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Series - Frank Manley's Weekly

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Publisher: Frank Tousey (New York (N.Y.): 24 Union Square) -- United States
Category: Format : Nickel Weekly (Color Cover)
Issues: 32
Dates: Sept. 8, 1905 to April 13, 1906
Schedule: Weekly
Price: 5ยข
Size: 11 x 8"
Pages: 32
Motto: Good Stories of Young Athletes
Illustrations: Colored pictorial cover
Physical Description: "These intensely interesting stories describe the adventures of Frank Manley, a plucky young athlete, who tries to excel in all kinds of games and pastimes. Each number contains a story of many sports, replete with lively incidents, dramatic situations and a sparkle of humor. Every popular game will be featured in the succeeding stories, such as baseball, skiing, wrestling, etc. Not only are these stories the very best, but they teach you how to become strong and healthy. You can learn to become a trained athlete by reading the valuable information on physical culture they contain. From time to time the wonderful Japanese methods of self-protection, called Jiu Jitsu, will be explained. A page is devoted to advice on healthy exercises, and questions on athletic subjects are cheerfully answered by the author 'PHYSICAL DIRECTOR.'"
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1. Frank Manley's Real Fight; or, What the Push-Ball Game Brought About
2. Frank Manley's Lightning Track; or, Speed's Part in a Great Crisis
3. Frank Manley's Amazing Vault; or, Pole and Brains in Deadly Earnest
4. Frank Manley's Gridiron Grill; or, The Try-Out for Football Grit
5. Frank Manley's Great Line-Up; or, The Woodstock Eleven on the Jump
6. Frank Manley's Prize Tackle; or, The Football Tactics That Win
7. Frank Manley's Mad Scrimmage; or, The Trick That Dazed Bradford
8. Frank Manley's Lion-Hearted Rush; or, Staking Life on the Outcome
9. Frank Manley's Mad Break Through; or, Playing Halfback for All It Is Worth
10. Frank Manley's Football Strategy; or, Beating Tod Owen's Fake Kick
11. Frank Manley's Jap Ally; or, How Sato Played the Gridiron Game
12. Frank Manley's Tandem Trick; or, How Hal Spofford Fooled the Enemy
13. Frank Manley's Whirling Ten Miler; or, Making Wind and Fortune Twins
14. Frank Manley's Sweetheart; or, Winning Out for Kitty Dunstan's Sake
15. Frank Manley's Prize Skating Squad; or, Keen, Real Life on the Ice
16. Frank Manley's Christmas Gift; or, The Luck That Ice Hockey Brought
17. Frank Manley's Ice Carnival; or, The Grandest Winter Week on Record
18. Frank Manley's Stolen Goal; or, The Newest Trick in Basketball
19. Frank Manley's Ice Boat Regatta; or, The Fellows Who Came in Second Best
20. Frank Manley's Sweeping Score; or, A Wonderful Day at Curling
21. Frank Manley's Snow-Shoe Squad; or, A Week of Rousing Life in the Open
22. Frank Manley's New Game; or, The Hurdle Race on Skates
23. Frank Manley's Big Mistake; or, The Fearful Crash at Bradford
24. Frank Manley's Winter Camp; or, The Esquimaux Boys of Woodstock
25. Frank Manley at Yale; or, Making the Start in College Athletics
26. Frank Manley's Freshman Grit; or, Beating Out a Sophomore Bully
27. Frank Manley's Rival; or, The Struggle for "Frat" Membership
28. Frank Manley and the Hazers; or, Going Through a Tough Ordeal
29. Frank Manley in Yale's Cage; or, Working for the Freshman Ball Nine
30. Frank Manley on the Yale Track; or, Making Fast Time for a Team Place
31. Frank Manley's Great Hammer Throw; or, Beating the Freshman Record
32. Frank Manley's Broad Jump; or, Up Against Yale's Champion

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