The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - Leisure Hour Library, 1st Series

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Publishers: F. M. Lupton (New York (N.Y.): 63 Murray St.) -- United States
W. S. Trigg (New York (N.Y.): 146 Duane St.) -- United States
Category: Format : Reprint Library
Issues: 336
Dates: Feb. 1, 1884 to 1890
Schedule: Semi-weekly, later semi-monthly
Price: 3¢; double numbers, 6¢
Size: 12 x 8 1/4"
Pages: 16; double numbers, 32
Motto: The Choicest Works of the Most Popular Authors at Three and Six Cents Each! Each Number contains a complete, first-class novel or other work by a celebrated author
Illustrations: None
Publisher's Blurb:

In No. 52: "Each number of the LEISURE HOUR LIBRARY contains a complete first class novel or other work by well known and popular authors. It is the cheapest series of first-class works ever published in any land or language and a real boon to every lover of good literature. Novels which cost 25 cents each in the cheapest edition published by any other house, are produced by us full and complete and sold for three cents. Remember each novel is complete--you can read it entire and at once, not having to wait for it from week to week as you do when reading a story paper. We will send any of the following numbers of THE LEISURE HOUR LIBRARY, by mail post paid, upon receipt of price, only three cents each. Look the list over and send to us for as many as you wish. We guarantee satisfaction. You can afford to send for a number of them, they are so cheap."

In No. 130: "The best and cheapest of all popular publications is THE LEISURE HOUR LIBRARY. It is a real boon to every lover of good literature. In this series you can procure first-class complete novels and other works by the best authors--works which in cloth bound form would cost $1.00 or $1.50--for the insignificant sum of THREE or SIX CENTS each. Each number is complete in itself, the form is most attractive and convenient for reading, the type is clear and bold and large enough, and the paper is far from being poor. The price of the single number of THE LEISURE HOUR LIBRARY is THREE CENTS each. These comprise works of ordinary length. Very long works we are forced to publish in double numbers, the price of which is SIX CENTS each. The double numbers are in every case just twice the size of single numbers. The following is a list of the numbers so far published."

Notes / Commentary:

LeBlanc saw only one issue published by W. S. Trigg. Logo, size, ads, motto, every aspect of the publication is similar to the Lupton version. LeBlanc speculated that for a time, Lupton sold its rights and stock to Trigg. The only difference is that Trigg's name replaces Lupton's.

A second series and third series were also published under the same series title.

The LeBlanc listing was missing Nos. 185-186, 188-194, 224, 227-232, 238, 251-270, 273, 284-295, and 299-321. This was supplemented/verified using a Lupton ad showing titles for 1-123. Nos. 185, 190, 230, 251-262 and 311-312 were added from bookseller listings.

Primary Data Source: LeBlanc
Data Entry Status: Done, With Gaps


1. Enoch Arden and other poems
2. Retribution; or, The mystery of the mill
2 (replacement title). Among the Ruins, etc.
3. Captain Alick's legacy
4. Blue eyes and golden hair
5. Amos Barton
6. Henry Arkell
7. The Laurel Bush
8. The history and mystery of common things
9. Distinguished people
10. A Gilded Sin
11. My Lady's Money
12. Second Thoughts
13. Dora Thorne
14. Darrell Markham
15. Christian's Mistake
16. Cousin Henry
17. A Star and a Heart
18. Silas Marner
19. Rachel Gray
20. Bread and cheese and kisses
21. Reaping the Whirlwind
22. The heir of Ashley
23. David Hunt
24. Lord Lynne's Choice
25. Dudley Carleon
26. The Two Destinies
27. Essica; or, The mystery of the headlands
28. Parson Garland's daughter
29. A Golden Dawn
30. A strange retribution
31. Valerie's Fate
32. Sister Rose
33. Anne
34. The Lady of the Lake
35. Grimm's Fairy Stories for the Young
36. Missing
37. Peg Woffington
38. The Captain's Room
39. Sister Dora
40. Lil
41. Brenda Yorke
42. The Shadow of a Sin
43. Bell Brandon
44. The Yellow Mask
45. Cricket on the hearth, The. A Christmas story.
46. Jean Ingelow's poems
47. The cities of the new world
48. Fancy Work for Home Adornment
49. A Bride from the Sea
50. Hester
51. The Lost Bank Note
52. Manual of Etiquette for Ladies and Gentlemen: A Guide to Politeness and Good Breeding
53. The Standard Letter-Writer for Ladies and Gentlemen: A Guide to Polite Correspondence
54. Parlor Magic and Chemical Experiments
55. Winter Evening Recreations
56. The Home Cook Book and Family Physician
57. Manners and Customs in Far Away Lands
58. Budget of Wit, Humor, and Fun
59. Sixteen Complete Stories by Popular Authors
60. Useful knowledge for the millions
61. School dialogues, recitations and readings
62. Back to the Old Home
63. Frozen Deep
64. The Red Court Farm
65. Lady Gwendoline's Dream
66. Leoline
67. Jasper Dane's Secret
68. John Bowerbank's Wife
69. Gabriel's Marriage
70. The Mystery of the Holly Tree
71. The grey woman
72. In Cupid's Net
73. Mildred Trevanion
74. Called Back
75. At the World's Mercy
76. Shadows on the Snow
77. Dark Days
78. The Widow Bedott Papers
79. A Dead Heart
80. Romantic Adventures of a Milkmaid
81. In the Holidays
82. Miss or Mrs.?
83. More Bitter than Death
84. Carriston's Gift
85. The Fatal Lilies
86. A Shadow on the Threshold
87. The curse of Carew
88. The Blatchford Bequest
89. A Queen Amongst Women
90. The Fatal Marriage
91. A Bridge of Love
92. Rose Lodge
93. A Passive Crime
94. Ingledew House
95. The Knightsbridge Mystery
96. Wedded and Parted
97. A fortune hunter
98. A Tale of Sin
99. Retribution; or, The mystery of the mill
100. Out of the Depths
101. The Morwick Farm Mystery
102. At War With Herself
103. The Last of the Ruthvens
104. In a Winter City
105. The Haunted Tower
106. The Beautiful Wretch
107. Mr. Gilfil's Love Story
108. At Bay
109. His second wife
110. Poems
111. Poems, by H. W. Longfellow
112. The Life of Gen. U. S. Grant
113. Anecdotes of the Rebellion
114. Parlor Amusements
115. Manual of floriculture
116. Guide to needlework, knitting and crochet
117. Famous detective stories
118. Yankee wit and humor
119. The Mystery at Blackwood Grange
120. The evil genius
121. The story of a storm
122. Out of the sea
123. Agatha's history
124. Decorative painting
125. Ladies fancy work
126. The island prisoner
127. How to make paper flowers
128. Cliffe house
129. The Diamond Bracelet
130. One hundred popular songs
131. The Forcellini Rubies
132. The California cabin
133. The old oaken chest
134. The pearl of the ocean
135. A Wicked Girl
136. A Low Marriage
137. Under the Lilacs
138. An old man's sacrifice
139. The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
140. The Lawyer's Secret
141. Between Two Sins
142. The woman hater
143. Fair but False
144. Lady Valworth's diamonds
145. The Nine of Hearts
146. Doris' Fortune
147. Sir Noel's Heir
148. A Bartered Life
149. Hollow Ash Hall
150. A Playwright's Daughter
151. Forging the Fetters
152. The Poison of Asps
153. Moat Grange
154. Lancaster's cabin
155. Florence Irvington's Oath
156. The Guilty River
157. The road to wealth
158. Round the evening lamp
159. A pleasure excursion and other sketches
160. The Aunt Keziah papers
161. Love life in New York
162. The self-made men of modern times
163. Popular recitations and dialogues
164. Christmas Stories
165. Family quotations
166. Wonders of the world, natural and others
167. Wonders of the sea
168. Country architecture
169. The stockbreeder's guide
170. The whole subject of fertilizers
171. Fruit culture for profit
172. Success in the garden
173. The great stapes
174. Homemade farm implements
175. Guide to Successful Poultry Keeping
176. The common sense cook book
177. How to be your own doctor
178. Guide to the toilet
179. Hints and help for the household
180. A woman's secret
181. The Wizard of Grenada
182. For love of riches
183. The red cross
184. That winter night
185. The mammoth Christmas budget
187. Everybody's law book
190. American live stock manual, The. ALl about horses, cattle, sheep, and hogs.
195. A Dark Inheritance
196. Ivan, the Serf
197. Hesperia
198. My Sister Kate
199. Bijah Beanpole's adventures in New York
200. George Caulfield's Journey
201. The merchant's crime
202. Wall Flowers
203. Mary Hardwick's rival
204. Page Ninety-Two
205. A Tale of Three Lions
206. Bread upon the waters
207. The Misadventures of John Nicholson
208. The Treasure of Franchard
209. The Dream Woman
210. Caramel cottage
211. Thornycroft Grange
212. A Vagabond Heroine
213. Clouds and Sunshine
214. Two Kisses
215. Ruthven's ward
216. The Aunt Maguire documents
217. Perfect etiquette; or, How to behave in society: a complete manual for ladies and gentlemen
218. Ballads of the war
219. Selections for autograph albums
220. The people's natural history
221. Gulliver's Travels
222. Modern recitations
223. Ruth Herrick
225. Maiwa's Revenge
226. The mill girl of Tyrol
230. Modern cook book and medical guide
233. The Fatal Glove
234. The island home
235. A Modern Cinderella
236. Martyn Ware's Temptation
237. The Story of a Wedding Ring
239. Percy and the Prophet
240. The sorrow of a secret
241. The gray falcon
242. The Baron's Will
243. The guardian's plot
244. Adventures of a bachelor
245. Mrs. Caudle's Curtain Lectures
246. How to make and save money on the farm
247. From the Earth to the Moon
248. The Little Old Man of the Batignolles
249. The Peril of Richard Pardon
250. Blackbird Hill
251. Dombey and Son
252. David Copperfield
253. The Leisure Hour Library, 1st Series, v. III, no. 253 (Martin Chuzzlewit and 1 more item)
254. Nicholas Nickleby
255. Our Mutual Friend
256. The Leisure Hour Library, 1st Series, v. III, no. 256 (Little Dorrit and 1 more item)
257. Bleak House
258. The Posthumous papers of the Pickwick Club
259. Barnaby Rudge and Christmas Stories (Barnaby Rudge)
260. The Leisure Hour Library, 1st Series, v. III, no. 260 (Oliver Twist and 1 more item)
261. The Leisure Hour Library, 1st Series, v. III, no. 261 (The Old Curiosity Shop and 1 more item)
262. The Leisure Hour Library, 1st Series, v. III, no. 262 (A Tale of Two Cities and 2 more items)
271. Simon Derrick's daughter
272. The Linden Farm Bride
274. A Dangerous Woman
275. The Pearl of the Orient
276. A False Scent
277. Falsely Accused
278. Guilty or Not Guilty
279. A Troublesome Girl
280. A brave coward
281. Dolores
282. Olympia
283. Her Manifest Destiny
296. The Case of George Candlemas
297. The Scarlet Cross
298. An Island Pearl
311. Romola and The Spanish gypsy
312. Adam Bede, Poems and Essays
322. Her Last Throw
323. What Gold Cannot Buy
324. Missing--A Young Girl
325. Derrick Vaughan, Novelist
326. The Bottle Imp
327. Self-Doomed
328. My Fellow Laborer
329. The Holy Rose
330. He Went for a Soldier
331. A Marriage at Sea
332. The Cuban Heiress
333. The hidden jewels
334. Muriel Strong
335. Only a postal card
336. Alice the Fisher Girl

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