The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - Klondike Kit Library

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Publisher: Street & Smith (New York (N.Y.): 81 Fulton St.) -- United States
Category: Format : Nickel Weekly (Color Cover)
Issues: 19
Dates: May 28, 1898 to March, 1899
Price: 5ยข
Size: 10 1/2 x 6 7/8"
Pages: 32
Illustrations: Colored pictorial cover
Publisher's Blurb:

"Great Stories of the Klondike Gold Fields. Klondike Kit. A Library of Adventure in the Alaskan Mines. 32 pages--Colored Pictorial Cover--32 pages."

"This is the latest library of the Klondike gold fields, will contain each week, a thrilling story of adventure in that land toward which every eye is now turned. Never since the first discovery of gold in California in 1849, has so much absorbing interest been taken in gold finds. The northern region of Alaska is now the Mecca of every gold seeker's hope, and in no part of the whole world can there be found such a rich field for our talented author, Mr. Hugh P. Rodman, to work in. We can say, without a doubt, that no writer today, is better able to depict the Alaska scenes than Mr. Rodman, who has spent several years of his life in that country. The Klondike Kit Library will tell you all about it, and the same time entertain you with the very best stories of adventure ever written."

Major Author(s): William Wallace Cook under pseudonym Hugh P. Rodman.
Primary Data Source: LeBlanc
Data Entry Status: Done, Believed Complete


1. Klondike Kit; or, A Freeze-Out in Chilkoot Pass.
2. Klondike Kit and His Girl Pard; or, Nugget Nell's Fight for a Fortune.
3. Klondike Kit's Lucky Nugget; or, The Lone Prospector of Lake Targish.
4. Klondike Kit's Bonanza Strike; or, The Claim-Jumpers of Hootalinqua.
5. Klondike Kit's Pay Streak; or, Snowed in at Forty-Mile.
6. Klondike Kit's Mooseskin Bag; or, the Clean-up at No. 6,
7. Klondike Kit's at the Black Hole; or, the Convict Hunt of Tananah.
8. Klondike Kit's Chum; or, A Hot Strike on Vulture Hill.
9. Klondike Kit's Quartz Ledge; or, Out with the Mounted Police
10. Klondike Kit's Grub Stake; or, A Full Hand at Five-Finger Rapids.
11. Klondike Kit's Four-Footed Pard; or, Pay-Dirt at El Dorado.
12. Klondike Kit's Lost Lead; or, A Fracas at Fort Get There.
13. Klondike Kit Down to Bed Rock; or, A Wonderful Find on the Happy-Go-Lucky.
14. Klondike Kit's Big Contract; or, Down the Yukon with Five Million.
15. Klondike Kit at Copper River; or, The Argonauts of Anganak.
16. Klondike Kit and Caribou Cal; or, Gold Thieves at the Treadwell.
17. Klondike Kit's Mascot; or, Barney Barnato, Jr.
18. Klondike Kit's Pacer Pocket; or, The Stampede to Stunner Creek.
19. Klondike Kit's Gold Brick; or, Country Rock at Kish Kish.

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