The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

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Frank Starr's American Novels

19. Buck Buckram; or, Bess, the Female Trapper. A Tale of the Far Southwest
24. Red Claw, the One-Eyed Trapper; or, The Maid of the Cliff
26. The Border Scout; or, Joe Wier on the War-Path
44. Lone Star, the Texan Scout; or, The Jarocho's Sister
51. The Cannibal Chief; or, The Mountain Guide
56. The Valley Scout. A Stirring Indian Tale
58. Silent Shot, the Slayer; or, The Secret Chamber of the Hunter's Lodge
62. The Scalpless Hunter; or, The Young Ranger's Mission. A Tale of the Miami
66. Cloudwood; or, The Daughter of the Wilderness
67. Rainbolt, the Ranger; or, The Aerial Demon of the Mountain
71. The Mad Miner; or, The Trapper's Secret
113. Mori, the Man-Hunter; or, The Counterfeiters of the Border
115. Red-Knife, the Wyandotte; or, The Arrow-Maker of the Miamis
120. Double-Hand, the Dark Destroyer; or, Bashful Bill, the Northern Spy
124. Outlaw Jack; or, The Mountain Devil. A Tale of the Overland Route
132. The Branded Brave; or, The Trail of Death
137. Old Pegs, the Mountaineer; or, The Rival Trappers
140. Thayendanegea, the Terrible; or, The War-Eagle of the Mohawks. A Romance of Early New York
141. The Black Horse of the Prairies; or, Days of Peril. A Thrilling Story of Texan Adventure
142. The Texan Spy; or, The Prairie Guide
143. The Gulf Pirate; or, The Freebooters of the Mississippi. A Story of Land and Ocean
144. One-Eyed Sim; or, The Forest Home. A Story of the Pawnee War
146. Doblado, the Outlaw; or, The Oronoco Chief. A Tale of Love and War
148. The Son of the Sea; or, The Cutter's Cruise. A Romance of the Decks and the Reefs
149. The Texan Herdsman; or, The Hermit of the Colorado Hills. A Story of the Pampas
150. Stung Serpent, the Last Chief of the Natchez. A Tale of Louisiana in the Olden Time
151. Scouting Dave; or, The Winnebago Renegade. A Story of the Black Hawk War
153. The Slave Captain; or, Scuttled at Sea. A Story of a Cruise off the African Coast
155. Mike, the Guide; or, Lost upon the Plains. A Story of Life in Texas
156. Waving Plume; or, The Free Trappers' Pass. A Romance of the Gold Regions
159. The Young Ranger; or, The Frontier Scouts. A Wildwood Tale
171. Saul Sabberday, the Idiot Spy; or, Luliona, the Seminole
175. Long-Armed Sampson; or, The Scout of the Silver Pond. A Revolutionary Story
177. The Giant Trailer; or, The Lost Scalp. A Romance of the Gold Region
180. War-Axe; or, The Trapper's Revenge. A Romance of the Apache Trail
181. Redpath, the Avenger; or, The Fair Huntress of the South-west. A Tale of the Trapping-Grounds
186. The Trapper's Daughter; or, The Outlaw's Fate
187. Old Tiger, the Patriot; or, The Heroine of the Mohawk. A Tale of Patriot Devotion and Tory Treachery
198. Old Guess Markham; or, The Cavalry Scout. A Tale of the Siege of Richmond
202. The scout's vow
203. True Blue; or, The Writing in Cipher
205. The Loyal Specter; or, The True Hearts of Atlanta
209. The Swamp Scout; or, Marion's Brigade
210. The Deer-Hunters; or, Life and Love in the Ottawa Country
211. The Cotton Thief. A Tale of the Red River Country
214. On the Border; or, The Bride of the Wilderness. An Episode of the Border
215. Kate Sharp; or, The Two Conscripts
216. The Wood-Demon. A Legend of the Susquehanna
218. The Silver Bullet; or, The Backwoods Somnambulist
219. The Death-Shot. A Story of a Young Hunter's Life