The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - Household Library (Belford, Clarke, & Co.)

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Publisher: Belford, Clarke, & Co. (Chicago (Ill.)) -- United States
Category: Format : Reprint Library
Issues: 38 titles listed here; based on numbering, it is likely that at least 69 titles exist, and probably significantly more.
Dates: 1887-1890
Schedule: Semi-weekly
Price: Not individually priced. LeBlanc listing says $20.00 per year (25¢); Dinnerology has $30.00 per year cover price; some other listings suggest 50¢ issues.
Size: 7 1/4 x 5"
Pages: 185-200 (original LeBlanc figure; other references suggest significantly longer and shorter counts for some titles)
Illustrations: Black & white pictorial cover
Notes / Commentary:

Original LeBlanc listing contained only The Pace that Kills.

Some titles are unnumbered below because relationship between volumes and absolute numbers is currently unknown.

Most titles in this list come from WorldCat. Trean was also found in A Mormon Bibliography, 1830-1930. My Own Story also found in Margaret Guilford-Kardell's Bibliography on the Life, Times, and Exploits of Cincinnatus Hiner Miller. The Prophet's Mantle also listed on page 182 of the August, 1889 Current Literature.

Numbering of other items is not known. Listings for Hagar and A Storm Ashore found in The Writer v. III, no. 5 (May, 1889), page 111. George W. Peck titles added based on information at

Primary Data Source: LeBlanc
Data Entry Status: In Progress, Partial Listing Available


Peck's Bad Boy and His Pa
Peck's Bad Boy, No. 2 (The Grocery Man and Peck's Bad Boy)
Peck's Boss Book
Peck's Fun
Peck's Irish Friend, Phelan Geoheagan
Peck's Sunshine
A Storm Ashore
v. 2, no. 4. The Mystery of a Hansom Cab
v. 4, no. 1. Divided Lives
v. 4, no. 2. Florence Fables
v. 4, no. 5. The Wrong Man
v. 4, no. 7. Aunt Sally's Boy Jack
v. 4, no. 8. An Impossible Possibility; or, Can Such Things Be?
v. 4, no. 9. 'Twixt Love and Law
v. 4, no. 10. Miriam Balestier
v. 4, no. 12. An American Vendetta; a Story of Barbarism in the United States
v. 4, no. 13. Our Pariahs. Among the Tramps.
v. 4, no. 14. A Blue-grass Thoroughbred
v. 4, no. 16. Leaves from a Drummer's Diary; or, Twenty-five Years on the Road
v. 4, no. 18. A Transaction in Hearts
v. 4, no. 20. Her Strange Fate
v. 4, no. 23. The Queen of the Block
v. 4, no. 25. The Lion's Share
v. 4, no. 28. The Black Ball: A Fantastic Romance
v. 4, no. 29. The Prophet's Mantle
v. 4, no. 30. Trean; or, The Mormon's daughter. A romantic story of life among the Latter-day Saints
v. 4, no. 31. Dinnerology
v. 4, no. 38. The Pace That Kills
v. 4, no. 43. Couldn't Say No
v. 4, no. 44. The Art of Dancing
v. 4, no. 45. The Old Settler and His Tales of Sugar Swamp
v. 5, no. 3. Oklahoma; the Beautiful Land
v. 6, no. 2. The Danites in the Sierras
v. 6, no. 3. Old Californian Days
v. 6, no. 4. The Shadow of the Bars
v. 6, no. 13. Readings and Recitations from Modern Authors. Being Pearls Gathered from the Fields of Poetry and Romance
v. 7, no. 4. My Own Story

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