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Publisher: George Munro (New York (N.Y.): 17 to 27 Vandewater Street) -- United States
Category: Format : Reprint Library
Issues: 78 (Highest number seen advertised)
Dates: October 1888 to April 1, 1899
Schedule: Quarterly (early issues monthly)
Price: 25ยข
Size: 7 3/8 x 5 1/16"
Pages: 225 to 250
Illustrations: None
Physical Description:

Nos. 1 through at least No. 33: Plain yellowish cover. Schedule Number and price at top. Rule. Postal imprint. Rule. Design ribbon across the cover. Copyright notice and subscription price. Series title in large letters takes up rest of top quarter of cover. Story title and author takes up rest of cover to near bottom. Publisher's imprint followed by design ribbon similar to at the top.

Nos. 36 through at least 41: Green cover. Schedule and price at top in black ink. Date in red ink. Postal imprint and copyright notice. Flowered branch design with pink flowers to the left with branches forming background to series title centered in top quarter of cover. Title and author in red takes up bottom half of cover. Publisher's imprint at bottom.

No. 55: White cover with brownish illustrated background. Schedule and price at top, in brown lettering. Date in black on designed border. Title and author centered in black lettering. Architectural design with banner strung between sides with series title in black ink. Publisher's imprint just below. Copyright notice at very bottom.

Notes / Commentary: LeBlanc's list has handwritten date Nov 1888 for #2; issue shows March 1889
Primary Data Source: LeBlanc
Data Entry Status: Done, Believed Complete


1. My Own Sin
2. The Rock or the Rye (After "The Quick or the Dead")
3. Shadow and Sunshine
4. Daisy Brooks; or, A Perilous Love
5. The Heiress of Cameron Hall
6. Marriage
7. Lizzie Adriance
8. Madoline Rivers
9. Saints and Sinners
10. Leonie Locke; or, The Romance of a New York Working Girl
11. Junie's Love-Test
12. Ida Chaloner's Heart; or, The Husband's Trial
13. Uncle Ned's White Child
14. All for Love of a Fair Face; or, A Broken Betrothal
15. A Struggle for a Heart; or, Crystabel's Fatal Love
16. Little Rosebud's Lovers; or, A Cruel Revenge
17. Vendetta; or The Southern Heiress
18. Laurel Vane; or, The Girls' Conspiracy
19. Married for Money
20. Muriel; or, Because of His Love for Her
21. Sworn to Silence; or, Aline Rodney's Secret
22. The Bride of Monte Cristo
23. Love and Jealousy
24. Hazel Kirke
25. The Belle of Saratoga
26. Manch
27. Her Second Choice
28. Eve, the Factory Girl
29. His Country Cousin
30. Ruth, the Outcast
31. Sold for Gold
32. A Misplaced Love; or, The Rector's Daughter
33. Love at Saratoga
34. Estella's Husband; or, Thrice Lost, Thrice Won
35. The Little Lighthouse Lass; or, The World Well Lost
36. Wild and Willful; or, To the Bitter End
37. Lady Gay's Pride; or, The Miser's Treasure
38. Lillian's Vow; or, The Mystery of Raleigh House
39. Lottie and Victorine; or, Working Their Own Way
40. The Banker's Daughter (Adapted from the Celebrated Play by Bronson Howard)
41. The Baronet's Bride
42. Lancaster's Choice
43. Tiger Lily; or, The Woman Who Came Between
44. The Pearl and the Ruby
45. Beautiful Ione's Lover
46. Eric Braddon's Love
47. Frou-Frou
48. The Unseen Bridegroom
49. Little Sweetheart
50. Flower and Jewel; or, Daisy Forrest's Daughter
51. Little Nobody
52. The Depth of Love
53. Cast Upon His Care
54. The Secret of Estcourt
55. May Blossom
56. Under Five Lakes
57. The Fugitive Bride
58. Kidee; or, The Sphinx of the Red House
59. A Tempting Offer
60. A Heart of Fire
61. Answered in Jest
62. His Legal Wife
63. Nan Haggard, the Heiress of Dead Hopes Mine
64. The Girl He Bought
65. A Handsome Sinner
66. In the Golden City
67. By a Golden Cord
68. Where Love Leads
69. Sinner or Victim?
70. True for Love's Sake
71. The Rival Heiresses
72. In Spite of Fate
73. The New Love or the Old
74. Lady Viola's Secret
75. Without a Name
76. The Love of His Youth
77. Erlescourt's Love
78. For Whose Sake?

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