a Bowery Newsboy
468. Bernard Brooks' Adventures; or, Working His Way Upward
472. Paul Hassard's Peril
475. A Debt of Honor; or, On His Own Merit
481. Mark Manning's Mission; or, Making His Own Fortune
485. Dick Merriwell's trap; or, Foiling his enemies
489. Charlie Codman's cruise, or, A young sailor's pluck
495. Young Explorer; or, Claiming His Fortunes
497. Frank Merriwell's backers; or, The pride of his friends
498. Ted Strong, cowboy; or, Bound to succeed
501. Sink or Swim; or, Pluck Always Succeeds
502. For the Right; or, Winning a Life's Battles
504. Among the cattlemen; or, A firm and steady hand
507. The Young Musician; or, Fighting His Way
510. Black Mountain Ranch; or, Ted's Mexican enemy
513. Work and Win; or, A Hard Earned Reward
514. Fighting for Fortune; or, Making a Place for Himself
516. With rifle and lasso; or, A triumph of the right
519. The Backwoods Boy; or, The Story of Abraham Lincoln
522. Lost in the desert; or Merciful toward his enemy
523. Building Himself Up; or, The Cruise of the "Fish Hawk"
528. Lyon Hart's Heroism; or, Adrift on Life's Sea
529. Fighting the Rustlers; or, Ted Strong's Race with Death
531. Digging for Gold; or, Bound to Make His Way
533. Frank Merriwell's triumph; or, The disappearance of Felicia
534. Louis Chiswick's Mission
537. Stemming the Tide; or, The Making of a Man
538. Adrift in the City; or, Won by Grit
539. Dick Merriwell's assurance; or, The plot of a desperate boy
540. Royal Tarr's Pluck
544. The Rival Miners; or, Ted Strong on the Trail
546. The Professor's Son
547. Frank Hunter's Peril; or, A Struggle for the Right
552. Striving for His Own; or, A Fight for Success
553. Winning By Courage; or, Never Say "Fail"
554. Dick Merriwell's day; or, Forging to the front
555. Robert Coverdale's Struggle; or, On the Wave of Success
558. The Last of the Herd; or, A Big Contract Well Filled
559. Making a Man of Himself
561. Winning Against Odds; or, On His Own
563. Frank Merriwell's pursuit; or, The end of Del Norte
565. Every Inch a Boy
566. Dick Merriwell Abroad; or, The Ban of the Terrible Ten
567. On a mountain trail; or, A redskin foe
570. Lester's Luck; or, Won By Courage
571. His Own Helper; or, By Sheer Pluck
572. Dick Merriwell's pranks; or, Lively times in the Orient
573. Bound to Get There; or, A Boy Who Could Not Be Downed
576. Across the prairie; or, A hard game to play
577. Honest Kit Dunstable; or, The Boy Who Earned Money
581. Frank Merriwell's endurance; or, Grit to the backbone
583. The Young Pilot; or, Steady Hand and True Eye
586. Rupert's Ambition; or, A Struggle for Success
587. Frank Merriwell's marriage; or, The happiest day of his life
589. The Cruise of the "Dandy"
591. Captain Nemo's challenge; or, An uphill fight for fortune
594. Frank and Fearless; or, Won By Pluck
595. Three Young Silver Kings
597. His Own Master
603. The Young Hermit; or, Adventures Afloat and Ashore
604. The Lost Mine; or, A Perilous Treasure Hunt
606. Ben's Nugget; or, A Triumph of the Right
612. Always on Deck
613. Camp and Canoe; or, The Way to Succeed
615. The Prisoners of the Cave
621. Out for Fortune
622. In Search of Treasure; or, A Lucky Find
625. Ted Strong's cattle drive; or, The way of the plains
627. Among the Missing
628. The River Fugitives; or, The Boys Who Played Fair
634. Always in Luck
636. On prairie trails; or, The dash for the Rio Grande
637. The Wall Street Boy
640. The Vanishing Junk; or, The Plot to Steal a Liner
642. Ted Strong's surprise; or, A duel in the clouds
643. A Boy With a Purpose; or, Climbing Upward
645. From Copy Boy to Reporter; or, Breaking into the Game
646. A Wall Street Fortune
652. The Island Castaway; or, A Plucky Fight
655. The Motorcycle Boys; or, True to His Friends
657. Luck of Vance Sevier; or, Rewarded By Fate
659. Dick Merriwell's backers; or, Well begun is half done
661. On High Gear; or, A Prize Worth Winning
663. Bob Storm of the Navy; or, Strange Sights in Strange Places
664. Who Was Milton Marr? or, Solving a Life's Mystery
667. From Auto to Airship; or, Among the Clouds
670. In the Land of Treasure; or, A Bid for Fortune
673. Afloat in the Clouds; or, The Boy Who Owned an Airship
675. The Filibusters; or, Taking a Great Risk
679. A Submarine Cruise, or, Captain Nemo's Friends
681. Lee Blake, Trolley Man; or, Making Something of Himself
683. The Snapshot Chap
687. In Strange Waters
689. The Silver Pennant
691. The Young Steel Worker
693. Bob Steele's Motor Boat; or, The Fellow They Could Not Beat
697. His Snapshot Lordship
699. Bob Steele's Reverse; or, Fearless and True
705. Bob Steele's New Aeroplane; or, The Bird Man
707. Service Courageous; or, The Spirit That Counts
709. Snapshot Artillery
710. Dick Merriwell's Reputation; or, Fighting a Snake in the Grass
711. Bob Steele's Last Flight; or, The Sale of the Comet
714. Frank Merriwell's Wizard; or, The Making of a Pitcher
715. The Boy Marvel
717. Service Audacious; or, Where Shrewdness Won
719. On Wooded Trails; or, Among the Adirondack Guides
721. When Fortune Dares; or, Adventure in Wild Places
725. The Boy Horse Owner
727. The Black Eye Snapshot
729. Larry Borden's Redemption; or, The Boy Who Made Good
731. Simple Simon; or, The Fellow They Took for a Fool
735. Wireless Sid; or, The Lad Who Won
737. Afloat with Captain Dynamite; or, Unexpected Pleasures
746. Dick Merriwell's aëro dash; or, A race above the clouds
750. Dick Merriwell's Rescue; or, Game to the Finish
752. Dick Merriwell's Fighting Chance; or, The Split in the Varsity
753. The silent city
763. Hazzard of West Point; or, The Making of a Soldier
764. Dick Merriwell's Perception; or, The Brains of the Varsity
766. Dick Merriwell's Detective Work; or, The Lure of the Ruby
768. Dick Merriwell's Commencement; or, The Last Week at Yale
773. The Presidential Snapshot; or, The All-Seeing Eye
776. Frank Merriwell's Young Warriors; or, The Fellow Who Could Not Play Clean
778. Frank Merriwell's Lads; or, The Boys Who Got Another Chance
779. The Big Bet Snapshot; or, Quick Work
784. Dick Merriwell's Counsel; or, Yale Friends in Need
785. Amid Crashing Hills; or, Rod Hazzard at Panama
786. Dick Merriwell, Universal Coach; or, The Victories of the Yale Nine
788. Dick Merriwell's Varsity Nine; or, Yale's Best Men on the Diamond
790. Dick Merriwell's Heroic Players; or, How the Yale Nine Won the Championship
791. Boots and Saddles; or, High Adventure
794. Frank Merriwell, Jr. Tested; or, A Father's Confidence
800. Frank Merriwell, Jr.'s Helping Hand; or, Fair Play and No Favors
802. Frank Merriwell, Jr. in Arizona; or, Clearing a rival's record
803. Jack Cope, Trooper; or, The Man and His Horse
805. Where Duty Called; or, In Honor Bound
811. Bainbridge of Bangor
815. The Riddle and the Ring; or, Won by Nerve
817. The Forest Rogue
821. On Post; or, Out for the Big Prize
823. Folly Lode
827. Around the World in 30 Days; or, The Greatest Trip Ever Made
829. Jungle Intrigue; or, Rod Hazzard's Master Stroke
832. The Square Deal Garage; or, Honest is the Best Policy
833. When Courage Wins
834. The Motor Wizard's Daring; or, A Two-Wheeled Cyclone
836. The Sky Pilot; or, A Bee-Line to Fame
838. The Motor Wizard's Mystery; or, The High Speed Sleuth
839. Brothers of the Thin Wire
840. The Motor Wizard's Strange Adventure, Or, Ahead in High
841. Stanley Holt, Thoroughbred
842. The Motor Wizard's Clean-up; or, The Man Who Hit and Ran
843. Golden Bighorn; or, Beneath Western Skies
844. Frank Merriwell's diamond foes
858. Frank Merriwell, Jr. and the Talking Head; or, A Mystery Neatly Solved

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