The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series People - Leather-Clad Tales

Alger, Horatio, Jr., 1832-1899

Dean Dunham; or, The Waterford Mystery
The Erie Train Boy
The Young Acrobat; or, The Great North American Circus

Ashley, C. B., Capt.

Gilbert the Trapper
Luke Bennett's Hide Out. A Story of the War

Ashmore, Annie

The Smuggler's Cave; or, Who Shall Be the Heir?
Warren Haviland

Bomer, George H.

The Old Man of the Mountains

Bruns, Walter F.

In the Sunk Lands

Collingwood, Harry, 1851-1922

Pirate Island. A Story of the Southern Pacific

Converse, Frank H.

Happy-Go-Lucky Jack
Heir to a Million
In Southern Seas; or, Jack Esbon's Eventful Voyage
The Mystery of a Diamond
That Treasure; or, Adventures of Frontier Life
Van; or, In Search of an Unknown Race
A Voyage to the Gold Coast; or, Jack Bond's Quest

Coomer, George H.

The Boys in the Forecastle: A Story of Real Ships and Real Sailors
The Mountain Cave; or, The Mystery of the Sierra Nevada

Denison, Mary A. (Mary Andrews), 1826-1911

Barbara's Triumph; or, The Fortunes of a Young Artist
The Guardian's Trust

Ellis, Edward Sylvester, 1840-1916

Arthur Helmuth
Check 2134

Fenn, George Manville, 1831-1909

The Golden Magnet; or, The Treasure Cave of the Incas
In the Wilds of New Mexico

Graydon, William Murray, 1864-1946

The Rajah's Fortress

Hamilton, Lt. W. R.

Our Young Soldiers. Articles on Military Matters

Hoadley, E.R.

The Cruise of the Bianca

Jayne, R. H., Lt., 1840-1916

The Land of Mystery
Perils of the Jungle. A Tale of Adventure in the Dark Continent

McCormick, Brooks, 1822-1897

Nature's Young Nobleman
The Rival Battalions

Putnam, Arthur Lee, 1832-1899

Mark Stanton
Ned Newton; or, The Fortunes of a New York Bootblack
A New York Boy
Number 91
Tom Tracy; or, The Trials of a New York Newsboy

Southwick, Capt. David

Jack Wheeler. A story of the Wild West.

White, Matthew, 1857-1940

Eric Dane; or, The Football of Fortune
My Mysterious Fortune
The Young Editor

Winterton, Gale

The Young Actor