The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - The Giant Series

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Publisher: George Munro's Sons (New York (N.Y.): 17 to 27 Vandewater St.) -- United States
Category: Format : Reprint Library
Issues: 104 (Highest number seen advertised)
Dates: Dec. 11, 1896 to April 10, 1897
Schedule: Daily
Price: 25¢ (later advertised at 10¢ ea. or 25 for $1.50)
Size: 12 x 8 1/2"
Pages: 80
Illustrations: None
Publisher's Blurb: (from Savoy Series ad) "These books are quarto size, printed on good paper, with handsome covers, and are Complete and Unabridged."
Physical Description: Have reviewed one copy, No. 52. Title at top, author centered a few spaces below. A design runs across the page just below the author's name. Centered is the schedule "Issued Daily." Title of series "The Giant Series" and price "Price 25 cents." A thin rule across the entire cover. Postage imprint with date and copyright notice and subscription price "$25.00 per annum" in two lines. A repeat of the design across the cover near the bottom followed by publisher's imprint at bottom. Verso of cover has list of Giant Series with price listed at 10¢ which is at odds with the cover price. Another list to 104 seen in No. 273 Savoy Series.
Primary Data Source: LeBlanc
Data Entry Status: Done, Believed Complete


1. Westward Ho!
2. The Count of Monte Cristo; or, The Revenge of Edmond Dantes
3. The Wandering Jew
4. The Mysteries of Paris
5. Don Quixote
6. The Arabian Nights Entertainments
7. Les Misérables
8. Vanity Fair
9. On the Heights
10. The Pickwick Papers
11. Robinson Crusoe
12. The Children of the Abbey. A Tale
13. Lorna Doone
14. The Life of Christ
15. The Freres. A Novel
16. The Swiss Family Robinson
17. Charles O'Malley
18. Handy Andy: A Tale of Irish Life
19. East Lynne
20. John Halifax, Gentleman
21. Under Two Flags
22. A Woman Hater
23. Matrimony: a novel
24. All Sorts and Conditions of Men
25. Lady Audley's Secret
26. Jane Eyre
27. "Good-Bye, Sweetheart!" A Novel
28. Daniel Deronda and The Lifted Veil
29. The Initials
30. Minnie Gray
31. Gus Howard; or, How to win a wife
32. The Poor Girl
33. Hagar Lot
34. The Last Days of Pompeii
35. Henry Dunbar
36. Ten Thousand a Year
37. The Diary of a Physician
38. The Executor
39. Not Like Other Girls
40. Uarda. A Romance of Ancient Egypt
41. File 113; or, The Secret of the Plundered Safe. The Greatest Detective Story Ever Written
42. Tom Brown's Schooldays
43. The Deerslayer
44. David Copperfield
45. Ivanhoe
46. The Three Musketeers
47. Twenty Years After
48. The Vicomte de Bragelonne
49. Twenty Years After
50. Louise de la Valliere
51. The Man in the Iron Mask
52. Harry Ashton
53. Ellen de Vere, or, The Way of the Will
54. Woman and Her Master
55. Fred Vernon, or The Victim of Avarice
56. Harold Tracy
57. Bella Trelawney; or, Time Works Wonders
58. The Virgin Queen
59. Charles Vavasseur
60. Henri de la Tour
61. Lady Ashleigh
62. The Banker's Secret
63. Nanon; or, Women's war
64. Isabel of Bavaria
65. Catherine Blum
66. Captain Paul
67. The Three Strong Men
68. Ingenue
69. Adventures of a Marquis
70. Ascanio
71. The Last of the Mohicans
72. The Pathfinder; or, The Inland Sea
73. The Pioneers
74. The Prairie
75. Doctor Basilius
76. An Ocean Free Lance
77. The Tower of London; a historical romance
78. The King's Own
79. Frank Mildmay
80. Newton Forster, or The Merchant Service
81. The Pacha of Many Tales
82. The Pirate and The Three Cutters (The Pirate and 1 more item)
83. Snarleyow, or The Dog Fiend
84. Poor Jack
85. The Poacher
86. The Dead Guest, and other tales
87. The Pilgrim's Progress
88. The Two Dianas
89. The Page of the Duke of Savory
90. Marguerite de Valois
91. Chicot, the Jester
92. The Forty-Five Guardsmen
93. The Black Tulip
94. Beau Lancrede; or, The Marriage Verdict
95. The Conspirators
96. The Regent's Daughter
97. Joseph Ralsamo
98. Memoirs of a Physician
99. The Queen's Necklace; or, Royalty's Dangers and Defenders. A Historical Romance
100. Six Years Later
101. The Countess de Charny
102. Andrée de Taverney; or, The Downfall of French Monarchy
103. Chevalier to Maison Rouge
104. The Corsican Brothers

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