The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - All Around Weekly

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Publisher: Frank Tousey -- United States of America
Category: Format : Nickel Weekly (Color Cover)

Approximate Dates of Issue: 1909-1911
Approximate Number of Issues: 72
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1. Engineer Ned; or, Running the Night Express
2. "Stand Together"; or, The Young Firemen of Clinton
3. Wine and Cards. A Temperance Story
4. Phantom, the Prairie Trapper
5. The Hidden Treasure; or, Among the Cannibals
6. Phil Faraday, the Young Explorer; or, Adventures in Savage Africa
7. The Dark Corners of New York; or, The Perils of a District Telegraph Messenger
8. The Steps of Doom. A Tale of the Land of the Incas
9. Old Sixty; or, The Last Run of the Special
10. The Secrets of the Diamond Island
11. Galloping O'Hagan; or, The Bold Free Rider. A Thrilling of Ireland
12. The Young Sinbad; or, Back from the Grave for Vengeance
13. The Boss of the School; or, Around the World for Fun
14. Among the Thugs; or, Two Yankee Boys in India
15. The Secret Glen, or, The Mysterious War Chief
17. From Wine to Ruin; or, Jack Jordan's Peril. A Temperance Story
18. Young Franklin; or, Buried under the Snow
19. Two New York Boys Around the World; or, Winning a Wager
20. The Hidden Avenger. A Story of Mexico
21. Roy, the Western Telegraph Messenger
22. The Jaguar Hunters; or, Wild Adventures in Brazil. The Story of Two Plucky Lads in a Southern Wilderness
23. The Flying Scud. A Romance of the Ever-Faithful Isle
25. The Circus Wonder
26. Little Dot; or, The Dandy Scout of the Plains
27. Hook and Ladder No. 6; or, The Best Firemen in Town
28. The Young Cliff Climber. A Tale of the Andes
29. The Ourang-Outang Hunters, or, Adventures in the Dark
30. Virginia Dick: A Southern Boy in the Mexican War
31. Lost Under Ground; or, A Week in the Dark
33. The Young Drover; or, The Secret Order of the Northwest
34. The Boy Captives of the Zulus; or, Held for Ransom. A Tale of Adventure in Africa
35. General Grant's Boy Spy; or, The Hero of Five Forks
36. Iceberg Jack, the Hero of the Arctic
37. The Island Captive; or, Donald Kane's Victory
39. The Black Cross; or, The Mysteries of the Jungle
41. The Haunted Cabin; or, The Secrets of the Swamp
42. Danger Signal Dave, the Dashing Boy Engineer of the West
43. Matt, the Avenger; or, Fighting the Mexican Bandits
44. Saved at Six; or, The Wizard of the Waves
45. The Search for the Golden Skull; or, A Boy's Adventures in Australia
46. Pacific Dick, the Pirate's Dread. A Stirring Tale of the Indian Isles
47. Cyclone, the Horse Runner; or, The Young Lassoer of the Plains
48. Thado, the Thug; or, The Star on the Arm
49. Marked Men; or, The Best Card Last
50. Cruise of the "Silverwing"
51. The Hand of Fate; or, The Hawks of New York
52. The Spy of Toronto. A Story of 1812.
53. Dick, the Pilot; or, The River Pirate's Plot
54. Ranch 5. A Story of the 49ers
55. Fighting Jack; or, A Yankee Boy in Africa
56. One Thousand Miles on Skates. A Story of Exciting Adventure
57. Black Hills Bill; or, The Gold of Canyon Gulch
58. The Pearl of the Pacific; or, Fighting the Savages
59. Bravest of the Brave. A Story of the Mexican War
60. Harpoon Harry; or, The Castaways of the Antarctic
61. Hank Monk, The Stage Driver of the Pacific Slope
62. The Tattooed Hand. A Strange Story of Sea and Land
63. Mark Manely, the Young Engineer. A Story of Stirring Adventures on the Rail
64. The Crimson Cowl; or, The Bandit of San Basilio
65. The Black Diamond. A Story of Cuba's Struggle
66. Hunting the Wolf-Killers; or, Perils in the Northwest
67. Dick Gordon; or, The True Yankee Sailor Boy
68. Brave Bradshaw, the Express Messenger; or, Through by Night with a Million
69. King of the Ice; or, Astray in the Arctic
70. Little Luke, the Driver-Boy of the Mines; or, The Young Hero of the Diamond Shaft. A Story of Life and Adventure Down in a Coal Mine.
71. Mail Train Matt, The King of the Engineers
72. The Magic Rifle; or, Fighting for the Lone Star

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