The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - Golden Library

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Publisher: Albert Sibley & Co. (New York (N.Y.): 18 Rose St.) -- United States
Category: Format : Paperback ("Thickbook")
Issues: 78 (Highest number seen advertised)
Dates: October 1, 1886 to December 15, 1889
Schedule: Semi-monthly
Price: 10ยข
Size: 8 1/3 x 5 3/4"
Pages: 64
Illustrations: 3 to 6 full page black & white and 4 to 8 smaller black & white illustrations. No cover illustration. Cover contained logo, title of story and author in black printing. Number, date and imprint was also included on cover.
Publisher's Blurb: "The press, the pulpit, the parents and the general public cry out for bright, pure and attractive reading for boys and girls. Juvenile literature of the demoralizing kind only has heretofore been sold on the news-stands at cheap prices. The GOLDEN LIBRARY comes to the rescue of a long-suffering community. Its pages are full of interest, the stories are original, full of fire and brave endeavor for the right. It is not a goody-goody Sunday-school series. It will not cater to cant, hypocrisy, or violence of any kind. It is for the right, the bright, the pure, the honest, first, last, and all the time. It has no other mission than to supplant the bad with something good that shall be equally as attracting to the young of both sexes and of all conditions. Examine it and read it. The publishers believe it is just the thing, and intend that it shall make a brave fight for recognition on its merits. Give us a good word, if we deserve it, whenever you can. THE GOLDEN LIBRARY is published semi-monthly, and is for sale by all newsdealers, or will be sent by mail, prepaid, on receipt of the price; Subscription, $2.25 a year; single copy, 10 cents."
Notes / Commentary:

A series titled HOME LIBRARY was published by Cobb, Baldwin & Co., Chicago, Ill. Evidently the HOME LIBRARY failed or was taken over by the Albert Sibley & Co. soon after it started. Only one issue of the HOME LIBRARY has been examined, #4, which was dated January 1886 with the title the same as No. 3 of Golden Library, Under the Polar Star! The size of the HOME LIBRARY was similar to Golden Library. It could not have gone above 12 issues as Golden Library began publishing on October 1, 1886.

With No. 67, the Golden Library began reprinting stories from the Cricket Library, a small size black and white library published by the Novelist Pub. Co. with the same address as Sibley. With No. 75 the Golden Library began reprinting its early numbers. Street & Smith bought them out, for in September of 1890 it began reprinting the stories in the Good News Library.

Primary Data Source: LeBlanc
Data Entry Status: Done, Believed Complete


1. One Cent Capital; or, A Young Clerk's Adventures
2. Honor Bright; or, The Young Surveyor of Green River
3. Under the Polar Star; or, The Young Explorers
4. Bound to Win; or, Jack O'Lantern, the Ferry Boy
5. Twenty Crusoes; or, The Grammar School Castaways
6. Barefooted Ben; or, The Boy Who Built a Railroad
7. True to His Colors; or, Bert Nobel, the Young Reporter
8. Working His Way; or, The Brookville Boys' Club
9. Clear Grit; or, A Young Emigrant's Adventures
10. Clear the Way; or, The Boys of Bear Hollow
11. Sent Adrift; or, Around the World on Eighty Cents
12. Wheel and Whistler; or, The Young Pilot of Lake Linden
13. True as Steele; or, The Anvil-Boy of Bessemer Forge
14. Link and Lever; or, The Boy Railroader of Rushville
15. Two Brave Boys; or, The Mystery of the Great North Woods
16. Rought and Ready; or, A Young Hero in Tatters
17. Camp and Canoe; or, Cruise of the Red Jackets in Florida
18. Blowing a Bubble; or, The Bardetown Boys' Stock Company
19. Fighting to Win; or, The Crusoe Boys of Treasure Island
20. Pure Pluck; or, A Telegraph-Boy's Adventures
21. Out West; or, Pioneer Boys of Sun Prairie
22. Afloat with a Circus; or, The Diamond Seekers of Natal
23. Tried and True; or, The Locksmith of Frankford
24. Mail-Bag and Money; or, The Boy Postmaster of Brimfield
25. Up North; or, Making a Man of Himself
26. The Boy Millionaire; or, The Lost Mine of the Sierra Madre
27. Rifle and Rod; or, A Cruise Down the Lake
28. Bright and Early; or, The Boy Who Became a Detective
29. Always on Deck; or, Making a Start in Life
30. Westward Ho! or, The Cabin in the Clearing
31. All Aboard!; or, The Rival Boat-Clubs
32. Up in the Balloon; or, The Gas Well of Mont Clare
33. Tom Barkley's Luck; or, A Brave Boy's Fight for Fortune
34. The Boy Mill Owner; or, Doing His Level Best
35. His Own Master; or, Young Samson of the Iron Mills
36. Plucky Nat; or A Bright Boy's Adventures in Texas
37. Ben Bly's Birthright; or, The Boy Farmer of Fox Valley
38. Dick Farley's Grit; or, A Diamond in the Rough
39. Almost a Man; or, Boy Pilot of the Mississippi
40. Every Inch a Boy; or, An Amateur Actor's Adventures
41. A Good Fight; or, The Fortune of Two Honest Boys
42. An American Boy; or Bound to Take First Place
43. A Young Blue Jacket; or, Enlisted for the War
44. The Boy Politician; or, Electrioneering for the Right
45. For the Right; or, A Young Inventor's Triumph
46. Seeking a Fortune; or, A Brave Boy's Adventures in Mexico
47. Quentin Darrow's Quest; or, Battling for His Brother's Life
48. A Start in Life; or, From Poorhouse to Palace
49. Kenton Worthy's Cave; or, How It Brought Him His Fortune
50. Upward and Onward; or, A Boy with a Mystery
51. The Boy Magician; or Playing to Win His Way
52. Real Hero; or, Adventures in the Great Northwest
53. Boy Author; or, Rolla Rhodes Real Romance
54. The Wonderful Boy; or, Risen from the Ranks
55. Old Tom and Young Dick; or, Adventures by Land Sea
56. Strange Story; or, Adrift in a Great City
57. One Boy's Pluck; or, Cast on His Own Resources
58. A Boy at the Top; and How He Got There
59. Shifting for Himself; or, The Mystery of Giant-Forest
60. Fast Friends; or, Ned Arthur's Fortunes
61. Boy Caribou-Hunters; or, Treasure-Trove of Hudson Bay
62. Boy's Devotion; or, Folfing a False Clew
63. Dark to Dawn; or, Two American Boys Abroad
64. Bob Rae's Nugget; or, Triumphs of Two Adventurous Boys
65. Uphill; or, Taking His Rightful Place
66. Proving His Innocence; or, The Golden Ingots of the Pacific
67. Fighting His Way; or, The Tobaggan Boys of Warrick
68. Three Sailor Boys; or, A Cruise to Central America
69. Tom Brown's Pluck; or, The Fortunes of a Soldier Boy
70. Patriot Paul; or, The Boys of Seventy-Six
71. Powder-Monkey Joe; or, The Young Yankee Blue-Jacket
72. Never Say Die; or, The Young Surveyor of Happy Valley
73. The Young Cliff-Climber; or, How Joe King Made His Mark
74. Snow-Shoe Sam; or, The Boy Trappers of the Maine Woods
75. One Cent Capital; or, A Young Clerk's Adventures
76. Honor Bright; or, The Young Surveyor of Green River
77. Under the Polar Star; or, The Young Explorers
78. Bound to Win; or, Jack O'Lantern, the Ferry Boy

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