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Series - Frank Starr's American Novels

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Publisher: Frank Starr & Co. (New York (N.Y.): 41 Platt St.) -- United States
Category: Format : Small Booklet
Issues: 221
Dates: 1869 to May 8, 1877
Schedule: Monthly (after no. 18)
Columns: 1 (from Nos. 1-137); 2 (from Nos. 138-221)
Price: 10¢
Size: 6 1/2" x 4 1/4" (Nos. 1 to 137)
9" x 5 3/4 " (Nos.138 to 221)
7 3/4" x 5 3/4" (some reprints)
Pages: 100 (from Nos. 1-137); 36-100 (from Nos. 138-221)
Illustrations: Black ink drawing on paper wrapper cover in earlier issues; stenciled color covers in later issues
Publisher's Blurb: In No. 18, a notice reads:

Frank Starr having purchased the entire stock, stereotype plates, copyrights, good-will, etc. of the American Novel Series, has reconstructed the business⁠—

1st. By canceling from the list two-thirds of those hitherto published in the series, as not being up to the standard to which he will bring each and every succeeding issue.
2d. By calling into requisition the best authors in the field of Border and Indian Romance, and Life in the West.
3d. By adopting the title American Star Novels, and using the Star as a trade-mark.

The list of books now identified with this series comprises works of rare interest and novelty. The new volumes forthcoming will be of the same sterling character, delineating, in graphic and original style, Adventures and Incidents of the Trapping-grounds, the Frontier Settlements, the Forest Camp, the Trail, the Woods, the Waters and the Prairies of the Far West. The design will be to produce the best books of their kind in the world, far surpassing any of the other ten cent books now on the market.
Frank Starr & Co., Publishers, 41 Platt St., N. Y.

No. 137 contained the following annoucement:

A Twenty-five cent book for Ten Cents!
Frank Starr's Ten-Cent Novels Enlarged!

It gives us great pleasure to announce to the large audience who are now regular readers of our popular and admirable issues,

A New Series
Frank Starr's American Novels

Enlarged to double their present size⁠—
With beautifully illuminated covers⁠—
Comprising the most celebrated romances of
Dr. J. H. Robinson,
Ned Buntline,
Gustav Aimard, etc., etc., etc.

A Twenty-five cent novel for ten cents.

To present a series of the masterpieces of these noted story-tellers is the purpose of this New Series. It will embrace a considerable number of novels hitherto not accessible to readers, or only to be had in more expensive shape. Having secured their copyrights, it will be our pleasure to issue them in most attractive form, and at the unprecedented cheap price which has hitherto characterized our publications, viz. ten cents each!

More for the money never before was offered, in mere quantity, and when we say the series will contain the very best productions of the noted authors named, we make an announcement that we are sure will be received with enthusiasm by all lovers of American Life-Romance.
Physical Description: Earlier are quarto booklets with yellow or buff wrappers. Later issues have cut stencil coloring on the cover.
Notes / Commentary: "The date of the beginning of the new firm is approximately fixed by the appearance of their first publication. This, curiously enough, was No. 18 of Frank Starr's American Novels, and not No. 1, which one would naturally expect....

"Number 18 is the first Starr's American Novel which is not a reprint of one of Irwin's American Novels.... That they chose to begin with No. 18 was possibly owing to the fact that they had received by purchase a good stock of seventeen of the Irwin novels rather than that these were better than the remainder, and these were encased in new wrappers and renamed Starr's American Novels, Nos. 1 to 17....

"The actual dates when the novels appeared on the market, as shown by newspaper advertisements, were, in some cases, as many as four or five days before the announced dates. In the following list, the announced dates are given."--Johannsen, A. House of Beadle and Adams
Primary Data Source: Johannsen
Data Entry Status: Done, Believed Complete


1. The Wood Rangers. A Tale of the Revolution
2. The Patriot Scouts; or, The Green-Mountain Boys
3. Peleg Smith. A Tale of Wild and Humorous Adventure in the Tropics
4. The Backwoodsmen; or, On the Trail
5. The Phantom Chief; or, The Indian's Revenge
6. The Prairie Trail; or, Tim Button, the Trapper
7. The Black Scout; or, The Enchanted Island. A Tale of the Mohave Country
8. Westward Bound. A Tale of the Present Day
9. Chinga, the Cheyenne
10. Wallowish. A Legend of the Susquehanna
11. The Young Pioneer; or, Life on the Frontier
12. The Beautiful Unknown; or, The Haunted House
13. The Jungle Scout. A Romance of India
14. The Steam Man of the Prairies
15. The Red Foe; or, The Hut in the Forest
16. Lew Wetzel, the Scout; or, The Captives of the Wilderness
17. Kit Carson, the Guide; or, Perils of the Frontier
18. Kill-Bar, the Guide; or, The Long Trail
19. Buck Buckram; or, Bess, the Female Trapper. A Tale of the Far Southwest
20. Trapper Ben; or, The Mountain Demon. A Tale of the Black Hills
21. Canebrake Mose, the Swamp Guide
22. Old Lute, the Indian Fighter; or, The Den in the Hills
23. The Prairie Pirates; or, The Hunter's Revenge
24. Red Claw, the One-Eyed Trapper; or, The Maid of the Cliff
25. The Free Trappers; or, The White Spirit of the Hills
26. The Border Scout; or, Joe Wier on the War-Path
27. The Bandit Hermit; or, The Captive of the Cave
28. Keen-Eye, the Ranger; or, The Hunter's Daughter
29. The Giant Trapper; or, The Flower of the Blackfeet
30. Nick Gnarl, the Dwarf Guide; or, The Three Trails
31. Sib Cone, the Mountain Trapper
32. The Specter Spy; or, The Wizard Canoe
33. Tom Hawk, the Trailer; or, The Forest Tragedy. A Story of Early Border Life
34. The River Rifles; or, The Fate of the Flatboat
35. The Renegade Chief; or, The Trapper's Last Trail
36. Hank, the Guide; or, The Wrong Trail
37. White Slayer, the Avenger; or, The Doomed Red-Skins
38. The Red Ranger; or, The Panther of the Plains
39. The Forest Outlaw; or, The Branded Brigand
40. Red Jacket, the Huron; or, The Belle of the Border
41. Wild Raven, the Scout; or, The Missing Guide
42. Tom Pintle, the Pilot. A Tale of the Three Years' War
43. The White Warrior; or, The Track of the Avenger
44. Lone Star, the Texan Scout; or, The Jarocho's Sister
45. Ham, the Hunter; or, The Outlaw's Crime
46. The Hunter Guide; or, The Black Wolf of the Border
47. Old Strategy, the Trapper Ventriloquist
48. Scarlet Moccasin; or, The Forest Fort's Queen
49. Mad Anthony's Scouts; or, The Rangers of Kentucky
50. The Miner Rangers; or, The Scarlet Shoulders
51. The Cannibal Chief; or, The Mountain Guide
52. The Skeleton Scout; or, The Border Block
53. Thornpath, the Trailer; or, The Perils of the Prairie
54. The Black Rider; or, Love and Life on the Border
55. Green Jacket, the Gunmaker of the Border; or, The Hunted Maiden
56. The Valley Scout. A Stirring Indian Tale
57. The Black Dwarf; or, Tiger-Tail, the Seminole
58. Silent Shot, the Slayer; or, The Secret Chamber of the Hunter's Lodge
59. Iron Hand, Chief of the Tory League; or, The Double Face
60. The Man-Hunters; or, The Scourge of the Mines
61. The Three Trappers; or, The Apache Chief's Ruse
62. The Scalpless Hunter; or, The Young Ranger's Mission. A Tale of the Miami
63. Bald Head, the Hunter; or, Red Star, the Spirit of the Lake
64. The Haunted Hunter; or, Bill Blaze, the Luckless Trapper
65. The Wood Witch; or, The Squatter's Secret
66. Cloudwood; or, The Daughter of the Wilderness
67. Rainbolt, the Ranger; or, The Aerial Demon of the Mountain
68. The Indian Scout; or, Crazy Slack, the Whisky-Trader
69. The Phantom Hunter; or, Love after Death
70. Tahle, the Trailer; or, The Block-House
71. The Mad Miner; or, The Trapper's Secret
72. Weptonomah, the Hunted Wolf of the Wyandots; or, The Renegade's Prisoner. A Tale of the Lake Trail
73. The Secret Slayer; or, Dingle, the Outlaw
74. The Phantom Trail; or, The Prairie Rangers
75. The Red Guide; or, The Rescue
76. The Rollo, the Boy Ranger; or, The Heiress of the Golden Horn
77. Dusky Darrell, Trapper; or, The Angel of the Wilderness
78. Lynx-Cap; or, The Sioux Trail
79. Frank Starr's American Novels, no. 79 (The Red Spy. A Tale of the Mohawk in 1777 and 1 more item)
80. The Heart-Eater; or, The Prophet of the Hollow Hill
81. Blue Belt, the Guide; or, The Red Compact
82. Montbars, the Scourge; or, The Fair Rivals
83. The Tangled Trail; or, Signals of Danger
84. Wild Nat, the Trapper and Indian-Fighter
85. The Boy Spy; or, The Young Avenger
86. The Scalp King; or, The Squaw Wife of the White Avenger
87. The Wolf-Queen; or, The Giant Hermit of the Scioto
88. The Boy Chief; or, The Doomed Twenty
89. The Squaw Guide; or, The Red River Rifles. A Tale of the North Frontier
90. The Skull Hunter; or, The Mingo's Captive
91. The Red Wizard; or, The Cave Captive
92. Delaware Tom; or, The Traitor Guide
93. The Girl Avenger; or, The Beautiful Terror of the Maumee. A Romance of 1794
94. The Wild Horseman; or, The Prairie Tournament
95. Death-Dealer, the Shawnee Scourge; or, The Wizard of the Cliffs. A Story of Border Life
96. The Phantom Rider; or, The Giant Chief's Fate. A Tale of the Old Dahcotah Country
97. The Masked Spy; or, The Wild Rider of the Hills. A Romance of the Ramapo
98. The Mad Trail-Hunter; or, The Giant Scourge of the Kickapoos
99. Merciless Matt; or, Red Thunderbolt's Secret. A Tale of the Giant Half-Breed's Haunt
100. Red-Ax, the Indian Giant; or, The River Stockade. A Tale of Border Life
101. The Forest Fiend; or, The Border Riflemen. A Romance of the Black-Hawk Uprising
102. Clyde, the Trailer; or, The Brothers of Death. A Romance of the Plains
103. Kenton, the Ranger; or, The Hunted Fawn. A Tale of the Licking Trail
104. The Hunter Hercules; or, The Champion Rider of the Plains
105. Star-Face, the Slayer; or, The Mystery of the Iron-Bound Box. A Tale of the Early Kentucky Forts
106. Cortina, the Scourge of the Rio Grande; or, The Lost Diamond
107. The Texas Hawks; or, The Strange Decoy
108. The Yellow Hunter; or, The Winding Trail of Death
109. Little Rifle, the Boy Trapper; or, The Young Hunters of Oregon
110. Old Ruff, the Trapper; or, The Young Fur-Hunters
111. Sharp-Eye, the White Chief of the Sioux. A Romance of the Far West
112. Phil Hunter, the Boy Scourge; or, The Shawnee Maid's Sacrifice. A Story of the Old Miami Country
113. Mori, the Man-Hunter; or, The Counterfeiters of the Border
114. The Dog Avenger; or, Apache Jack's Desert Trail
115. Red-Knife, the Wyandotte; or, The Arrow-Maker of the Miamis
116. The Boy Pilot; or, The Island Wreckers
117. The Elk-Demon; or, The Doom of the Twin Traitors
118. The Bear-Hunter; or, Davy Crockett as a Spy
119. The Phantom Tracker; or, The Prisoner of the Hill Cave
120. Double-Hand, the Dark Destroyer; or, Bashful Bill, the Northern Spy
121. Moccasin Bill; or, Cunning Serpent, the Ojibwah. A Romance of Big Stone Lake
122. Frontier Shack, the Island Trapper; or, The Young White-Buffalo Hunters
123. Cato, the Creeper; or, The Demon of Dead Man's Forest
124. Outlaw Jack; or, The Mountain Devil. A Tale of the Overland Route
125. Rattling Dick, the Mountain Outlaw; or, The Mystery of Diamond Gulch
126. Silver Rifle, the Girl Trailer; or, The White Tigers of Lake Superior
127. The Red Prophet; or, The Death-Spirit of the Dacotahs. A Tale of the Gachmantees
128. The Antelope Boy; or, Smoholler, the Medicine-Man. A Tale of Indian Adventure and Mystery
129. The Specter Horseman; or, Cimarron Jack's Last Hunt
130. Left-Handed Pete, the Florida Scout; or, The Everglade Princess' Treason
131. The Squaw Spy; or, The Rangers of the Lava-Beds
132. The Branded Brave; or, The Trail of Death
133. Spanish Jack, the Mountain Bandit; or, The Pledge of Life
134. The Witch Queen; or, The Old Trapper's Big Trail. A Romance of Devil's Gulch
135. Wolf-Cap; or, The Night-Hawks of the Fire-Lands. A Tale of the Bloody Fort
136. The Red Hermitess; or, The Caravan's Prizes
137. Old Pegs, the Mountaineer; or, The Rival Trappers
138. Kid Kerly, the Trapper; or, Nattie of the Woods
139. The Fighting Trapper; or, Kit Carson to the Rescue. A Tale of Wild Life on the Plains
140. Thayendanegea, the Terrible; or, The War-Eagle of the Mohawks. A Romance of Early New York
141. The Black Horse of the Prairies; or, Days of Peril. A Thrilling Story of Texan Adventure
142. The Texan Spy; or, The Prairie Guide
143. The Gulf Pirate; or, The Freebooters of the Mississippi. A Story of Land and Ocean
144. One-Eyed Sim; or, The Forest Home. A Story of the Pawnee War
145. Old Rube, the Hunter; or, The Crow Captive. A Tale of the Great Plains
146. Doblado, the Outlaw; or, The Oronoco Chief. A Tale of Love and War
147. The Red Warrior; or, Stella Delorme's Comanche Lover. A Romance of Savage Chivalry
148. The Son of the Sea; or, The Cutter's Cruise. A Romance of the Decks and the Reefs
149. The Texan Herdsman; or, The Hermit of the Colorado Hills. A Story of the Pampas
150. Stung Serpent, the Last Chief of the Natchez. A Tale of Louisiana in the Olden Time
151. Scouting Dave; or, The Winnebago Renegade. A Story of the Black Hawk War
152. The Arkansas Regulators; or, How Ned Studley Won His Wife
153. The Slaver Captain; or, Scuttled at Sea. A Story of a Cruise off the African Coast
154. The Secret Shot; or, The Rivals of Misty Mount. A Romance of the Old North State
155. Mike, the Guide; or, Lost upon the Plains. A Story of Life in Texas
156. Waving Plume; or, The Free Trappers' Pass. A Romance of the Gold Regions
157. Border Ben; or, The Fatal Treasure. A Story of the Niagara Frontier
158. The Black Hunter; or, The Cave Secret. A Story of Northern New York in 1806
159. The Young Ranger; or, The Frontier Scouts. A Wildwood Tale
160. Tom Wiley. the North-West Scout. A Romance of Upper Minnesota
161. Loyal Heart, the Pale-Face Hunter; or, The Trappers of Arkansas
162. Old Nick Whiffles; or, The Trapper of the Northwest
163. The Gold Guide; or, Steel Arm, the Regulator
164. The Death Track; or, The Outlaws of the Mountain
165. The White Wizard; or, The Great Prophet of the Seminoles. A Tale of Strange Mystery in the South and North
166. Hirl, the Hunchback; or, The Swordmaker of the Santee
167. The Tiger-Slayer; or, Eagle-Head to the Rescue
168. Alapaha, the Squaw; or, The Renegades of the Border
169. The Border Bandits; or, The Horse-Thief's Trail
170. Assowaum, the Avenger; or, The Doom of the Destroyers
171. Saul Sabberday, the Idiot Spy; or, Luliona, the Seminole
172. The Prairie Flower; or, The Baffled Chief
173. Mountain Max; or, Nick Whiffles on the Border. A Tale of Wild Life in Missouri
174. The Silent Rifleman. A Tale of the Texan Prairies
175. Long-Armed Sampson; or, The Scout of the Silver Pond. A Revolutionary Story
176. Red Ralph, the Ranger; or, The Brother's Revenge
177. The Giant Trailer; or, The Lost Scalp. A Romance of the Gold Region
178. The Doomed Guide; or, The Hunter's Trail. A Romance of the Gila
179. The Ranger's Rifle; or, The Wolf of the War-Path. A Romance of the Plains
180. War-Axe; or, The Trapper's Revenge. A Romance of the Apache Trail
181. Redpath, the Avenger; or, The Fair Huntress of the South-west. A Tale of the Trapping-Grounds
182. The Blue Brotherhood; or, The Young Patroon's Inheritance
183. The Smuggler; or, The Shipper's Crime. A Tale of Ship and Shore
184. The Trail Hunter; or, Red Cedar, the Prairie Outlaw
185. The Pirates of the Prairies; or, The Bandit at Bay
186. The Trapper's Daughter; or, The Outlaw's Fate
187. Old Tiger, the Patriot; or, The Heroine of the Mohawk. A Tale of Patriot Devotion and Tory Treachery
188. The Sea Bandit; or, The Queen of the Isle
189. The Bush Ranger; or, The Half-Breed Brigade
190. The Outlaw Hunter; or, Red John, the Bush-Ranger
191. Golden Feather; or, The Buccaneer's Daughter
192. California Joe; or, The Angel of the Wilderness
193. Bob Brant, Patriot and Spy
194. The Border Spy; or, The Beautiful Captive of the Rebel Camp
195. Old Hal Williams; or, The Spy of Atlanta
196. Bella Burt, the Bushwhacker's Daughter
197. Sergeant Slasher; or, The Border Feud
198. Old Guess Markham; or, The Cavalry Scout. A Tale of the Siege of Richmond
199. Crazy Dan; or, Fight Fire With Fire. A Tale of East Tennessee
200. Old Ben Manx; or, The Secret Dispatches
201. Old Bill Woodworth, the Scout of the Cumberland
202. The scout's vow
203. True Blue; or, The Writing in Cipher
204. The Black Bandit; or, The Guerrillas of the Osage
205. The Loyal Specter; or, The True Hearts of Atlanta
206. The Outlaw Brothers; or, The Captive of the Harpes. A Tale of the Early Kentucky Settlements
207. The Old Flag; or, Home at Last
208. Captain Hayward's Spy; or, The Prisoner of the Mill
209. The Swamp Scout; or, Marion's Brigade
210. The Deer-Hunters; or, Life and Love in the Ottawa Country
211. The Cotton Thief. A Tale of the Red River Country
212. Old Peggy Boggs; or, Nick Whiffles in the War
213. The Vicksburg Spy; or, Found and Lost
214. On the Border; or, The Bride of the Wilderness. An Episode of the Border
215. Kate Sharp; or, The Two Conscripts
216. The Wood-Demon. A Legend of the Susquehanna
217. The Traitor's Doom; or, The Heiress of Belle Vista. A Tale of the Great Rebellion in the Crescent City
218. The Silver Bullet; or, The Backwoods Somnambulist
219. The Death-Shot. A Story of a Young Hunter's Life
220. Silver Tongue; or, The Dacotah Queen
221. Prairie Chick; or, The Quaker Among the Red-Skins

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