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Alternate Title: The Old Log Cabin
Publisher: Street & Smith (New York (N.Y.): 31 Rose St.) -- United States
Category: Format : Nickel Weekly (B&W)

Approximate Dates of Issue: 1889-1897
Approximate Number of Issues: 458
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1. The White Caps; or, Among the Knights of the Switch
2. The Kewanee Bank Robber; or, The Mysterious Banditti
3. Seven Picked Men
4. Jesse, the Outlaw. A Narrative of the James Boys
5. The White Cap Detective; or, Midnight Gallops with the Buckeye Riders
6. Captain Kate, the Heroine of Deadwood Gulch
7. The Pinery Den Detective; or, Among the White Slaves of Wisconsin
8. Bill Tredegar. A Tale of the Moonshiners
9. The Irish Judas; or, The Great Conspiracy Against Parnell
10. The Gold-Hunter Detective; or, Wild Life in the New Mining Country
11. The Oklahoma Detective; or, Boomer Saul's Long Trail
12. The Miner Detective; or, The Ghost of the Gulch
13. Harry Lovell, the Gentleman Rider
14. Diamond Dick in Arizona
14. Tempest Tom, the Trapper; or, The Terror of the Southern Pampas
15. The Great Cronin Mystery; or, Old Broadbrim's Wonderful Case
16. The Johnstown Hero; or, The Connemaugh Valley Consoirary
17. Red Panther; or, The White Renegade's Doom
17. Silver Mask; or, The Serpent of Siskiyou County
18. The Oyster Pirates; or, The Messenger of Fate. An Exciting Tale of the Chesapeake Shores
19. Louisville Luke, the Jockey Wonder; or, The Mystery of the Race Track
20. Guiseppe, the Weasel; or, The Italian Secret Society
21. Cattle Kate; or, A Woman of the Wilds
22. Old Man Howe; or, The Regulators of Grand Prairie
23. Phenomenal Paul; or, the Wizard Pitcher of the League
24. The Shanghaier of Greenwich Street; or, Liverpool Jack, the Slave Trader
25. Darrow, the Floating Detective; or, The Shadowed Buccaneer
26. Hugo, the Fighter; or, The Order of the Dagger and Cord
27. Jack, the Peeper
28. The Great Yacht Race; or, Skipper Bob's Long Chase
29. The Lights of Gotham; or, The Gilded Villain
30. Shadowed and Trapped; or, Harry, the Sport
31. The Human Vampire; or, The Elixir of Life
32. Ramon Aranda, the California Detective. A Tale of Daring Deeds and Strange Adventures
33. The Road Agents
34. Kentucky Kate; or, The Moonshiners' League
35. Bob Singleton; or, The Double Penalty
36. His Highest Stake
37. Cy, the Ranger; or, The Red Man's Terror
38. Alf, the Chicago Sport; or, The Engineer's Last Trip
39. Barnacle Backstay; or, The Gray Eagle of the Atlantic
40. The Great River Mystery
41. The Stony Point Tragedy
42. The Hatfield-McCoy Vendetta; or, Shadowing a Hard Crowd
43. Red Rube Burrows; or, The King of Outlaws
44. Pigtail Demons; or, The Mountain HighBinders
45. Mountain Tom. A Story of the Diamond Fields
46. Gotham by Gaslight; or, Dan McGinty's Ups and Downs
47. The Black Riders of the Santos; or, The Terror of Wood River
48. The Ocean Detective; or, The Trail of Death
49. The Younger Brothers' Vow; or, Hunted Down in Arkansas
50. Frank and Jessie James in Mexico; or, Raiders of the Rio Grande
51. Jennie, the Telegraph Operator
52. Razzle Dazzle Dick, the Fellow Who Lived by His Wits
53. Coonskin, the Scout; or, The Prince of the Bordermen
54. Jesse James' Oath; or, Tracked to Death
55. The Stranglers of Ohio; or, A Dark-Lantern League
56. A Border Vengeance; or, The Fate of the Regulators
57. Frank James in St. Louis; or, The Mysteries of a Great City
58. Orthodox Jeems. A Tale of Adventure in the Black Hills
59. Brotherhood Buck; or, The Players' League in the South
60. Trackless Terror, the Unknown Avenger
61. Jesse James at Long Branch; or, Playing for a Million
62. Ramon, the Bull Fighter; or, The Victim of Fate
63. The Brotherhood Afloat; or, The Mystery of the Sealed Packet
64. Kansas Kit; or, The Magician of the Plains
65. Play Ball; or, Brotherhood Boys in Florida
66. The Pearl of the Prairie; or, The Scout and the Renegade
67. Red Douglas; or, The King of the Black Rovers
68. A Home Run; or, How the Game was Won
69. Looney Lorton; or, The Rose of Sligo
70. The Rangers of the Gold Stream
71. Jesse James at Coney Island; or, The Wall Street Banker's Secret
72. Rover Wild, the Jolly Reefer
73. Seven Foot Bill; or, Lengthy, the Scout
74. Jesse James in New York; or, A Plot to Kidnap Jay Gould
75. Hazel-Eye, the Girl Trapper
76. The Black Hand; or, The League of the Gold
77. Squirrel Cap; or, The Ranger of Raccoon Ridge
78. The Pearl of the Reef; or, The Diver's Daughter
79. Moccasin Mose; or, The Trail of Death
80. Sensation Sate; or, the Queen of the Wild Horse Range
81. Beaver Jim; or, The Trail of the Secret Brotherhood
82. Rattlesnake Ned; or, the Terror of the Sea. A Story of 1775 and '6.
83. Ironsides, the Scout; or, The White Rider of Demon's Gorge
84. The Red Raven; or, The Mysterious Cruiser
85. A Knight of Labor; or, The Master Workman's Vow
86. Gulietta, the Waif; or, The Girl Wrecker
87. Rube Borrows' Last Shot
88. Who Shot Chief Henessey; or, The New Orleans Dagoes
89. Wildcat Ned; or, The Mountain Men of Oregon
90. Jesse James, Rube Borrows & Co. A Thrilling Tale of Missouri
91. Rival Rancheros; or, The Missing Bride
92. The Birchall-Bentwell Tragedy; or, Tracing a Mysterious Crime
93. The Sky Traveller; The Magician of the Lakes
94. Jesse James' Double; or, The Man From Missouri
95. Clint, the Grizzly; The Outlaw's Daughter
96. The Last of the Burrows Gang; or, Joe Jackson's Last Leap
97. Big Foot Wallace, the Giant Hero of the Border
98. The Raven of the North; or, The Mysteries of the Isles
99. Big Foot's Band; or, Captain Wallace's Last Charge
100. Unmasked at the Matinee
101. Jesse James' Successor; or, The Raid on the South Chicago Bank
102. Big Mink, the Trapper; or, The Daughter of the Brigade. A Story of the Far West
103. Buffalo Bill at Wounded Knee; or, The Battle-Secret of the Bad Lands
104. Jesse James Among the Moonshiners; or, The Train Robber's Trail in Kentucky
105. The Landlord's Crime; or, The Curse of Innisfail
106. Bold Sitting Bull. A Thrilling Story of his Life, Battles, Adventures and Remarkable Career
107. Jesse James in Chicago; or, The Bandit King's Bold Play
108. The Rising Tide. A Story of Nihilism
109. Merciless Ben, the Hairlifter. A Story of the Far Southwest
110. Jesse James in New Orleans; or, The Man in the Black Domino
111. The Mafia's Foe
112. "Silver Wing!" the Angel of the Tribe
113. Jesse James on the Mississippi; or, The Duel at Midnight
114. The Hillsburg Tragedy; or, Murdered for Gold
115. Jack the Ripper in New York; or, Piping a Terrible Mystery
116. Captain Jack; or, The Seven Scouts
117. Jesse James' Cave; or, The Secret of the Dead
118. DuBarry's Revenge
119. Buckskin Sam, the Scalp-Taker
120. Jesse James at Bay; or, The Train Robber's Trail
121. The Revenue Officer's Triumph; or, The Sunken Treasure
122. Scarlet Face, the Renegade; or, The White Chief of the Shawnees
123. Rube Burrows' Pard; or, Chased Through the Florida Swamps
124. The Lion's Leap; or, Henry Brenton, the Sailor's Adventures with Pirates
125. The Thunderbolt of the Border; or, Daniel Booth on Warpath
126. Jesse James' Disguise; or, The Missouri Outlaw as a Showman
127. Buffalo Bill's Best Shot. A Story of Wild West Adventures
128. Buffalo Bill's Last Victory; or, Dove Eye, the Lodge Queen
129. Tom Richardson, the Terror; or, The Long Island Outlaw
130. The Queen of the Plains; or, Calamity Jane
131. Jesse James in Tennessee
132. Texas Jack, the White King of the Pawnees
133. Rocky Mountain Sam; or, The Wind-Spectre of the Blackfeet
134. Buffalo Bill's Best Bower
135. The Witch of the Ocean; or, The Lady of Silver Spray
136. Little Buckshot; or, The White Whirlwind of the Prairie
137. Gentleman Jo
138. Jesse James among the Mormons
139. Long Mike, the Oregon Hustler
140. Red Dick, the Tiger of California
141. Dashing Charlie, the Texan Whirlwind
142. Midshipman Angus, of the H. M. S. Plantagenet; or, The Indian Sea Mystery
143. Maratina, the Female Brigand
144. Chipmunk, the Wyandotte; or, Captain Kenton's Kentucky Rangers
145. Buffalo Bill's Border Bravos; or, The Trail Through the Land of Death
146. Monte and the Mystic Ten
147. The Redskin Renegade; or, The Destroyer of Black Bird's Band
148. Jesse James' Journey; or, The Prisoner of the Cave
149. Nerle, the Pirate; or, The Treasure Ship of the Hidden Islands
150. Redmond's Adventures; or, The Treasure of the Lake
151. Gentleman Joe, the Bonanza King; or, The Belle of Silver Gulch
152. Buffalo Bill, the Border-King; or, The White Queen of the Sioux and the Girl Rifle-Shot
153. Old Luther on Deck; or, The East River Mystery
154. Bob Sims' Fearful Oath; or, The Fateful Vengeance of the Swamp Outlaws
155. Jesse James in Dakota; or, The Prince of Road Agent's Disguises
156. Grimes, the Detective; or, Working Up a Great Case
157. One of the Bravest; or, The Young Fireman's Reward. From the celebrated play of the same name as performed by Charles McCarthy
158. Wrestling Joe, the Dandy of the Mines; or, The Crimson Trail of the Avenger
159. Gentleman Joe, the Gilt-Edged Sport; or, Beating a Royal Flush
160. Buffalo Bill's Long Trail; or, The King of the Plains' Rescue of the Deadwood Coach
161. Hemmed In; or, The Assassin's Death Blow
162. The Red Hand; or, Myrrhata the Mysterious Assassin
163. Gentleman Joe's Vendetta; or, The Hustlers of Hardscrabble
164. Tracked to Egypt; or, Detective Grimes Abroad
165. Jesse James' Hunt to Death; or, The Treasure of Grizzly Hollow
166. Gray Hawk, the Half-Breed; or, The Strange Captive
167. Jesse James' Shadow; or, The Rivals of the Road
168. Gentleman Joe's Death Shot; The Road Agent's Nemesis
169. The Queen of the Canons; or, The Black Scout of Arizona
170. Detective Grimes' Triumph; or, The Successful Ending of a Complicated Case
171. Polk Wells, Jesse James' Comrade; or, The Riverton Bank Robbery
172. Rattlesnake Jim; or, The Reckless Sport of Deadman's Gulch
173. Gentleman Joe's Life Stake; or, The Vigilantes of Touch-and-Go
174. Jesse James Outdone; or, The Missouri-Pacific Train Robbery
175. Bob Ford, Jesse James' Slayer; or, Life and Death of a Notorious Outlaw
176. Hold-Out Johnson, the Hustler from Beaver Head
177. Smoky Jones; or, The Gold Hunters of Colorado
178. Hunted Down; or, On the Trail for Forty Years
179. The Mysterious Bed; or, The Secret Holes in the Wall
180. Cool Dan, the Sport; or, The Crack Shot of Creed
181. Gentleman Joe's Double; or, The Bad Man from Bitter Creek
182. Three Detectives, Hunt, Hall and Hyde; or, Working on the Perth Amboy Mystery
183. A Second Jesse James; or, The Capture and Conviction of a Bold Bank Thief
184. The Marked Hand; or, A Through Ticket to Sing Song
185. The Dalton Boys and the M. K. and T. Train Robbery
186. Crazy Bob, the Terror of Greed; or, Cool Dan, the Sport, again to the Front
187. Gentleman Joe's Pard; or, The Benefit at Purgatory Point
188. Pool Ticket 025; or, A Mystery Explained
189. Dave Kenshaw, Detective; or, How He Played His Trump Card
190. Cool Dan, the Sport's Wonderful Nerve; or, The Madman's Matchless Mine
191. The Dalton Boys' Smooth Trick; or, The Robbery of the Bank at El Reno
192. Detective Against Detective; or, Solving a Secret Car Puzzle
193. The Collis Express Robbery; or, Hunting Down Two Desperate Criminals
194. The Safe Breaker's Gang; or, The Three H's Great Skill
195. A Louisiana Jesse James; or, Killed in the Camp
196. Just Like the James Boys; or, Wiped Out by Vigilantes
197. The Cooley Outlaws; or, A Plucky Sheriff's Fight to the End
198. Gentleman Joe Ensnared; or A Mighty Bad Man to Beat
199. Manton Mayne, the San Francisco Detective; or, The Colerain Tragedy
200. The Dalton Boys in California; or, A Bold Hold-Up at Ceres
201. The Alabama Strangler; or, Dick Hawe's Terrible Crime
202. Cool Dan, the Sport's Plucky Pard; or, The Mascot of Creede
203. O'Brien's Daring Escape; The Bunco Man Who Paid His Way
204. Gentleman Joe's Vengeance; or, The Gilt-Edged Sport's Wind Up
205. Howard, the Burglar; or, Run Down by Hunt, Hall and Hyde
206. The Tolbert Feud; or, The Outlaws of Missouri
207. Faro Tom's Hot Fight; or, The Grader's Riot at Wenatchee
208. Shot After Midnight; or, The Powell Street Mystery
209. The Hawkins Gang's Last Exploit; or, The Terrors of Indiana
210. Cool Dan, the Sport's Contest; or, Fighting the Creede Combination
211. Ouray Jack, the Go-it-Lively Sport; or, A Winner From the Start
212. The Invincible Five; or, The Boldest Robbery on Record
213. Two Old Sports; or, Pards in Every Deal
214. The Outlaws of the Sierra Madre; or, The Loot of the Treasure Train
215. Capt. Crash, the Man of Sand; or, The Robbers of the Cherokee Strip
216. Electric Pete; or, The Gold Hill Bank Robbery
217. Straight Flush Lou, the Man from Denver; or, Playing for a Triple Stake
218. The Tramp Detective in Kentucky; or, A Raid on the Midnight Express
219. The Lake Front Strangler; or, The World's Fair Horror
220. The Eversole Feud; or, The Ambush at Troublesome Creek
221. Hank Starr, the Dalton Gang's Dead-Shot; or, Marshal Ruggles' First Round-Up
222. Frank and Jessie James in Mexico; or, Raiders of the Rio Grande
223. The Chesapeake and Ohio Hold-Up; or, The Train Robbery Rehearsal
224. The Rustlers of Missouri; or, The Cowboy Vigilantes of the Bad Lands
225. Jesse James' Legacy; or, The Border Cyclone
226. The Dalton Boys; or, The Tragedy of Coffeyville
227. Old Pap Grimes; or, The King of the Georgia Moonshiners
228. The James Boys Against the World's Record; or, Seven Hold-Ups in a Week
229. The Missouri River Hold-Up; or, The Dalton Boys in Dakota
230. Jesse James' New Deal; or, The Nervy Bandit Hard Pushed
231. Hank Starr at Pryor Creek; or, Old Jack Drew Heard From
232. Bob Dalton's Tie-Up; or, A Bold Dash for Liberty
233. The Dalton Boys on the Rio Grande; or, The Mexican Bandits
234. Bob Dalton's Close Call; or, The Secret of Rider's Camp
235. Bonnie Bess of Bar-20; or, The Dalton Gang in a New Role
236. The Evans and Sontag Battle; or, A Desperate Affrav with' Man-Hunters
237. The James Brothers' Big Prize; or, Robber Against Robber
238. Hank Starr in Colorado; or, Baily Bancroft's Big Scheme
239. The Dalton Boys in Texas; or, The Big Four on Their Mettle
240. The Dalton Boys' Electric Plant; or, The Tragedy in the Black Coulee
291. The California Detective; or, The Mystery of St. Thomas Bridge
301. Old Man Howe; or, The Regulators of Grand Prairie
437. Gentleman Joe's Dispossess Notice; or, An Exciting Episode at Evacuation Creek

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