The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - All Sports Library

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Alternate Title: All-Sports Library
Publisher: Street & Smith (New York (N.Y.): 2 Duane St.) (Winner Library Co. imprint) -- United States
Category: Format : Nickel Weekly (Color Cover)
Issues: 56
Dates: Feb. 11, 1905 to March 3, 1906
Schedule: Weekly
Price: 5ยข
Size: 11 x 8"
Pages: 32
Illustrations: Colored Pictorial Cover
Publisher's Blurb:

"'Teach the American boy to become an athlete and lay the foundation of a constitution greater than that of the United States'---Wise Sayings from Tip Top."

"You like fun, adventure, and mystery don't you? Well, you will find them all in the pages of the stories in this library. As the name implies, the ALL-SPORTS LIBRARY is devoted to the sports all young people delight in. It has bright handsome colored covers, and each story is at least 30,000 words in length. You are looking for a big five cents worth of good reading and you can get it here. Ask your newsdealer for any of the titles listed below. He has them in stock. From the first issue.

"All of you, boys, are interested in clean sport, and the stories published in the library are just what you have been looking for. Jack Lightfoot and his comrades indulge in all up-to-date games, and while they make every effort to win fairly, they disdain to employ mean or petty methods. They have enemies, too, who make things extremely interesting for them and also for our readers. These are the best tales of athletic sports. No boy should miss them."

Major Author(s): John H. Whitson under pseudonym Maurice Stevens for all issues except Nos. 16 and 17 which were written by Frederick W. Davis
Notes / Commentary:

The stories were reprinted three times, first in the New Medal Library, then in Sport Stories and finally in Round the World Library. In the reprintings two stories, scheduled for inclusion in the All-Sports Library, were added to the final volume.

The following paragraph appeared in the last issue, No. 56:

"The All-Sports Library has been consolidated with the Tip Top Weekly. No more numbers will be issued. We confidently recommend the Tip Top Weekly to all our readers not already acquainted with the peerless publication. A new series of stories is just starting in which the famous Frank Merriwell opens a school of athletic development. All of Frank's old friends and comrades reappear in new roles. Don't miss the treat boys! Shake hands with Frank Merriwell when you say good-by to All-Sports. Read Tip Top Weekly No. 512, 'Frank Merriwell's New Idea; or, The American School of Athletic Development.'"

Primary Data Source: LeBlanc
Data Entry Status: Done, Believed Complete


1. Jack Lightfoot's Challenge; or, The Winning of the Wager
2. Jack Lightfoot's Hockey Team; or, The Rival Athletes of Old Cranford
3. Jack Lightfoot's Great Play; or, Surprising the Academy Boys
4. Jack Lightfoot's Athletic Tournament; or, Breaking the Record Quarter-Mile Dash
5. Jack Lightfoot in the Woods; or, Taking the Hermit Trout of Simms' Hole
6. Jack Lightfoot's Trump Curve; or, The Wizard Pitcher of the Four-Town League
7. Jack Lightfoot's Crack Nine; or, How Old "Wagon Tongue" Won the Game
8. Jack Lightfoot's Winning Oar; or, A Hot Race for the Cup
9. Jack Lightfoot, the Young Naturalist; or, The Mystery of Thunder Mountain
10. Jack Lightfoot's Team Work; or Pulling a Game of the Fire
11. Jack Lightfoot's Home Run; or, A Glorious Hit in the Right Place
12. Jack Lightfoot, Peacemaker; or, What Happened on a Century Run
13. Jack Lightfoot's Lucky Puncture; or, A Young Athlete among the Hobos
14. Jack Lightfoot, the Magician; or, Quelling a Mutiny in the Nine
15. Jack Lightfoot's Lightning Battery; or, Kidnapping a Star Pitcher
16. Jack Lightfoot's Strategy; or, Hare and Hounds over Cranford Hills
17. Jack Lightfoot in the Saddle; or, A Jockey for Just One Day
18. Jack Lightfoot's Dilemma; or, A Traitor on the Diamond
19. Jack Lightfoot's Cyclone Finish; or, How Victory Was Snatched from Defeat
20. Jack Lightfoot in Camp; or, Young Athletes at Play in the Wilderness
21. Jack Lightfoot's Disappearance; or, the Turning up of an Old Enemy
22. Jack Lightfoot's "Stone Wall" Infield; or, Making a Reputation in the League
23. Jack Lightfoot's Talisman; or, The Only Way to Win Games in Baseball
24. Jack Lightfoot's Mad Auto Dash; or, Speeding at a Ninety Mile Clip
25. Jack Lightfoot Afloat; or, The Cruise of the Canvas Canoes
26. Jack Lightfoot's Hard Luck, or, A Lightning Triple Play in the Ninth
27. Jack Lightfoot's Iron Arm; or, How the New "Spit" Ball Worked the Charm
28. Jack Lightfoot on the Mat; or, the Jiu Jitsu Trick That Did Not Work
29. Jack Lightfoot's All-Sports Team; or, How Lafe Lampton Threw the Hammer
30. Jack Lightfoot in the Box; or, The Mascot That Hoodooed the Nine
31. Jack Lightfoot's Lucky Find; or, The New Man Who Covered "Short"
32. Jack Lightfoot, Archer; or, The Strange Secret an Arrow Revealed
33. Jack Lightfoot's Cleverness; or, The Boy Who Butted In
34. Jack Lightfoot's Decision; or, That Chestnut of "Playing Against Ten Men"
35. Jack Lightfoot, Pennant-Winner; or, Winding up the Four Town League
36. Jack Lightfoot's Pledge; or Bound in Honor
37. Jack Lightfoot's Nerve; or, A Desperate Mutiny at the "Gym"
38. Jack Lightfoot, Half-back; or, Playing the Giants of the League
39. Jack Lightfoot's Gridiron Boys; or, Leading a Patched-up Team to Victory
40. Jack Lightfoot's Trap Shooting; or, Against the Champion of the Gun Club
41. Jack Lightfoot's Touchdown; or, A Hard Nut to Crack at Highland
42. Jack Lightfoot's Flying Wedge; or, How Kirkland Won the Game for Cranford
43. Jack Lightfoot's Great Kick; or, The Tackle That Did Not Work
44. Jack Lightfoot's Duck Blind; or, A Strange Mystery of the Swamp
45. Jack Lightfoot's Luck; or, Glorious Days of Sport Ahead
46. Jack Lightfoot's Triumph; or, Back From a Watery Grave
47. Jack Lightfoot Down in Dixie; or, The Voyage of the Single-Hand Cruisers
48. Jack Lightfoot's Plans; or, Wrecked on Indian River
49. Jack Lightfoot on Snow Shoes; or, The Chase of the Great Moose
50. Jack Lightfoot Snowed-up; or Lost in the Trackless Canadian Wilderness
51. Jack Lightfoot's Enemies; or, A Fight to the Finish
52. Jack Lightfoot at Seagirt; or, New Friends and Old Foes
53. Jack Lightfoot's Hazing; or, Tricking the Tricksters
54. Jack Lightfoot's First Victory; or, A Battle for Blood
55. Jack Lightfoot's Peril; or Treachery on the Ice
56. Jack Lightfoot's Ice Boat; or, The Man with the Haunting Eyes

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