The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - Gleason's Pictorial Novelettes

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Publisher: F. Gleason (Boston (Mass.)) -- United States
Category: Format : Larger Booklet
Issues: 62?
Dates: October 1866 ? to June 1872 ? (They were not advertised in Oct. 1872); dating has been assigned based on ads and may be in error by a month or two.
Schedule: Monthly (apparently, based on ads)
Price: 25ยข
Publisher's Blurb: "We have just published the following highly entertaining novelettes, in large pamphlet form; each book contains, besides a complete Novel and short Stories, over Fifty large, fine engravings, and forming the cheapest books in price ever offered to the public."
Physical Description: They were evidently unnumbered.
Notes / Commentary: LeBlanc never saw one. Advertised in Home Circle issues of 1869 and 1872.
Primary Data Source: LeBlanc
Data Entry Status: Done, Believed Complete


1. The Forcellini Rubies; or, The Crystal Model. A Tale of Venice
2. Kilbebry Rocks; or, The Phantom of the Oaks
3. The Secret Marriage. A Romance of New England Life
4. Jennette Alison, or, The Young Strawberry Girl
5. Nancie; or, The Witch of the Ruined Abbey. A Romance of France
6. Seneca, the Delaware Brave; or, The Sisters of Fort William Henry
7. Rodolpho; or, The Man with Many Names
8. The Mute Doctor; or, The Man with Many Names
9. The Mystic Riders of Aga Hassam
10. The Foster Sisters of Venice. A Romance of Italy.
11. Orlando Melville; or, The Inquisitor's Punishment
12. The Countess; or, The Inquisitor's Punishment
13. Dark Sybil; or, The Fortunes of the Cathterwoods
14. The White Lily and the Red Rose
15. The Signet Ring; or, The Twin Princess of Grandda
16. Evesham Hall and Its Mysteries
17. The Hermit of the Hudson
18. Amy Earle; or, The Heiress of Cedar Grove
19. The Border League; or, The Camp and the Cabin
20. The Brinley Shell; or, The Miser and His Niece. A Tale of Witchcraft and Mystery
21. The Lost Heir; or, The Young American Soldier
22. Micmac; or, The Settlement on the Oswego
23. The Magician of Naples; or, Love and Necromancy
24. The Royal Greens; or, The Scout of the Susquehanna
25. The Dwarf of the Channel; or, The Commodore's Daughter
26. The Gypsey's Curse; or, The Stolen Countess
27. The Mysterious Hunter; or, The Mountain Cabin
28. Henry La Nuit; or, The Foundling of the Castle
29. Konrad's Mission; or, The Mountain Cabin
30. Ginerva; or, The Palace of Seven Towers
31. Dame Jennie; or, The Mysterious Actress of St. James
32. The Haunted Castle of Ermenstein
33. The Rival Sisters; or, Trials of the Heart
34. Naomi; or, North and South
35. Ralph Raymond's Heir
36. Uncle Josh's Will; or, The Fiend of the Flames
37. Wharton, the Whale-Killer; or, The Pride of the Pacific
38. Disinherited; or, The Heir of Montcombe
39. Life From Death; or, Miss Arlingcourt's Will
40. The Black Knight; or, The Wandering Bohemian
41. Angela; or, The Convent of Santa Clara
42. Roderick, the Rover; or, The Spirit of the Wave
43. The Texan Bravo; or, The Lone Star of Texas : a tale of the early life in the Southwest
44. The Bel Isabel; or, The Conspirators of Cuba
45. The Earl's Ward; or, The Secrets of the Coast
46. The Secret of a Life; or, The Fearful Bond of the Vendetta
47. The Child of the Wreck; or, The Stolen Bracelets
48. The Phantom of the Sea; or, The Red Cross and the Crescent
49. The Castilian Bride; or, The Spanish Cavalier
50. The Gipsy's Revenge; or, Might Against Right
51. The Armorer of Tyre; or, The Oracle and Its Priest
52. Hugh Capet; or, The Crown and the Sword
53. The Musketeer. A Tale of Military Life.
54. The Countess; or, The Iron Cross
55. The Lady Imogen; or, The Wreck and the Chase
56. The Russian Guardsman. A Tale of Sea and Shore.
57. The Chinese Juggler; or, The Grandee's Plot
58. The Gypsy Brigand; or, The Child of the Sierra
59. The Venetian Buccaneer; or, The Prophet of the Bohmer Wald
60. The Plague of the Marseilles; or, The Herdsmen of the Black Mountains
61. Searle, the Outlaw; or, The Spirits of the League
62. The Secret Power; or, The Phantom Portrait

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