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Series - Little Chief Library

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Publisher: Nickel Library Co. (New York (N.Y.): 24 Rose St.) -- United States
Category: Format : Nickel Weekly (B&W)

Approximate Dates of Issue: 1886-1892
Approximate Number of Issues: 295
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1. Kit Carson's Grip; or, The Rocky Mountain Pathfinder
2. Ostler Pete; or, The Barn Boy Detective
3. Scotch Sleuth, the Detective; or, The Twin Forks Tavern League
4. Dashing Dan; or, The Phantom of the Hills
5. The Indian Detective; or, The Forge of the Forest
6. Silent Rifle; or, The Young Hercules of Texas
7. Gold City Grip; or, The Sports of the Mines
8. Bob, the Boy Detective; or, The Mystery of the Missing Head
9. Banger Rolin; or, The Trailers of the Miami
10. Ostler Pete's Pluck; or, The Horse Thieves of Kentucky
11. The Owl Bandits; or, The Mountain Detectives
12. Kit Carson's Foe; or, The Red Tiger of the Rockies
13. Brown Bill, the Detective; or, The Lost Mine of Montana
14. The Boy Pathfinder; or, The Thousand-Mile Gauntlet
15. Young Whirlwind; or, The Canyon Cliff Scalers
16. The Swamp Detective; or, The Outlaws of Mountain Head
17. Red Thunderbolt; or, The Terror of the Hurons
18. Fearless Fred; or, The Nymph of the Cave
19. The Dark Detective; or, The Mystery of the Broken Blade
20. The Fatal Arrow; or, The Strange Avenger
21. Lasso Lem; or, The Foothill Detective
22. The Champion Chief; or, The Mystery of the Musket (Champion Chet)
23. Silver Rifle; or, The Lake Detective
24. Desmond's Double; or, Lost in the Wilderness
25. Noddy, the Mountain Wonder; or, The Strange Old Hermit
26. Kit Carson's Best Shot; or, The Mad Man of the Mountains
27. The Miner Detectives; or, The Plotters of Gold Hill
28. The Twin Tramps; or, The Outlaws of Montana
29. The Island Outlaws; or, Old Pete the Fugitive
30. The Scarlet Arrow; or, The Storm Spectre
31. The Wily Detective; or, The Swamp Rose Gang
32. The Canyon Captives; or, The Mad Doctor's Red Trail
33. The Pirates' Treasure; or, Old Woodpath's Wand
34. The Boy Bank Detective; or, The New York Weasel
35. Osbart, the Dart Thrower; or, Old Swabs and the Outlaws.
36. The Red Riders of the Pines; or, Clare Carson's Man Hunt
37. Nip and Tuck; or, Old Zeb's Cabin
38. Delaware Dave; or, The Half-Breed Trailer
39. The Man Ferret; or, The Postoffice Detective
40. Old Bonfire; or, The Hairy Man of Demon's Den
41. Quickfoot
42. Phenix Phil, the Ferret
43. Pluck Luke
44. Wharf Rat Detective
45. The Logger's Cabin
46. Dashing Doll, the Saddle Green
47. The Mad Mazeppa; or, Fancy Frank, the Border Sleuth
48. The Boy Nimrods; or, The Tiger Killers of the Jungle
49. The Country Detective; or, The Brotherhood of White Hill
50. Deerleg, the Scout; or, The Frontier Foes
51. Ready Rifles; or, Dutchy in the Forest
52. Giant Gabe; or, The Fortune Hunters of Dakota
53. The Unknown Detective; or, The Pretty Girl Spy
54. The Rival Redskins; or, The Pawnee Fugitive
55. The Eagle of the Sea; or, Prince of the Desert
56. The Prairie Tiger; or, The Scourge of the Hills
57. Fandango Phil; or, The Clown of the Camp
58. Bradway Guff; or, The Robbers' Den of Black Cliff
59. The Gipsy King; or, The Sorcerer of the North Woods
60. The Witch Finder; or, The Fatal Brand
61. The Cowboy Detective; or, Lasso Larry's Luck
62. Texas Tom; or, Preacher Pete's Pards
63. The Rockwood Racket; or, The Silver Island Ghost
64. Hap-Hazard Hal; or, The Gambler's Fate
65. Rattling Rupert; or, The Queen of the Tropics
66. Old Hays, the Detective; or, The First Sleuth of New York
67. Southwest Saul's Tip; or, The Stolen Mustang
68. The Shadow Field
69. Red Dick
70. Mad Cap Bess
71. Cool Burk
72. Andy, the Boy Miner
73. The Outlaw Rivals
74. The Boy Engineer
75. Blue Dan
76. The Ghost of Darkendale; or, The Specter of the Bridge
77. The Wrecker's Prize; or, Lone Hermit of the Cliff
78. Gold Shield, the Detective; or, The Demon Stampeder
79. Black Forest Trailers; or, The Bushranger's Den
80. Old Nat's Nook; or, The Red Whirlwind of Colorado
81. Chicago Jack; or, Rough on Rogues
82. Leaping Panther; or, Pandy Ellis' Pards
83. Doe, the Detective; or, Trapping Bogue Money Makers
84. Champions of the Seal; or, The Dungeon of the Tower
85. Dude of the Diggins; or, The Road Agent's Wrath
86. The Tories Brand; or, The Witch's Prophecy
87. Gold Shield in New York; or, The Hunted Sport
88. Lyon, the Guide; or, The Border Fugitives
89. Pluck and Luck; or, The Young Plume Hunters
90. The Horse-Thief Hunters; or, The Haunted Cabin
91. Rough and Ready's Spy; or, Through the Mexican Lines
92. The Settler's Bride; or, The Firebrand of the Frontier
93. The Shadowed Detective; or, The Pawnbroker's Plot
94. The Black Hills Ranger; or, The Yellow Nugget Hunters
95. The Double Trail; or, A Fair Fugitive
96. Silver Tip Sam; or, The Tramp Detective
97. Rough and Tumble Jack; or, The Boy Avenger
98. The Black Forest Blade-Maker; or, The Mountain Brigands
99. Dauntless Dick; or, The Rangers and the Reds
100. The Vagrant Detective
101. Sutler Sam
102. Foul Weather Jack; or, The Double Wreck
103. Crooked Pete; or, The Specter of the Haunted Canyon
104. The Giant Outlaw; or, The Ghost of Langling Water
105. The Cowboy Duelist; or, The Wildcat of Wyoming
106. Maniac Joe; or, The Half Breed's Curse
107. Eagle-Eyed Ed; or, The Vigilantes of '56
108. Old Rube Roaster; or, The Winding Trail
109. The Swamp Smugglers; or, A Runaway's Luck
110. Wild Ike; or, The Dread Avenger
111. Little Dan, the Detective; or, a Dustry Hand to Win
112. The Foiled Buccaneer; or, The Demon of the Sea
113. Daring Okwa; or, The Lion Guard
114. Mad Morgan, the Hermit; or, The Heartless Renegade
115. Monte, the Animal King; or, The Mystery of the Circus
116. Old Solitary's Strategy; or, The Yellowstone Trailers
117. Wild Nell; or, The Queen of the Rockies
118. The Black Swamp Gang; or, The Ghost of the Mississippi
119. The Black Brigands; or, Fred Ford's Fortune
120. Red Pedro the Guerrilla; or, The Border Lancers
121. Little Terror; or, The White Miami Queen
122. Old Trackless; or The German Scout
123. The Flash Gang; or, The Bootblack's Perilous Trail
124. The Giant Rough; or, The Kingpin of Red Core
125. Old Hays' Great Case; or, The Stolen Diamonds
126. The Ghost of the Glade; or, The Forest Hall Tragedy
127. Old Tom, the Tar; or, The Lucky Strike
128. Blizzard Bent; or, The Golden Giant
129. Colorado Cal, the Detective; or, The Secret of the Red Shanty
130. Big Buckley; or, The Bushranger's Secret
131. Slippery Silas; or, Colonel Pierson's Plot
132. Cunning Osceola; or, The Florida Head Hunter
133. Cap'n Joe; or, The Buccaneer of the Gulf
134. Bushrod, the Trapper; or, The Spirit of the Arrow
135. Hawks, the Detective; or, The Mystery of a Suicide
136. The Three Scouts; or, Daniel Boone's Pards
137. Teddy, the Newsboy Detective; or, Ferreting a Chicago Mystery
138. A Man of Pluck; or, A Circus in the Wilds
139. Overland Jack; or, The Black Hills Bandits
140. Preston, the Spy; or, The Scourge of the Mohawk
141. Hadly, the Man Hunter
142. Ike, the Tree Walker
143. The Arctic Crusoes
144. Old Sol, the Laughing Hunter; or, The Renegade's Fate
145. Giant Jack
146. The Boy Magician
147. Wildcat, the Bushwhacker
148. Big Dick
149. Old Reins Racket
150. Hernandez the Hunchback; or, The Texan Tiger
151. Cool Carson
152. The Female Gambler
153. Silver Saul; or, The Man of Nerve
154. The Bogus Detective
155. Lost on the Amazon
156. Kit, the Detective
157. Mike, the Indian Rater
158. Old Single Hand
159. Uncle Jim's Cabin
160. Shooting Water; or, The Red Patriot
161. Frontier Rivals
162. Dave, the Dusky Ranger
219. Gold City Grip; or, The Sports of the Mines

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