The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - Flashlight Detective Series

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Publisher: M. A. Donohue & Co. (Chicago (Ill.): 701-733 S. Dearborn St.) -- United States
Category: Format : Reprint Library
Issues: 150
Dates: Not known. Circa 1910s.
Schedule: Not known. Probably not issued periodically.
Price: 25ยข
Size: 7 x 4 3/4"
Pages: 200-250
Illustrations: Colored pictorial cover
Notes / Commentary:

Apparently issued in many editions. Cover illustrations depicted a detective motif, many with Sherlock Holmes as central figure.

The original LeBlanc listing included series numbers for volumes 2-3, 6, 8-10, 12-13, 16, 18, 20-21, 23, 25-26, 28, 34, 37-38, 41, 44-47, 50, 52, 54, 58, 61-63, 65-66, 68-69, 73-74, 76, 78, 80-84, 87-91, 94, 96-97, 119-120, 123, 126-127, 130, 141 and 149. Numbering for 5, 11, 17, 19, 33, 36, 53, 55, 64, 67, 70, 77, 85-86, 99, 103, 105 and 106 come from WorldCat. Numbering for 29, 60, 72 and 111 come from bookseller listings. Numbers 22 and 118 were absent from the LeBlanc listing but are added based on WorldCat data.

Primary Data Source: LeBlanc
Data Entry Status: In Progress, Partial Listing Available


Adventures Among the Indians
Another Boy Detective
The Arkansas Ranger
Babiole, the Pretty Milliner
The Bank Robbers; or, Fast and Loose
Bertha's Secret
The Blue Veil
Bound to Win
Captain Belt
The Closed Door
Consequence of a Duel
Convict No. 72
The Corsair King
The Countess de Marcenac
The Dance of Death
Dashaway Charlie
Dashaway Charlie's Second Term
The Detective's Crime
Fun, Love and Adventure
A Great Heiress; or. A Fortune in Seven Checks
The Harvest of Crime
A Heart of Fire
His Great Revenge
Injun Paul; or, The Prairie Cat. An Arizonian Romance
Jack Fletcher's Success
The Jailor's Pretty Wife
King Solomon's Mines
A Lombard Street Mystery
The Man With a Secret
Marriage at a Venture
The Murders in the Rue Morgue
The Mystery of a Hansom Cab
The Mystery of an Omnibus
The Mystery of the Oak
The Nine of Hearts
The Old Age of Lecoq, the Detective
Paying the Price; or, The End of the Wickedest Man in the World
Perils of a Pioneer
Perils of Lecoq
The Piccadilly Puzzle
The Prima Donna's Husband
Promises of Marriage
The Queen of the Sea
Revenge is Sweet
A Scandal in Bohemia
The Scar of Crime
The Scarlet Mystery
The Sea Lion
The Secret Dispatch; or, The Courier of the Czar
Secret Service Ship; or, The Fall of San Juan D'Ulloa. A Romance of the Mexican War
Shadowed to Europe
The Silent Shore
The Smuggler's Secret
Stabbed in the Dark
The Stolen Bank Notes
Taken From the Enemy
The Texas Ranger
Thieving Fingers
Uncle Sam's Bad Boys
Under Five Lakes; or, The Submarine Destroyer
A Wayward Girl's Fate
The Woman in Black
The Younger Brothers
2. The Avenger of the Spanish Main; or, The Black Pirates of the Caribbean
3. Bessie Baine; or, The Mormon's Victim.
5. The Boy Hunters; or, Adventures in Search of a White Buffalo
6. The Bravo's Secret; or, The Spy of the Ten : a Venetian story of the fourteenth century
8. The Chinese Juggler; or, The Grandee's Plot
9. The Count's Millions. A Detective Story of Great Power
10. The Dancing Star; or, The Smuggler of the Chesapeake : a story of the coast and sea
11. The Fatal Legacy
12. File 113; or, The Secret of the Plundered Safe. The Greatest Detective Story Ever Written
13. The Great Jewel Mystery. A Thrilling Detective Story. Sequel to "The Missing Ruby"
16. Ivan, the Serf. A Tale of Russia, Turkey and Circassia
17. Last Adventures of Lecoq: Monsierur Lecoq in Action.
18. Lecoq, the detective
19. The Lerouge Case
20. Marion's Brigade; or, The Light Dragoons. A Tale of the Revolution.
21. Marl Laroon; or, The Prince of the Antilles
22. The Millionaire's Fate: A Detective Story
23. The Missing Rubies. A Detective Story
25. The Mystery of Orcival
26. Neverfail; or, The Kentucky Ranger
28. Orlando Chester; or, The Privateer of the Penobscot
29. The Outlaw; or, The Female Bandit : a story of the robbers of the Alleghenies
33. The Red Band: The Adventures of a Young Girl During the Siege of Paris
34. The Red Revenger; or, The Pirate King of the Floridas
36. The Ruined Abbey; or, The Gipsey of Forest Hill
37. The Royal Greens; or, The Scout of the Susquehanna
38. The Royal Yacht; or, Logan, the Warlock
41. The Secrets of the Coast; or, A Life for a Life
44. The Sign of the Four
45. The Sorceress of the Cannibal Islands
46. The Storm Children; or, The Light Keeper of the Channel
47. A Study in Scarlet
50. The Witch of the Wave; or, The Rover's Captive : a story of adventure
52. Blinky Morgan, the Detective's Foe
53. Carmen. A Tale of Crime and Brigandage Among the Gypsies of Spain.
54. A Case of Identity [and other stories]
55. Colomba; or, Among the Corsican Bandits
58. The Danvers Jewels
60. The Detective's Eye
61. Escaped from Sing Sing
62. The Fast Mail. Lincoln J. Carter's Great Play
63. The Fatal Chair; or, How Paul Pinkerton, the Philadelphia Detective, Solved a Great Mystery
64. Ferdinand's Choice
65. A Fight for a Fortune
66. The Fortunes of a Soldier; or, A Tale of Spanish Military Life in Havana
67. Freak of Fate; or, Lawyer Manton of Chicago
68. The Great Mine Mystery; or, The Detective Among the "Slitters"
69. The Gunmaker of Moscow
70. Jack, the Ripper; or, London's Greatest Mystery
72. The James Boys
73. Jim Cummings; or, The Crime of the 'Frisco Express
74. The King of Gold; or, The Mystery of the Lost Mine
76. The Matapan Affair
77. My First Crime
78. Old Stumpy; or, Indian Tales of the Wild West
80. My Friend, the Murderer and Other Mysteries and Adventures (My Friend, the Murderer)
81. The Red Camelia
82. The Red Lottery Ticket
83. The Rival Detectives. A American Novel Founded on Fact
84. Run to Earth; or, The Story of Two Crimes
85. The Dalton Brothers in Their Oklahoma cave: A Tale of Adventure in the Indian Territory, Together With the Desperate and Startling Criminal Career of the Gang
86. The Search for Ancestors
87. A Singular Escape; or, Kit Carson Among the Indians
88. A Man of Mystery; or, Where is Ben Stobie?
89. The Stolen Letter; or, Frank Sharp, the Washington Detective
90. The Story of a Dark Crime; or. Shadowed From Europe [and other stories]
91. The Swamps of Death; or, The Banwell Mystery
94. Tracked By a Woman; or, The Female Detective
96. Washo Pete; or, Hunting Stories of the West
97. Whose Hand; or, The Mystery of No Man's Heath
99. Wild Life in the West; or, Frontier Sketches
103. The Angel of the Bells
105. The Golden Dwarf
106. Cash on Delivery
111. Madame Midas. A Story of Australian Life.
118. The Pretty Jailer: Second Half
119. The Mystery of Belgrave Square
120. Among the Reds; or, Fred and Bert Beyond the Rocky Mountains
123. The Boy Detective's Triumph; or, A Life of Peril
126. Dashaway Charlie on the Plains; or, Black Pete Among the Injuns
127. Dashaway Charlie's Last Term at Ranleigh; or, The Final Adventures of the American Boy in England
130. Eagle Eyes, the Scout
141. The Boys and Girls of Silver Creek Academy. A Tale of Fun, Love, and Adventures on Land and Water
149. The Trappers' Retreat

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