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Publisher: Street & Smith (New York (N.Y.): 79-89 Seventh Avenue) -- United States
Category: Format : Reprint Library
Issues: 170
Dates: July 1926 to December 1932
Schedule: Bi-weekly
Price: 15ยข
Size: 7 x 4 7/8"
Pages: 250 to 300
Illustrations: Colored pictorial cover
Publisher's Blurb: "There is unusual charm and fascination about the love stories of Ruby M. Ayres that give her writings a universal appeal. Probably there is not another romantic writer whose books are enjoyed by such a wide audience of readers. Her stories have genuine feeling and sentiment and this quality makes them liked by those who appreciate the true romantic spirit. In this low-priced series, a choice selection of Miss Ayres' best stories is offered."
Primary Data Source: LeBlanc
Data Entry Status: Done, Believed Complete


1. Is Love Worth While?
2. The Black Sheep
3. The Waif's Wedding
4. The Woman Hater
5. The Story of an Ugly Man
6. The Beggar Man
7. The Long Lane to Happiness
8. Dream Castles
9. The Highest Bidder (The Man She Married)
10. Love and a Lie
11. The Love of Robert Dennison
12. A Man and His Word
13. The Master Man
14. Nobody's Lover
15. For Love
16. The Remembered Kiss
17. The Littl'st Lover
18. Amid Scarlet Roses
19. The One Who Forgot
20. Sacrificial Love
21. The Imperfect Lover
22. By the Gate of Pity
23. The Scarred Heart
24. The Winds of the World
25. The Second Honeymoon
26. The Uphill Road
27. The Man Without a Heart (Changing Skies)
28. The Phantom Lover
29. The Rose of Yesterday
30. As Pictured in Dreams
31. Her Second Marriage
32. The Dancing Master
33. A Life's Love
34. The Ring on Her Hand
35. The Fortune Hunter
36. The Triumph of Love
37. The Woman Pays
38. The Little Lady in Lodgings
39. Why Did She Shun Him?
40. Stanch of Heart
41. The Year After
42. A Handsome Sinner
43. The Lady of Darracourt
44. The Lover Who Lied
45. For Gold or Soul?
46. The Heir of Vering
47. The Marriage Handicap
48. Woman or Witch?
49. Love's Dilemma; or, Kate Meddon's Lover
50. Paul in Possession
51. As We Forgive
52. Her Ransom (Paid For)
53. A Woman Scorned
54. In Spite of Proof
55. With Heart So True
56. By a Golden Cord
57. The Joy of Loving
58. The Wooing of a Fairy
59. Love's Cruel Whim
60. Had She Foreseen!
61. A Change of Heart
62. A Secret Foe
63. The False and the True
64. The Scent of Roses
65. A Kinsman's Sin
66. The French Witch; or, Two Ways of Wooing.
67. She Loved Him
68. Leila Vane's Burden
69. A Poor Girl's Passion
70. The Trifler
71. A Passion Flower (Madge)
72. Love and Louisa
73. Cast Up by the Tide
74. A Fighting Chance
75. Love
76. A Sensational Case
77. Forever True
78. Half a Truth
79. One Man's Evil
80. A Siren's Heart
81. Imogene (Dumaresq's Temptation)
82. The Heart of Hetta
83. Selina's Love Story; or, The Winning of a Heart
84. The Fatal Ruby
85. An Angel of Evil
86. Love's Greatest Gift
87. The Irony of Love
88. A Hero For Love's Sake
89. Brave Barbara
90. Leslie's Loyalty (His Love So True)
91. An Unhappy Bargain
92. Andrew Leicester's Love
93. Love's Harvest
94. At Another's Bidding
95. A Golden Sorrow
96. Signa's Sweetheart (Lord Delamere's Bride)
97. A Little Barbarian
98. A Blue Grass Heroine
99. Sylvia, The Forsaken
100. John Elliott's Flirtation
101. Love Given in Vain
102. A Vagabond Heiress
103. His Two Loves
104. Queen Kate
105. Her Fateful Choice
106. Love Will Find a Way
107. Told in the Twilight
108. Love's Golden Spell
109. If It Were True
110. The Stronger Passion
111. The Curse of Beauty; or, The Cloakmaker's Model
112. Married in Haste
113. Her Fatal Gift
114. His Willing Slave
115. A Willful Girl
116. A Fair Enchantress
117. The Tide of Fate
118. Hearts and Dollars
119. Mabel's Sacrifice
120. Her Two Suitors
121. The Lucky Man
122. Above All Things
123. Her Heart's Challenge
124. No Time for Penitence
125. Ethel's Secret
126. Hearts of Stone
127. Love and Spite
128. Leola's Heart
129. Virgie Talcott's Mission
130. The Battle of Hearts
131. In Love's Paradise
132. A Woman's Soul
133. The Crime of Love
134. Master of Her Fate
135. A Forced Promise
136. When Love Dawns
137. So Fair, So False
138. A Wife's Triumph
139. The Lady of Beaufort Park
140. A Lost Sweetheart
141. A Sacrifice to Love; or, The Curse of Ill-Gotten Gold.
142. My Lady Pride (Floris)
143. A Shadowed Happiness; or, From Gloom to Sunshine.
144. Norma's Black Fortune
145. Only a Working Girl
146. The Man of Millions
147. Fair Maid Marian
148. No Man's Wife
149. Evelyn, the Actress
150. Married for Money
151. Her Punishment
152. Her Husband's Other Wife
153. Love at the Loom; or, Her Gallant Sweetheart
154. A Forgotten Love
155. Taken by Storm
156. The Mills of the Gods
157. The Breath of Slander
158. The Unbidden Guest
159. Was He Worth It?
160. A Madcap Sweetheart
161. In Love's Springtime
162. For Another's Fault
163. The Strength of Love; or, Love is Lord of All
164. The Love That Was Cursed
165. The Bride's Opals
166. A Bachelor Girl
167. A Daughter of Darkness
168. Her Evil Genius
169. Only a Kiss
170. Love's First Kiss

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