The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - The Aldine "O'er Land and Sea" Library

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Alternate Titles: "O'er Land & Sea" Library
The Aldine O'er Land and Sea Library
Publisher: Aldine Publishing Co. (London (England): 9, Red Lion Court, Fleet Street) -- Great Britain
Primary Data Source: Villanova Collection
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1. Buffalo Bill. His Life and Adventures in the Wild West
2. The Comrade Scout of Buffalo Bill
6. The Death's Head Curassiers; or, the Brave of all Braves. A Legend of the Old Guard
8. Joe Phenix, The Police Spy
12. The Red Rajah; or, The Scourge of the Indies
14. The Mad Huzzars; or, The O's and the Macs. A Story of Four Irish Soldiers of Fortune
15. One Eye, the Cannoneer; or, Marshal Ney's Last Legacy. A Story of the Exile of St. Helena
17. Larry Locke; or, A Fight for Fortune
18. "Parson Jim," King of the Cowboys
19. Little Charlie, and Pug Billy. A Mystery of the Thames
22. The Wolves of New York; or, Joe Phenix's Great Man Hunt. A strange story of the Inner Life of the great Metropolis by day and by night; a tale of the wiles of the Human Wild Beasts who have their lairs in the heart of the Great City, and of the Honest Watch-dogs who guard Society against them
23. The Irish Captain, A Tale of Fontenoy
24. Nemo, King of the Tramps; or, The Romany Girl's Vengeance, A Story of the Great Railroad Riots
25. The Saucy Jane, Privateer; or, The Hunting of Old Ironsides. A Story of the War of 1812
26. Journeyman John, the Champion; or, The Winning Hand. A Story of how a Carpenter made his Way in the World
27. The Maverick Hunters; or The Night Riders of Satanta County
29. Top Notch Tom, the Cowboy Outlaw; or, The Satanstown Election
30. The Marshal of Satanstown; or, The League of the Cattle-Lifters
31. Lance and Lasso; or, Adventures on the Pampas
32. The Three Frigates, and the Peerless Privateer
33. The Russian Spy; or, the Brothers of the Starry Cross
34. The Demon Duelist; or, The League of Steel. A Story of German Student Life
38. Montezuma, the Merciless; or, The Eagle and the Serpent. A Romance of Strange Mystery

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