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Alternate Titles: Fireside library (Beadle and Adams (1872-1898))
The New York Fireside Library
Publisher: Beadle and Adams (1872-1898) (New York: No. 98 William Street) -- United States of America
Category: Format : Reprint Library

Approximate Dates of Issue: 1877-1882
Approximate Number of Issues: 145
This listing is a work in progress.


1. Fireside Library, no. 1 (Was she his wife? and 6 more items)
2. Fireside Library, no. 2 (Fleeing from Love and 6 more items)
3. Fireside Library, no. 3 (Did he love her? and 6 more items)
4. Fireside Library, no. 4 (A strange woman and 5 more items)
5. Fireside Library, no. 5 (Nadia, the Russian spy and 1 more item)
6. Fireside Library, no. 6 (Two girls' lives and 1 more item)
7. Fireside Library, no. 7 (Lady Audley's Secret and 1 more item)
9. Fireside Library, no. 9 (The war of hearts and 1 more item)
10. Fireside Library, no. 10 (The mystery of Leighton Grange and 1 more item)
11. Fireside Library, no. 11 (The false widow and 2 more items)
12. Fireside Library, no. 12 (Lost for Love and 2 more items)
14. Toilers of the sea
16. The Octoroon
16 (replacement title). The quadroon
17. Fireside Library, no. 17 (Uncle Silas and 1 more item)
19. Dead Sea Fruit
23. Sowing the wind
24. Birds of Prey
27. Charlotte's Inheritance
29. A girl's heart
30. Red as a Rose is She
32. The lily of St. Erne
33. Strangely wed
34. The gipsy bride
35. Annie Temple, or, The bankrupt's heiress
36. Fireside Library, no. 36 (Without mercy and 1 more item)
37. Black eyes and blue
38. Brave Barbara, or, First love or no love
39. A dangerous woman, or, The broken troth
40. Fireside Library, no. 40 (Ouida's Love; or, From Generation to Generation and 1 more item)
41. Fireside Library, no. 41 (Lost: a wife, or, Wedded, but not won and 1 more item)
42. Winning ways, or, Kitty Atherton's double troth
43. A Woman's Heart, or, Who Was He?
44. The Dead Letter
45. Lord Lisle's Daughter
46. A Woman's hand
47. Fireside Library, no. 47 (Vials of wrath and 1 more item)
48. A wild girl, or, Love's glamour
49. The Maddest Marriage Ever Was
50. Love in a Maze; or, The Debutante's Disenchantment
51. Catholina, or, Walled up alive
52. A Romance of a Poor Young Girl
53. The locked heart, or, Sir Caryl's sacrifice
54. The pride of the Downes, or, The mystery of the wishing well
55. A strange girl
56. The Pretty Puritan; or, The Mystery of the Torn Envelope
57. Did she sin? or, A man's desperate game
58. Doubly divorced, or, The creole wife
59. A wicked woman
60. Blind Barbara's secret, or, The history of a heart
61. An American queen, or, The heart of gold
62. Margoun, the Strange; or, Gilbert Grayling's Young Wife
63. Wife or Widow? or, Ethelind Erle's Enemy
64. The Creole cousins, or, False as fair
65. Pursued to the altar
66. The Terrible Truth; or, The Thornhurst Mystery
67. Elegant Egbert, or, The gloved hand
68. Lady Helen's vow, or, The mother's secret
69. Bowie, the knight of chivalry, or, What a woman will do
70. Drifting to Ruin; or, The Mills of the Gods
71. The parson's daughter, or, Whom will she marry?
72. The mysterious guardian, or, Little Claire, the opera singer
73. Was she a wife?, or, The proof of love
74. Adria, the adopted, or, The mystery of Elesford Grange
75. Pretty and proud, or, The gold-bug of Frisco
76. The bitter feud, or, The fateful legacy
77. A woman's work, or, The adventures of a young girl
78. The black riddle, or, Girlish charms and golden dowers
79. Coral and Ruby; or, The Retribution of a Life-Time
80. Divorced but Not Divided; or, His Guiding Star
81. Almost married, or, Jacqueline's oath
82. Two fair women, or, Under the surface
83. The inheritance of hate, or, Wilma Wilde, the doctor's ward
84. Pearl of Pearls; or, Clouds and Sunbeams
85. For Honor's Sake; or, The Disowned Bride
86. Lance Urquhart's loves
87. Safely Married
88. Florette, child of the street, or, A pearl beyond price
89. Three times dead
90. For a woman's sake
91. "'He cometh Not,' She Said."
100. An Ambitious Girl; or, She Would Be an Actress
102. Carita
105. Hard Times
106. Grif
107. Fenton's Quest
108. Three feathers
109. John Halifax, Gentleman
110. Murphy's Master
111. Heaps of Money
112. In mortal peril, or, A harvest of curses
113. The Dead Secret
114. Playing to win
115. Denis Duval
116. Too Soon
117. The Two Destinies
118. At his mercy, or, A woman's fight for honor
119. Cecil's Tryst
120. Fireside Library, no. 120 (Clouds and Sunshine and 1 more item)
121. Valerie
122. Bound by a Spell
123. The Golden Lion of Granpere
124. The Curate in Charge
125. The Midnight Sun
126. The pilgrims of the Rhine
127. Found Dead
128. Harry Heathcote
129. The fugitives
130. The Best of Husbands

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