The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - Harper's Handy Series

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Publisher: Harper & Brothers (New York (N.Y.): Franklin Square) -- United States
Category: Format : Reprint Library
Issues: 159 (Highest number seen)
Dates: 1885-1887
Notes / Commentary: LeBlanc's bibliography ends at No. 45 (though a handwritten note indicates that at least 159 titles exist). Information on issues 45-65 can be found in the copy of No. 65 digitized by the Library of Congress; thanks to Cary Sternick for pointing this out. Additional titles (through #155) based on full-text copies and lists in those items. Dates in LeBlanc for some early issues differ from those seen on copies.
Primary Data Source: LeBlanc
Data Entry Status: In Progress, Partial Listing Available


1. That Terrible Man
2. Society in London
3. Mignon; or, Bootles' Baby
4. Harper's Handy Series, no. 4 (Louisa)
5. Harper's Handy Series, no. 5 (Louisa)
7. How To Play Whist
9. John Needham's Double
10. The Mahdi, Past and Present
11. The World of London
12. The Waters of Hercules
13. She's All the World to Me
14. A Hard Knot
15. Fish and Men in the Maine Islands
18. Souvenirs of Some Continents
19. Cut by the County
20. No Medium
21. Paul Crew's Story
22. Old-World Questions and New-World Answers
23. In Peril and Privation
24. The Flower of Doom, and Other Stories
25. The Luck of the Darrells
26. Houp-La
27. Self-Doomed
28. Malthus and His Work
29. The Dark House
31. The Royal Mail
32. The Sacred Nugget
33. Primus in Indis
34. Musical History
35. In Quarters with the 25th Dragoons
36. Goblin Gold
37. The Wanderings of Ulysses
38. A Barren Title
39. Us. An Old Fashioned Story
40. Ounces of Prevention
41. Half-Way
42. Christmas Angel
43. Mrs. Dymond
44. Bachelor Vicar of Newforth
45. In the Middle Watch. Sea Stories.
46. Tiresias and Other Poems
47. Last Days at Apswich
48. Cabin and Gondola
49. Lester's Secret
50. A Man of Honor, a novel
51. Stories of Provence. From the French of Alphonse Daudet.
52. Twixt Love and Duty, '
53. A Plea for the Constitution of the U. S. of America Wounded in the House of Its Guardians
54. Fortune's Wheel
55. Lord Beaconsfield's correspondence with his sister, 1832-1852
56. Mauleverer's Millions. A Yorkshire Romance
57. What does history teach? Two Edinburgh lectures
58. The Last of the MacAllisters
59. Cavalry Life; or, Sketches and Stories in Barracks and Out
60. Movements of Religious Thought in Britain during the Nineteenth Century
61. Hurrish: A Study
62. Irish history for English readers, from the earliest times to the close of the year 1885
63. Our Sensation Novel
64. In Shallow Waters
65. Tulip Place: A Story of New York
66. With the King at Oxford
67. Sea-Life Sixty Years Ago
68. Doom! An Atlantic Episode
69. The Choice of Books
70. Aunt Rachel
71. Goethe's Faust
72. The Evil Genius: A Domestic Story
73. The Absentee. An Irish Story
74. If Love Be Love
75. French and German Socialism in Modern Times
76. King Arthur
77. The Head Station. A Story of Australian Life
78. Army Society; or, Life in a Garrison Town
79. Pluck. A Novel
80. Her Own Doing
81. Cynic Fortune
82. Effie Ogilvie. The Story of a Young Life
83. Alton Locke, Tailor and Poet
84. A Daughter of the Gods
85. The Open Air
86. Fall of Asgard. The
88. Bad to Beat
90. Our Radicals. A Tale of Love and Politics
91. A Wicked Girl
92. The Long Lane
93. Francis. A Socialistic Romance
94. Baptized With a Curse
95. Comediettas and Farces
96. Marcella Grace. An Irish Novel
97. The Phantom City: A Volcanic Romance
98. Joan Wentworth
99. A Voyage to the Cape
100. In scorn of consequence; or, My brother's keeper
101. The Chaplain's Craze
102. Between Two Loves: A Tale of the West Riding
103. That Winter Night; or, Love's Victory
104. The Bright Star of Life
105. A Guilty River
106. Golden Bells: A Peal in Seven Changes
107. The Nine of Hearts
108. A Modern Telemachus
109. Cashel Byron's Profession
110. Britta. A Shetland Romance.
111. A Child of the Revolution
112. A Strange Inheritance
114. Regimental Legends
115. Yeast. A Problem
116. Cranford
117. Lucy Crofton
119. English Men of Letters, Samuel Johnson
120. English Men of Letters, Edward Gibbon
121. English Men of Letters, Sir Walter Scott
122. English Men of Letters, Shelley
123. English Men of Letters, Hume
124. English Men of Letters, Goldsmith
125. English Men of Letters, Daniel Defoe
126. She: A History of Adventure
127. Machine politics and Money in Elections in New York City
128. English Men of Letters, Robert Burns
129. English Men of Letters, Spenser
130. English Men of Letters: Thackeray
131. English Men of Letters, Burke
132. English Men of Letters, Milton
133. English Men of Letters, Hawthorne
134. English Men of Letters, Southey
135. English Men of Letters, Bunyan
136. English Men of Letters, Chaucer
137. English Men of Letters, Cowper
138. English Men of Letters, Pope
139. Allan Quatermain
140. English Men of Letters, Byron
141. Things Seen
142. English Men of Letters, Locke
143. English Men of Letters, Wordsworth
144. English Men of Letters, Dryden
145. English Men of Letters, Landor
146. English Men of Letters, De Quincey
147. English Men of Letters, Charles Lamb
148. English Men of Letters, Bentley
149. English Men of Letters, Dickens
150. Mignon's Husband
151. English Men of Letters, Gray
152. English Men of Letters, Swift
153. English Men of Letters, Sterne
154. English Men of Letters, Macaulay
155. English Men of Letters, Fielding
156. English Men of Letters, Sheridan
157. Driver Dallas

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