The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - Madison Square Series

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Alternate Title: Madison Square Library
Publisher: G. W. Dillingham Co. Publishing (New York (N.Y.)) -- United States
Category: Format : Reprint Library
Issues: 176 (Highest number seen advertised)
Dates: 1886-Sept. 1902
Schedule: Monthly
Price: 25ยข
Size: 7 1/4 x 4 7/8"
Pages: 250-400
Illustrations: Early numbers, none; later numbers, designed cover in color or portrait of young lady.
Notes / Commentary:

The name was changed to "Library" some time after no. 69. Earlier issues were kept in print and the name "Library" was substituted for "Series."

The original LeBlanc listing was missing nos. 11-16, 18-23, 25-27, 29-34, 36-42, 44, 46, 57-60, 63-67, 69-121, 123-133, 135-138, 141-171 and 174+. No. 19 was added based on photographs seen on eBay. Nos. 11-14 were added based on advertising found in The American Bookseller, v. XXIII, no. 12, page 290. No. 26 was added based on a listing in The Newsdealer (v. I, no. 4, June 1890, page 94). No. 39 was listed in The American Bookseller v. XXX, no. 1, page 4. It appears that the title of no. 45 may have changed between the "Series" and the "Library," based on comparison of LeBlanc's original listing and the copy held at Villanova University; it is also possible there is an error here somewhere. No. 80 was added from a digitized copy in the Internet Archive. No. 98 was reported from the collection of Andrew Dangelas. Nos. 15-16, 18, 20-21, 23, 27, 29-31, 41, 59-60, 71-72, 76, 83, 85-86, 92-93, 95, 101-102, 111, 117, 129-130, 138, 141, 147, 151 and 174 were found in WorldCat. Nos. 42, 62, 66, 73, 75, 81, 88 and 105 were found in the Guide to the Levy Dime Novel Collection at The Fales Library & Special Collections. Nos. 153-164 were added based on a listing in Publishers' Weekly no. 1565 (January 25, 1902). Nos. 165-171 and 175-176 come from a listing in The American Catalog, 1900-1905 from the Office of the Publishers' Weekly, page 1217. Positions in the series of unnumbered titles are currently unknown; all unnumbered titles come from WorldCat, except for Estelle, which comes from an ad on the front of The Publishers' Weekly, v. XLI, no. 2 (January 9, 1892).

Primary Data Source: LeBlanc
Data Entry Status: Done, With Gaps


Allworth Abbey
A Blue-stocking
How Could He Help It. A Novel
Stormcliff. A Tale of the Highlands
1. Alone
2. Guy Earlscourt's Wife; or, Wedded Yet No Wife
3. True as Steel
4. Tempest and Sunshine
5. A Wonderful Woman
6. Madame
7. The Hidden Path
8. A Terrible Secret
9. Lena Rivers
10. Warwick
11. A Mad Marriage
12. Hotspur
13. Her Friend Laurence
14. The English Orphans; or, A Home in the New World
15. A Wife's Tragedy
16. Doctor Antonio. A Tale of Italy
17. Sunny Bank
18. Hammer and Anvil. A Novel
19. Marian Grey; or, The Heiress of Redstone Hall
20. One Night's Mystery
21. Moss-side
23. Widow Goldsmith's Daughter
24. Sharing Her Crime
26. Darkness and Daylight; or, The Sacrifice. A Tale of Collingwood.
27. Lulu. A Tale of the National Hotel Poisoning
28. Ruby's Husband
29. Silent and True; or, A Little Queen
30. Chris and Otho, the Pansies and Orange-Blossoms they Found in Roaring River and Rosenbloom
31. Rich Medway's Two Loves
35. Ten Old Maids and Five of Them were Wise and Five of Them were Foolish
39. Delaplaine; or, The Sacrifice of Irene
41. Kate Danton; or, Captain Danton's Daughters
42. The Widower: also, A True Account of Some Brave Frolics at Craigenfels
43. A Woman's Wiles
45. A Wronged Wife
45 (replacement title). Madison Square Library, no. 45 (Norine's Revenge and 1 more item)
47. Faithful Margaret
48. The Married Belle; or, Our Red Cottage at Merrybank
49. Lady Leonora; or, The Father's Curse
50. Rose Mather
51. Husbands and Homes
52. A Woman's Web
53. Pride and Passion
54. Terrace Roses
55. Virginia Randall
56. Zahara
59. His Young Wife: a novel
60. Her Last Lover. A Romance
61. Jassamine
62. Ethelyn's Mistake; or, The Home in the West
66. My Little Love
68. Courting and Farming; or, Which is the Gentleman?
71. Kiss, and Be Friends. A Novel
72. Edith Lyle. A Novel
73. Phemie's Temptation
75. Millbank; or, Roger Irving's Ward
76. Lost for a Woman
80. The Empty Heart; or, Husks
81. Hugh Worthington
83. Where Love Begins; or, The Adventures of Mr. Philip St. Clare. A Novel of Fashionable Life
85. The Three Beauties; or, Shannondale
86. The Gipsy's Prophecy
88. The Cameron Pride; or, Purified by Suffering
92. The Bride of Llewellyn
93. Edna Browning; or, The Leighton Homestead
95. Lucy: a novel
98. The Midnight Queen
101. Helen Gardner's wedding-day; or, Colonel Floyd's wards. A battle summer
102. The Deemster: a romance of the Isle of Man
105. The Homestead on the Hillside and Other Tales (The Homestead on the Hillside and 6 more items)
111. Meadow Brook
117. Dora Deane
122. Delicate Ground
129. The Hidden Hand; or, Capitola the Mad-cap
130. Em
134. David Lindsay
138. A Skeleton in the Closet
139. Brandon Coyle's Wife
140. Nearest and Dearest
141. Beulah
147. Madison Square Library, no. 147 (West Lawn and 1 more item)
151. For Woman's Love
153. At a Great Cost
154. Mystery of Hotel Brichet
155. Under a Cloud
156. The Baroness Blank: A Novel of the New German Empire
157. Hearts and Coronets
158. Under Oath--An Adirondack Story
159. Ottilie Aster's Silence
160. Breach of Custom
161. John Winthrop's Defeat
162. The Mask of Beauty
163. Yet She Loved Him
164. Lida Campbell; or, Drama of a Life
165. Cris Rock
166. Invisible Hands
167. The Meredith Marriage
168. Morris Julian's Wife
169. The Spanish Treasure
170. Wooing a Widow
171. Mysterious Mr. Howard
172. Maud Morton
173. The Improvisatore
174. Countess Obernau
175. Reunited
176. The Diamond Seeker of Brazil

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