The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - Alger Series (Street & Smith - 2nd Series)

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Publisher: Street & Smith (New York (N.Y.)) -- United States
Category: Format : Paperback ("Thickbook")
Issues: 140
Dates: February 1928 to June 1933
Schedule: Bi-weekly
Price: 15ยข
Size: 7 x 5"
Pages: 240 to 300
Illustrations: Colored pictorial cover appropriate for each story
Notes / Commentary: Following the completion of the first series, this reissue series began in February 1928 and continued for 140 issues. The issues were rearranged so that all of the Alger titles were consecutive, causing some renumbering of other titles. Some of the Stratemeyer titles were dropped.
Primary Data Source: LeBlanc
Data Entry Status: Done, Believed Complete


1. Driven From Home
2. A Cousin's Conspiracy; or, A Boy's Struggle for an Inheritance
3. Ned Newton; or, The Fortunes of a New York Bootblack
4. Andy Gordon, or, The fortunes of a young janitor
5. Tony, the Tramp; or, Right is Might
6. The $500 Check; or, Jacob Marlowe's Secret
7. Helping himself
8. Making His Way
9. Try and trust
10. Only an Irish Boy; or, Andy Burke's Fortune
11. Jed, the Poorhouse Boy; or, Alone in New York
12. Chester Rand
13. Grit, the Young Boatman
14. Joe's Luck; or, A Boy's Adventures in California
15. From Farm Boy to Senator. The Boyhood and Manhood of Daniel Webster
16. The Young Outlaw; or, Adrift in the Streets
17. Jack's ward
18. Dean Dunham; or, The Waterford Mystery
19. In a New World
20. Both Sides of the Continent; or, Mark Stanton
21. The Store Boy; or, The Fortunes of Ben Barclay
22. Brave and Bold
23. A New York Boy
24. Bob Burton; or, The Young Ranchman of the Missouri
25. The Young adventurer
26. Julius, the Street Boy; or, A Waif's Rise from Poverty
27. Adrift in New York; or, Tom and Florence Braving the World
28. Tom Brace: Who He Was and How He Fared
29. Struggling Upward; or, Luke Larkin's Luck
30. Adventures of a New York Telegraph Boy; or, Number 91
31. Tom Tracy; or, The Trials of a New York Newsboy
32. The Young Acrobat; or, The Great North American Circus
33. Bound to Rise
34. Hector's inheritance; or, The Boys of Smith Institute
35. Do and dare; or, A Brave boy's fight for fortune
36. The Tin Box and What It Contained
37. Tom, the Bootblack; or, A Western Boy's Success
38. Risen from the Ranks; or, Harry Walton's Success
39. Shifting for Himself; or, Gilbert Greyson's Fortune
40. Wait and Hope; or, A Plucky Boy's Luck
41. Sam's chance and how he improved it
42. Striving for Fortune; or, Walter Griffith's Trials and Successes
43. Phil, the Fiddler; or, The Story of a Young Street Musician
44. Slow and Sure; or, From the Sidewalk to the Shop
45. Walter Sherwood's Probation; or, Cool Head and Warm Heart
46. The Trials and Triumphs of Mark Mason
47. Young Salesman
48. Andy Grant's Pluck
49. Facing the World
50. Luke Walton; or, The Chicago Newsboy
51. Strive and Succeed; or, The Progress of Walter Conrad
52. From Canal Boy to President. The Boyhood and Manhood of James A. Garfield.
53. The Erie Train Boy
54. Paul, the Peddler; or, The Fortunes of a Young Street Merchant
55. The Young miner, or, Tom Nelson out West
56. Charlie Codman's cruise, or, A young sailor's pluck
57. A Debt of Honor; or, On His Own Merit
58. Young Explorer; or, Claiming His Fortunes
59. Ben's Nugget; or, A Triumph of the Right
60. The Errand Boy. A Story for Boys
61. Frank and Fearless; or, Won By Pluck
62. Frank Hunter's Peril; or, A Struggle for the Right
63. Adrift in the City; or, Won by Grit
64. Tom Thatcher's Fortune; or, The Secret of a Letter
65. Tom Turner's Legacy, and How He Secured It
66. Dan, the Newsboy; or, Winning Success
67. Digging for Gold; or, Bound to Make His Way
68. Lester's Luck; or, Won By Courage
69. In Search of Treasure; or, A Lucky Find
70. Frank's Campaign; or, The Farm and the Camp
71. Bernard Brooks' Adventures; or, Working His Way Upward
72. Robert Coverdale's Struggle; or, On the Wave of Success
73. Paul Prescott's Charge; or, On Fortune's Wheel
74. Mark Manning's Mission; or, Making His Own Fortune
75. Rupert's Ambition; or, A Struggle for Success
76. Sink or Swim; or, Pluck Always Succeeds
77. The Backwoods Boy; or, The Story of Abraham Lincoln
78. Tom Temple's Career; or, A Struggle for Fame and Fortune
79. Ben Bruce; or, Only a Bowery Newsboy
80. The Young Musician; or, Fighting His Way
81. The Telegraph boy, or, Making his way in New York
82. Work and Win; or, A Hard Earned Reward
83. The Train Boy; or, Up the Ladder
84. The Cash Boy; or, From Prison to Fortune
85. Herbert Carter's Legacy; or, The Inventor's Son
86. Strong and Steady; or, Paddle Your Own Canoe
87. Lost at Sea; or, Robert Roscoe's Strange Cruise
88. From Farm to Fortune;or, Nat Nason's Strange Experience
89. Young Captain Jack; or, The Son of a Soldier
90. Joe, the Hotel Boy, or, Winning Out By Pluck
91. Out for Business; or, Robert Frost's Strange Career
92. Falling In With Fortune; or, The Experiences of a Young Secretary
93. Nelson, the Newsboy; or, Afloat in New York
94. Randy of the River; or, The Adventures of a Young Deckhand
95. Jerry, the Backwoods Boy; or, The Parkhurst Treasure
96. Ben Logan's Triumph; or, The Boys of Boxwood Academy
97. The Young Book Agent; or, Frank Hardy's Road to Success
98. Luck and Pluck; or, John Oakley's Inheritance
99. Ragged Dick; or, Street Life in New York
100. Fame and Fortune; or, The Progress of Richard Hunter
101. Mark, the Match Boy; or, Richard Hunter's Ward
102. Oliver Bright's Search
103. To Alaska for Gold
104. The Young Auctioneer
105. Bound to Be an Electrician; or, A Clear Head and a Stout Heart
106. Shorthand Tom
107. Fighting for His Own
108. Joe, the Surveyor
109. Larry, the Wanderer
110. The Young Ranchman
111. The Young Lumberman
112. The Young Explorers
113. Boys of the Wilderness
114. Boys of the Great Northwest
115. Boys of the Gold Fields
116. For His Country
117. Comrades in Peril
118. The Young Pearl Hunters
119. The Young Bandmaster
120. Boys of the Fort
121. On Fortune's Trail
122. Lost in the Land of Fire
123. Bob, the Photographer
124. Among the Missing
125. His Own Helper; or, By Sheer Pluck
126. Honest Kit Dunstable; or, The Boy Who Earned Money
127. Every Inch a Boy
128. The Young Pilot; or, Steady Hand and True Eye
129. Always in Luck
130. Rich and Humble
131. In School and Out
132. Watch and Wait
133. Work and Win
134. Hope and Have
135. Haste and Waste; or, The Young Pilot of Lake Champlain
136. Royal Tarr's Pluck
137. The Prisoners of the Cave
138. Louis Chiswick's Mission
139. The Professor's Son
140. The Young Hermit; or, Adventures Afloat and Ashore

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